Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Very Own Story

"So your children love to tell their very own stories. Why not join them and strengthen the bond? Or even better, create one together and make it into a book! Join celebrity parent and educator, Nura J Esman, as she shares how to unleash your child’s imagination with stories and illustrations! Plus, Nura will also tell the story of The Big Good Wolf, a recently published book by her 5-year old daughter Nyla. This parent-child session is suitable for parents with children aged 4 – 12."

Hi mommies/daddies/aunties/uncles!
This very engaging parent and child workshop titled 'My Very Own Story' is definitely a session not to be missed.
I'll be sharing with you on the journey on how the family and Khilfie brought the creative concept of 'The Big Good Wolf' to fruition.
I've also planned some activities which you can participate with your children during the 1 hour workshop.
Nyla and I will also narrate 'The Big Good Wolf', should time permit. :)

So yeah, let us, together with our children, blend our creative juices at Bedok Library this Saturday 3 July from 2pm-3pm!

See you there!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sew Far, Sew Good

Hello my fellow toga enthusiasts!
I know I've mentioned that the dateline to place your orders for the toga terrific maxi dresses is tomorrow by 4pm.

Well, the response for these toga tresses was tremendous and I regret to inform you that my moms have stopped taking orders for black/white and chocolate brown.
We decided to 'put a cap'/limit the orders for exclusivity's sake.
In addition, I also do not want my moms, the terrific tailors duo, to be overwhelmed.

As for the chilli red and blue toga dresses, the bondas can only take just 1 more order for each colour.

So yeah, if you are interested in either the stunning red or the cool blue toga dress, do email me fast!

PS: A preview of the second batch of toga terrific maxi dresses will be coming up soon and I promise you that they are beeyooootiiiiifuulllll! Gerams!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sew Terrific *UPDATED*

When I posted the indoor family photos sometime ago, not only did I receive queries on the photographer, you ladies also enquired about the toga dress I wore.
Before I proceed to reveal to you where I got the toga dress from, first let me tell you why I love wearing a toga dress:

1) It hides them evil flaws. (Think lumps, bumps (for un-preggers!) and those ketaks 2/3/4/5 tingkat on the stomach! Eeew much man!!!) So if you've been slacking on doing sit ups, a Toga dress to the rescue yo because the dress drapes loosely in front. :)

2)It accentuates your assets. (toned shoulders etc)

3) It is so flowy and comfy!

4) You can wear the toga dress with sandals....heels....wedges and even barefoot. Heee!

5) You can wear it for casual outings and to dinner functions and you'll stand out for sure. :)

6) The toga dress is suitable for almost all body types. Don't believe me? See the pictures below.
I've roped in my beautiful niece, Farha to model the toga dresses and I say, she definitely rocked the toga dresses.

Farha wears 'L' by the way.
So yeap, the toga dress is also for plus sized/big and beautiful ladies out there. :)
This dress is very fair and square one, embraces women with pear, apple, and whatever fruity figures they come in. :P

Let's move on to S/M peeps now.
I ,for one, either wear S or M.

Can I now reveal where I got my excluzif toga dresses from?
From home, my ladies.
Let me be precise.
2 homes actually. Heee!
Few of my close friends also own the toga dresses, thanks to my mommy and mom in law.
Yes, you've guessed it!
Both my mothers are the creators of the Terrific Togas!
Sew Terrific right!

If last month, I've unlocked Nyla's magic by publishing her 'The Big Good Wolf' story, now I've unleashed both my mothers' magic.
They can sew very well and truly did an amazing job with the toga dresses.
Their workmanship is superb.
So I thought it's best I market their tailoring 'TOGA TERRIFIC' business.

Okay ladies, if you are interested in the above toga dresses and would like to place an order, please email me at

TYPE: The Excluzif Toga Maxi Dress
COLOURS: White/Black/Blue/Chocolate Brown/Chilli Red
LENGTH (from top to bottom): 142cm
SIZE: Free (S to L)
PRICE: $65 (includes registered mail yo! :) )

PS: Farha and I each wore a tube dress beneath our toga dresses. If you do not have a tube dress, don't fret!My fellow friends who bought the toga, wore 2 tubes as a top and skirt set. It's not super transparent/sheer but yeah, just play safe. :)

