Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Okay I've got good stuff here so as usual must share!
Gotta thank my babesy Diana's mom and younger sis for this.

When I saw Diana's mom's I phone, I went like "Wow! Cik. Handphone ala James Bond seh!"
Her reply: Op course! The casing bagus.

Diana's younger sis apparently is in touch with the Otter Box distributor and while she was sorting out her orders, I asked if I could get one for myself.
Wish granted!

I chose 'Turqoise" cos its really pretty.
This Otter Box casing is definitely the best protection product I've ever owned hands down!

Mommies with young children, this Otter Box casing is for YOU!
Your babies can play, throw and even drool on your Iphone and you can stop worrying whether your phone can still function because it can.
E happily campak-ed my Otter Box-ed I phone on the ground to test. (Yes I screamed of course! Duh.)
Thankfully, phone is A-okay.
The only downside is that it is a lil bulky but I'm not concerned about that because the Otter Box really is an outstanding protector.

If you value your Iphone as much as I do and would like an Otter Box to secure it, come I pass you Hudah's details.

Here's her blog.
Products will be sent to your door and it's FREE DELIVERY.

Please email them at or contact either Hudah or Farrid at 81931443/ 81985122 to arrange for the delivery.
Happy Otter Boxing. :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy 7th Nyla!

Nyla turns 7 today.
How did time fly so fast man?
Still feels like yesterday when I peed on that pregnancy kit...And my menses wasn't even due then by the way.
Too excited.
When I saw that anticipated positive sign, my hands were trembling la!

If you were to ask me who is the most inspirational person in my life, my answer would be this newly turned 7 year old babe.
Cliche I know. But really, it's true.

She's the most chillax little person who makes me focus on the bright side of life.
"Don't sweat the small stuff" kind of girl.

Just earlier, she dropped something and melatah," Oh mak kau babi!"
Me: Nyla, rude.
Nyla: Relax mommy. I meant: "Mak kau BARBIE" You know as in Barbie Dolllllll...

Nyla has requested that we not throw a party for her.
Instead, her celebration will be 7 hari 7 malam kind spent with her favourite people. (Macam kahwin kahwin gituk)

Today we celebrated with her schoolmates and gramps.
Tomorrow: Rooqs
Weekend: Friends

As long as she's happy, E and I also happy la. :)
Happy 7th Birthday Nyla..
You may have outgrown our laps liao but you will never ever outgrow our hearts babe.
Thank you for being a wonderful daughter.
Thank you Allah for Nyla.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Think positive!

It worked.
The positive mindset.
Before the meetings, I already set positive expectations of success.
According to my mentors, "Expectation of success takes away the fear of failure."

All praises to the One Above.

Yesterday evening, I had 2 property consultations with prospects turned clients.

Both clients of mine will be providing safe and smoothly functioning homes for their tenants, I assure you.

In fact, I have already uploaded a listing for one of them.
Young couple with 3 cute children.
The couple's parents were present too last night. Strong family support there. Lovely stuff.
My client's dad, who is a very wise man, asked me so many questions. Panic jugak considering I'm new mah but yeah I think I did fine. Nice people they are.

Ok here's their listing.
Click here.

If you have any friends/families/colleagues looking out for Yishun flats, this home may be the one for them. Calling Calling me at 9 724 88 66 okay.

As for the other client, he is my brother's close buddy.
Young chap who just got married.
This couple will be relocating to Switzerland (I wanna forrrrooowww!), hence the reason for renting out their whole house at Strathmore Avenue.

"Kin, you don't upload k. I want you to include pictures of the neighbourhood. When I go jogging this weekend, I snap then I'll send to you the pics."

So yeap, his listing will be uploaded on Monday.

And if you're looking for a room, my Fernvale room is still available. Click here.

Have a splendid weekend dears and happy bonding with familia. :)
Even though it's the weekend, I'm available if you need to enquire about my above listings or property stuff. Call je k.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

$7 off!

In a week's time, the babe will turn 7.
Hence, here is a special treat from the birthday babe.

The Big Good Wolf is $10 and Chickchickaboomz is $14.
The usual price of these 2 books is $24.
Since this week is special....

The mini author herself would like to offer her friends (your children/nephews/nieces) a $7 discount.

Yeapedydoo. Instead of $24, you just pay $17 for these 2 books by Nyla.

