Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Abang Sam= WOW!

Alina, yeah my property sidekick, has been selected to go through the closed door audition for this year's New Paper Face.

So this Saturday, she has to 'battle it out' with other gorgeous babes.

Because I used to be one of the finalists a decade ago (MAK AI ANCIENT TU!), she has been asking me for tips.
And everytime I'll reply her this,"But babe, don't ask me, I'm like so outdated!"

However one thing I know is, if we want something, we need to work hard for it.

Now, even though, she isn't yet a confirmed finalist, preparations must still be done because "Before anything else, preparation is the key to success." (Alexander Graham Bell say one.)

According to Bobby Unsher, success is where preparation and opportunity meet.

Alina has been given the we need to prepare for this Saturday.

Alina is also very blessed to have a troop to help her.
Her mother to send her for facials.
Tina to assist her with the catwalk.
Hajar and myself to help her how to make shine bright like a diamond. (teringat pulak si Bobo tu!)

If there is one person I miss terribly since I have put on the hijab, that person will be my former hairstylist, Abang Sam.
The only way to ubatkan the rindu would be to browse through pictures of Abang Sam's very satisfied customers' hair makeover pictures on Instagram and Facebook.
Really miss his magic man. Kalau la dia Sam..antha..senang kan. Hehehe.

So now that he no longer touches my hair, he touches my heart instead by creating his magic on Nyla close friends and latest, Alina!
Today, both Abang Sam and I surprised Alina with a hairmakeover session at: Glitz Hairworkz at TripleOne Somerset.
Yeap, that's where Abang Sam is based at. Kalau nak stalk dia, sila lah!

Nice hairstyle but just too safe and boring. Sorry girl! :p
And as usual, Abang Sam did not disappoint.

With this new style, Alina has been transformed totally. From sweet stuff to looking like one professional model already!
So chic and stylo myloz kan.

Alina, we all wish you the very best for your coming Saturday's event! Jia you!!!
 If you make it to this year's New Paper New Face, we give our 100% support.
If you don't (touch wood), trust that it's just a stepping stone to eventually attaining success in the entertainment industry! :)

Abang Sam, really, this talent of yours, I don't know how to describe.
You are just amazing la Bang!

Ladies, if you are bored of your current hair and really in need for a transformation, pls do yourselves a favour by making an appointment with Abang Sam.

Now, if you're going for a one-off session, quote Nura J for 10% discount.
If you sign up a package with him (you should actually since its advisable to trim/cut hair every 3-6 months!), 20% discount he kasi lu.
Any questions or you'd like to visit him besok jugak, please feel free to call or SMS Abang Sam at 90258774.
Have fun girls!

Friday, June 14, 2013

E just returned from Penang (overseas school trip) last night.
Great to have him back!
Nyla has been sleeping with his unwashed shirt the nights he weren't here.
I am also recovering from my fever/flu and the bad bodyache that came with it.
My mom in law teased me last night.  
"Eh abang baru pergi berapa hari je dah demam."

Since its the school holidays, I try my level best to balance work and family.
Mornings settle work(the admin part).....Afternoons bring Nyla out for some fun...Evenings onwards, the viewings. 

Nyla is so into being mitchy matchy with me now.

Just a few days ago, we had a huge quarrel about the lanyard. 
She is seen wearing the Hello Kitty one and sees it as an insult.

Nyla: How come you never get Preeminent one for me? 
Me: You are a kid what babe. Cute what Hello Kitty.
Nyla: Pls okay. I am already EIGHT years old.

Wah kira dah terror ah.

So my Division Director Raymond kindly gave another Preeminent lanyard.
No more naggings already. Phew.

Me: How come you put that picture?! Who wants to engage a baby seh to sell or buy their homes?
Nyla: It's cute. People like cute babies. So if I use this picture, people will call me up because they cannot tahan.


Many chapters have been closed the past few weeks for my sellers.
New chapters also opened as I assisted a few of them in their buying...

When I represent my sellers, I try my level best to fetch the highest price for them...and then when they wanna buy, I try my very hard to fetch the lowest price for them.
Anyway, at present, I personally feel that we have reached a "Cannot ask for ridiculously HIGH COV" stage.
More info also can also be found here:

The past week has been pretty stressful for me. 
I know I am stressed when pimples say hello to my face.
And last week, so many lil 'mount kaninabus'...