The dateline for the order of this batch is this Wednesday,4pm and my Bondas (mothers) will start processing the orders right after that! Cheers ladies!
We will be bringing in more colours and other kinds of toga designs. Think toga mini dresses/tops. :)
Also, I've received more than 5 emails from fellow ladies who suggested Toga Versi Muslimah! *think long sleeved flowy lycra dresses*
We will try not to disappoint and come up with something, yeah, sisters. :)


Heeeyuge Thanks to Tina of Trasformazione for the make up. Ever heard of lips 3D effect?! First time I've ever heard of it and she turned my lips into that of Angelina Jolie's! Lol! Anyway, Tina, thanks again for the make up, styling and art direction. You da woman la. :)
Mr Jaliboy from RebelPixel Photography, Thanks for the awesome photos! Baik bro!
So those of you who would like the services of a professional (and creative and kind *winks*) photographer, I also strongly recommend the RebelPixel Photography Team! You may email Jaliboy at
And I've just received this from Jaliboy.
Apparently kerinting had her own photoshoot while Farha and I were busy with make up.
*Shakes head*
My Mommies, I think you two should sew toga maxi dresses for kids, then mommy and daughter can matching matching!
People, just like "The Big Good Wolf", the excluzif toga maxi dresses also received overwhelming response, especially the black and chilli red ones! Superb taste man you all!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First Girl/First Lady/Second Chance Hari Raya Shoot

Yeap, Nyla and I were called up again by the First Girl/First Lady team to don their beautiful outfits for the upcoming Hari Raya and pose.
That's Ishak capturing our poses!

Location for the shoot last Saturday was at Fort Canning.

Daddy E giving Nyla a piggyback ride to reserve her energy for the shoot.
Waiting for make up. Nyla, kaki kepit. Last warning.

Ah Wee the champ for being able to comb Nyla's hair. Nyla hates people touching her hair.

Me and Lynn Jefry.
Lynn J, Thank You for waking up early on a Saturday morning and working your magic on ma face, sista!

Making sure the babe will not go hungry during the shoot.

With Farah, daughter of Mr Awangnit.
She's getting married in less than 2 weeks! Woohoo!

And I was also thrilled to see Hatta and do a bit of catching up with my Krayon co host!

After settling the babe's lunch, it's my turn to sapedek!

After makan, pose lor.
The mak maks: Deanna Manto and Nura J
The whole gene gang.
The one on the left, she's Ezan damn siao ding dong.
Sharifah in light pink , a sweetheart!
The bridezilla in brown, Farah, always wanna act demure, but just far from it.
The hot mama D in floral baju kurung super loud and laser. We like.
The chick in hot pink... Man you should see her killer heels. Damn rock this Jun! Power

Boss Ferus and Mr E!

Nyla with her 'pretend family'.
Now, many have mentioned that Farah and I look alike.
In fact, there have been occasions when the makcik makciks will say "Hi Farah!" to me and everytime, I will say 'Hi!' without clarifying to them that me is Nura, not Farah! Hehe! I give up!
Even my daughter noticed the striking resemblance because she told Farah this," You look like my mommy!"
Anyway, according to Mr E, Nyla really enjoyed herself and yeah, she really knows how to smile for the camera.
Mak borek, anak rintik punya kes la ni.

Then hor, after the shoot, got drama leh.
Nyla finished the shoot way earlier than I did. So I kept calling my dad to fetch Nyla and bring her back to his place since Mr E had some seminar to attend.
Silly me was so engrossed in the photoshoot, I didn't answer my papsy's calls when he wanted to fetch his granddaughter.
He got really mad at me and left. Duh. Who wouldn't right?
He refused to answer my calls or reply to my sms-es.
Yeah, he was really angry...BUT thanks to Nyla, all's well now. Phew!

Sorry Papsy and Thanks Nyla for being peacemaker. Hehe!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Last week, Nyla and I were invited by DuaM to be featured in the 'Berita Baik' (Good News) segment, thanks to our fist published book, The Big Good Wolf!

Nyla had to wake up early in the morning. Filming took place at the library and we needed to complete the shoot before the opening of the library.
She wasn't her usual chirpy self :( because Nyla for one, is not used to the morning rush.
Her engines only start running after 10 am.

But the host who interviewed her, abang Faris , as well as the crew, were very sweet towards her, very patient and encouraging.
Thanks a bunch peeps!

Anyway, don't forget to watch Rentak Cilik on Tuesday which is TOMORROW at 7PM!
Last episode somemore leh!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Got this in my email inbox this morning.
Beautiful Sunday indeed!