Shoutout to a dear friend of mine, momma Hus, a mother of 2 intelligent and adorable girls.
"Nyla's books are the first thing that'll come to my mind when looking for pressies!

We are delighted to know that Hus' daughter's friend, Caryn, enjoyed The Big Good Wolf and Chickchickaboomz!

Email me at if you'd like to order Nyla's books, suitable for children aged 4-8.
I promise you that the kids will enjoy the books. :)
Special offer valid for 1 week only! :p

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our 8th in "Japan" :)

When I found out about Chako Japanese Restaurant, I was so elated can?
1) Near home.
2) Hong Leong Gardens used to be my playground when I was young.

From last time, it was very quiet kind of place. Now, even quieter.
ghost town.
Those of you not familiar with the area, you might even find Hong Leong Gardens a lil bit secluded.

When we entered this tiny restaurant owned by a Japanese mix Malay family, it felt like a 'home sweet home' kind of feel. That plus we felt like we were in Japan. Feeling mau lebih beb. :p

Nyla (Yes, she tagged along) who is really into the "Hachiko" dog movie even called this a "Hachiko" Restaurant.
Couldn't bear to leave Nyla at mom's because she is a fan of Japanese food.

Anyway, I made a reservation the day before and one of the daughters, Yumi, emailed me the menu and advised me to 'pre order' so that her mother (Yes she's the main chef!) can prepare the ingredients and whatnots.
Well, when we arrived, our food weren't ready.
They will only start cooking when you arrive, it seems.

And that the sauces were made from instant bottled sauces kind of thing.

Hokay...No sweat.

Now, if you all are the impatient kind, then this small restaurant ain't for you because the waiting time is long.
no reception/WIFI so cannot play with your phones.
We reached at 7.45 p.m and only left at 10 p.m.

But since yesterday was our anniversary, both E and I were at our best behaviours. lol.
No sighing. No tsk tsk tsk. Don't wanna spoil mood mah.
In fact, we enjoyed waiting for our food to arrive one by one in between our chats.
Yah, that lamppost (Nyla) also joined in our conversations.

Okay doks, feast your eyes time hunnehs!
I show you pictures of the food that made our tum tums smile wide wide. :)

Licinz within 5 minutes.

Apparently, Makansutra King Seetoh also did a review for Chako.
Read here.

Ok, sharing is caring so here goes!

Restaurant Chako
134 West Coast Way
Hong Leong Garden Shopping Centre
Singapore 127064
Tel: 6776 3919 / 6776 4613

Chako, thank you for the unique and authentic Japanese home cooked meals!
Akak Nura J kasi 5 0. :p

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


"Nura, so young ah you marry!"
-Hannor. I want mah. Dah gatal. What to do? :p
Anyway, today is my 8th year wedding anniversary you knowwwww.
Happy Anniversary Mr E! I daaaaaaaaa you.

8 years of being love birds as well as angry birds. :p

"Nura, enjoy married life first la. Don't straightaway get pregnant."
-So thankful to the One above for Nyla who was conceived 3 months after marriage. She's turning 7 real soon and has brought me absolute joy.

"Nura, don't quit teaching la. So sayang."
-Teachers who are still in the profession, I don't mean to rub it in and would like to apologise if you're offended. Quitting the civil service has gotta be the best decision I ever made. Those of you who are still enjoying yourselves in school, I salute your dedication. Those of you who are not and you feel so resentful, my advice to you: Take the leap of faith. (But before that, plan what you wanna do.)

"Where got such thing as home based group tutor?"
-Of course have. Yes, although some may prefer one to one tuition but I know deep down that there will be children who strive in a 'group' environment. They discuss. They compete. My mom used to send me for group tuition when I was younger and I always looked forward to my tuition sessions with Mrs Choo. Tuition mates from other schools were gerek too. And best part of group tuition: can share other schools' exam papers.

"Local authors cannot make it la. Your books sure difficult to sell one."
-Yeap, The Big Good Wolf and Chickchickaboomz did not make me a millionaire ala J.K Rowling but the process of writing (and now reading aloud sessions at the libraries/events/schools) of these 2 books with Nyla was/is priceless.

