Thursday, May 17, 2012

$7 off!

In a week's time, the babe will turn 7.
Hence, here is a special treat from the birthday babe.

The Big Good Wolf is $10 and Chickchickaboomz is $14.
The usual price of these 2 books is $24.
Since this week is special....

The mini author herself would like to offer her friends (your children/nephews/nieces) a $7 discount.

Yeapedydoo. Instead of $24, you just pay $17 for these 2 books by Nyla.

Shoutout to a dear friend of mine, momma Hus, a mother of 2 intelligent and adorable girls.
"Nyla's books are the first thing that'll come to my mind when looking for pressies!

We are delighted to know that Hus' daughter's friend, Caryn, enjoyed The Big Good Wolf and Chickchickaboomz!

Email me at if you'd like to order Nyla's books, suitable for children aged 4-8.
I promise you that the kids will enjoy the books. :)
Special offer valid for 1 week only! :p

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