Dear Nura,
Congratulations on winning the HTC Celebrate ME contest! On top of the HTC celebration pack (worth $1,000), we are happy to inform you that you're one of the lucky winners selected to be part of HTC's print advertisement.

Thank you very muchie to you peeps who have voted despite the short notice!
Blame it on me! I submitted my entry on the eve of the closing date of the contest.

So now with the help of the peeps from HTC, us: Esman, Nyla and myself a.k.a The Dream Team get to celebrate our win by inviting our loved ones to a mega party worth 1000 buckeroos, sponsored by HTC!
Coooollllll stuffff!

Also a BIG congratulations to the other 9 winners yo!

Again, thank you peeps for the votes. BIG HUGS. :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I need a favour from you bebehs!
Can help vote for us?

You stand a chance to win a HTC phone you know!

Thanks heaps!

PS: Initially, I just wanted to send a photo of the original dream team which comprised of just Nyla and I.
But hor..... pity the Mr E who worked his a%$# off ensuring The Big Good Wolf project run smoothly.... so people, let's welcome the newest member of The Dream Team, Mr E! :P

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Dream Team

4 years ago, Nyla and I graced the cover of Mother and Baby and we were given the label 'the dream team Nura & Nyla.'
I must say we have definitely lived up to that term!

Last Saturday, Nyla and I were truly a dream team as we narrated our story, 'The Big Good Wolf' together during our storytelling session at Jurong Regional Library.
We've practised quite a bit at home in front of our usual audience, Mr E and my parents.
Honestly, I prepared myself to do the storytelling solo because I would expect Nyla to freak out when faced with unfamiliar audience.
She's just 5 years old mah.
I used to hide behind my mom whenever strangers said hello.

Well, Nyla, being the gem that she is, was ok.
She was comfortable.
She projected her voice so very well.
She was loud and clear.
She was very confident.
I am so proud of Nyla!

To those who came, thank you very muchie! BIG HUGS!
The kiddos were so focused and engaged.
Babe signing her autograph. Cheyyyyy!
I really cannot wait for more storytelling sessions!
Haryani and I are still in talks and most probably our next library pitstop is:
Woodlandersssss, turun padang k!

Just last night, I was cleaning up the desktop when I came across my resignation letter.
I remembered I penned this letter just for the fun of it.
It never made it to my ex prinicipal. Or maybe it did?! Aiya I also forgot! :S
Dear _______,
I am writing to you to officially tender my resignation as a teacher.
I have appreciated the opportunities and experiences that have been provided to me all these years.
I feel guilty at work because I am not at home spending time with my child, and guilty at home over what’s not getting done at work.
I am deeply aware that I can never win this tug of war until I let go of one side of the rope.
And unfortunately, it’s your side that I am letting go.
Thus I will be accepting my position as Chief Home Executive with *Nyla Inc.
Best wishes to you….and me as well.

Yours Sincerely,

*PS: Nyla is my daughter’s name.

Anyway, my 5 year old boss has just come up with another story idea.
This time with ending.
This time about a family of a particular animal.
So yeah.
It's time for me to sit down and get to work.
Book number 2 is officially in progress yo!

Also, somehow now it seems that Nyla and I both come in a package.
We both had photoshoot assignment for First Lady (me) and First Girl (her) yesterday.
Nyla enjoyed herself so much with the crew and the kakaks she posed with.

Since I was also involved in the photoshoot, my mom was kind enough to follow us and look after Nyla while I was busy. Thanks Mom!


Errmmmmm...Go easy with the hips baby. :S
So there you have it, Nura and Nyla, The Dream Team! :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Karate 'Kerinting'

We brought Nyla to watch 'The Karate Kid' last night and yeap, someone's new favourite word now is 'HAIYAAKKK!'
So easily influenced one, this child of mine.
The star of the remake movie, Jaden Smith, was truly impressive. Well what can I say.. Like father like son!

While I was teaching tuition earlier, Nyla was at the balcony with her very own Mr Han. (who else but Mr E?!)
I had no idea what they were doing there and then when tuition ended, Mr E told me that Nyla was putting on/taking off/dropping/picking up her jacket under his supervision.
Yes, just like the scene from The Karate Kid.

Ow ow ow, Mommy Paiiinnnnnnnnnn. Helppppppp!
*Mommy shakes head and carries the wailing kerinting karate kid to the room*