"Aiyo, so kesian your mom. You make her sew and sew and sew. Stop la the toga/poncho business."
- This part I want to slap your mouth can? My mother is not even complaining. Ok la lie abit. When the orders got overwhelming, she moody abit...tired mah BUT ball is always in her court. If she gives green light, then ok go take order. Now she even has a system in place. Mondays to Wednesdays are her sewing days. Thursdays to Sundays she gotta study for her diploma. So my Puan Rokiah is part time working woman, part time student.
Anyway, Hanin, thank you for rocking the Midnight Blue Maxi woman!

"3 room HDB flat? Downgrade until like that?!"
-Mini Materials. Maxi Life. Mr E's white hairs now all turn black liao. :pppp

"Good la wear tudung already. Make sure you not the bukak-tutup type."
- Close to 6 months and I pray that I will not go through de-hijabization.


"Nura, wrong time la to do property now. Not easy you know."

-Currently, based on my observation, I personally feel that there is a large inventory of properties in the market, resulting in choosier buyers/tenants. The stamp duties also play a big factor.
Yeah, definitely not easy. My working hours too have extended. Usually after tuition, can relack. Now, I have home consultation sessions to attend to.
Right now, I am also shadowing a few of my experienced and absolutely ethical real estate agent friends. My mentors. Eye opening.

I have realised an important thing from those eye opening experiences.
The need to tell the truth. (even though it is sort of ouchy)
If my client has an unrealistic view of his or her home, I'll say so. Price it too high, 'home shoppers' will run and search for better deals especially since they have the upper hand now. Therefore, reduced probability of selling the property.
On the other hand, if property priced too low, sellers will be short changed pulak.
Hence getting the right price is very critical here. So yeah, if you have any property enquiries, feel free to call me at 9 724 88 66 and I'll try my best to advise you.

Anyway, as always, I'll gather whatever strength I have in me to turn these naysayers into yaysayers by making them part of my effort. I must never see these naysayers as toxic people because they are the ones who push me to success.
They are my fuel to my creativity....

Time to dare and endure, as always.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Be transformed. PERIOD!

For about 15 years, I was faithful to that 1 brand of sanitary pad.

Wouldn't look left or right for other brands.
The moment I spotted the pack, I would grab, pay, go.
(I'd even celebrate when the packaging was the 2 in 1 kind without knowing that the aim of that sort of packaging was pobably to clear stock. Probably expired.)
Always thought it was value for money.
How uneducated I was back then.

Also, never mind that along the years, I suffered in silence.
Gotta deal with

*the rash
*the itch
*the smell

November 2011, all changed.
Elisabeth came to my place to give me a lecture on the importance of vaginal health as well as demo.

I remember telling her before she started doing her demo on the Alchemy pads, "Alah, if like that I'll use tampons sudah."
Her reply:
"Nura, menstrual blood is meant to be discharged. Kena keluarkan (Yah, she speaks fluent Malay this woman!) How can you let it stay and let bacteria accumulate in your uterus? And are you aware of toxic shock syndrome?"

Then for the next 20 minutes, I was enlightened about sanitary pads.

Instantly, I switched to the ALCHEMY.
I can never thank my brother enough for this.

It has been 7 months and I no longer suffer in silence.
No smell. No itch. No rash.
I totally love this product.

When we care for ourselves, we care for the world. (Step Avengers la sikit ye.)
I feel that this is not only my passion but a responsibility to live and teach what I strongly believe in.

Ladies and Gentlemen, because I believe in the Alchemy pads, I am willing to work with Elisabeth to educate all of you about the importance of choosing the right sanitary pads.
Sanitary pads are important to us women.
We need them every month.

I am especially dedicated to this because I have a daughter.
I may have started late but I am just very glad that when Nyla reaches puberty, I will make sure I'll select a sanitary pad that is safe, like the Alchemy.

There will be 4 pads in the Alchemy Box.
Another reason why I like the Alchemy is because I can be flexible.

I rarely use pantyliners hence I have opted for 2 packs of night pads and 2 packs of day pads in my box which can last me for 2 months.

My mom opted for 4 packs of pantyliners in her Alchemy box.

If your menstruation is heavy going, then opt for 4 packs of night pads.

A box of 4 packs of pads (whichever combi of pantyliners(30)/day pads(10)/night pads(8)) cost only $29.70

If you would like me and Elisabeth to go to your house or office or anywhere to chit chat about the Alchemy before you wanna purchase, by all means we will do it.
Ya la. Seeing is believing mah.

Give yourself a priceless gift by spending 45-60 minutes of your time with us for the most important subject:
YOU and your best friend.

We guarantee that YOU will be transformed at the end of the chat which we promise to be humorous and informative.

For example on facts like:-
Why women are clueless about this important and yet often neglected topic? Why women are taking MC during their period? Why women are suffering in silence with itch, rash, odour, coloured discharge, infections and moodiness? How many pieces of napkins an average woman uses within 30-40 years of her entire lifetime? Know what is your napkin made of.? Can your current napkin breathe?

Gentlemen are most welcome to attend as it concerns the health of your better half...and daughters..

If you would like to


invite Elisabeth and myself to your office to give corporate talks

would like us to do home demo in front of your relatives and friends

Do drop me an email.

Be transformed. Period.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Show and Tell

Nyla has been practising very hard for her Show And Tell assessments (both English and Malay!) the past few weeks.

Yesterday, she came home beaming.

"Mommy! I got full marks for my Malay Show and Tell!"

How not to feel happy for her?
She totally earned those marks man.
She made me print pictures related to the topic she had to talk about...did colouring la.

When E and I couldn't listen to her 'rehearsals' (didnt want la actually cos jelak mah listen to the same thing over and over again), she'd call her Tok Mommy who would gladly listen and sing praises.

Nenek pe. No good also say verrryyyyyy good.

I should have taken a video of her Malay show and tell! Aaargh.
Anyway, here is her English one.
Don't know how she'll fare but whatever the marks, she deserves a kiss. :p
Effort beb.

I was at Kinokuniya earlier. (Hi LINS! :p)

Books make the best presents they say so I bought 3 books for the babe.
Reward la for doing her best and enjoying her primary school life.

She was surprised to see the 3 gifts on her pillow.

Then, this.

Nyla: Where did you go just now Mommy?
Me: Oh I was at town...Then went to Kinokuniya Bookstore and got for you these.
Nyla: Pause.......Next time go Toys R Us.

This girl is really something man.
Can make people proud and pek chek at the same time.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bedtime Conversation

I love my bedtime conversations with the babe.
Usually she'd share about the happenings in school.
Her highs. Her lows.

And she's having one whale of a time in school.
Especially during recess.
Just 2 days ago, I saw this in her file.

Earlier we were chatting...

Nyla: Mr Lim scolded the Primary Twos just now. He told them not to bring their Tupperware containers to school.

Me: Why? They leave them around in the canteen or something?

Nyla: No la. They catch and trap butterflies in them.


Nyla: Ya.

Me: What about the Primary Ones then?

We also kena.

Me: You all also go around catching butterflies or what?

Nope. Mr Lim said,"Primary Ones, you all better stop looking for ghosts in the ping pong room!"

I think someone (and her gang!) is feeling guilty.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nyla's surprise

Nearly every weekend, the nephew will come over to spend the night at our place.
On the night I took this video, Rooqy was upset with my brother, Jambi, who couldn't bring his niece and nephew out for ice cream that weekend.

And then right after this video was taken, Nyla passed me one of the blocks they were playing exclaiming, "Mommy Nahhhh for your property stuff!"
This girl always gives me awesome ideas.

It's true when they say that if you want ideas, look for a child.
Children have aplenty of ideas. Awesome giler babz punya ideas.

So, with her help, the very next day, we did a photoshoot making use of that very pink block she gave me.

Since Nyla loves snapping pictures, she now has her own Instagram account.
User name: nyla_e (sama style like mommy :p)

Nyla is also very into all the photo apps I installed.
As I was about to edit the photo of the pink block she took, I was pleasantly caught by surprise when I saw one of the photos Nyla already edited stored in my photo albums.

It is absolutely beautiful.
Glitter Glitter. Very Cinderella-ish.

Don't mind the text bit ya. lol!

Really girly kind of pretty.

Thank you Nyla for this surprise.

I've been sitting in front of the computer since noon settling property and tuition stuff.
Mad week because its the exam week for the tutees!

As for the enquiries with regards to the Butterfly shawls, I'll get to them real soon when we have restocked the 2nd batch. 1st batch already sold out. Thank you so much ya ladies for the never ending support. Very touched!

With regards to property I have 2 room rental listings (Both at Fernvale! ) and then another whole unit rental over at Strathmore Avenue. Will update all of you soon enough! :)