For those of you who have been following me on facebook, you all know about the CONTRA case kan.
Contra simply means selling AND buying at the same time. 
Pretty complicated but now that we have experienced and overcome it, ok liao.
(Hopefully I can blog about Contra in detail next time)

Man, so fast its the Weekend!
Saturdays and Sundays are really the toughest days for real estate salespersons. 

I for one will be busy running around among 5 units.

3 room flat Blk 33 Teban Gardens. Valuation: 295K
Executive Apartment Blk 627 Jurong West St 65. Valuation: 582K
5 room Blk 325C Sengkang East Way. Valuation: 530K
4 room Premium Blk 273C Compassvale Link. Valuation: 552K
The Centris (looking for 3 more 2/3 bedders) for rent.   

I have also been blessed to have good chemistry with my clients whom I don't push ideas at. Instead they pull themselves in with theirs. Amazing!


My waistline is also expanding thanks to my clients who tend to over feed me when I come to their houses.

Sidetrack sikit. Attention korang korangz yand suka mamamz Tapak Kuda Nutella, please do check out 'Bakin' Pleasurz' on Facebook. Very OMG I cannot describe la. You must taste it yourselves to believe.

(Those of you who intend to call me for an appointment, pls note that feeding me is NOT compulsory k)

Takkan la I nak cakap.."You kena masak k, baru I datang tolong you jual rumah you. Thanks. Bye!"

Apa je! Hehehehe. 
Really,it is my duty to come to your place is to educate and update you on the current resale market  before I proceed to sell your unit.

I also have good news to share with you all. 
I am very proud to be associated with one of the youngest and leading teams in ERA.

This group is also very 'ON' with regards to conducting in house trainings. 
So best!
And being very kiasu, whenever I can , I attend. Step lifelong learner gitu. Heheheh!

Until cross eyed all....

Sidetrack sikit
My gf, Shikin  a.k.a sueetchic, called me up the other time.  
And that day's conversation has left an impact.

"Babe, kerja tu ibadah....Sesuatu pekerjaan atau perbuatan itu akan dinamakan ibadah sekiranya mendatangkan pahala."
Nice stuff.

So those of you who are working very hard, remember that....

Have a great weekend!

Any property enquiries, pls straightaway call or SMS me at 97248866.
If I don't reply your msges, call me up and roar,"NURA J! HOW DARE YOU NEVER REPLY MY SMS?!"
I sure scared one. :p

Take care all!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Bubble Legendary Show

June already?!
Half a year passed just like that seh.

I'm abit stressed because I really must make sure Nyla is having her well deserved fun with me during the June holidays.
Today I felt a little guilty.
You see...Every Monday I am attending real estate lessons conducted by my group. As much as I'd like Nyla to tag along, really cannot la. 10am all the way to 4pm somemore.
She spent some quality time with my parents who dropped her off at Choa Chu Kang because Nyla wanted to play with her cousin at his place. Nyla and I really can lepak there for hours. Great time as usual.

Already past midnight and Nyla is still reading her Secret Seven book. Gasak dia la. Tomorrow also no school....She's already at Book 3.So those of you whose children are around Nyla's age, you might wanna give Enid Blyton's Secret Seven series a shot.

Hokay! The purpose of this entry is also to share with you allz about Resort World Sentosa's "The Bubble Legendary Show".
The Bubble Legendary Show is a magnificent and unforgettable theatrical experience with truly breathtaking and visually stunning effects never seen before. Created by Fan Yang, the World's greatest Bubble Artist holder of 18 Guinness World Records. The highlight of the show is a beautiful masterpiece feature combining bubble art and the ultimate laser technology with the world's first silver, gold and 3D lasers titled "Legend of the Silver Sea". 

You must take note of this:
Launching at the Resorts World® Sentosa – Festive Grand™ Theatre real soon.
 6th – 9th June 2013, the Bubble Legendary Show promises to be a captivating and interactive show suitable for audiences of all ages, perfect to spend time as a family this June holidays. 

AND this part sure you all like one:

If you book your tickets for the show between 11am to 3pm, you will be entitled to a Time-Limited Offer which allows you to get a FREE child ticket with the purchase of 2 adult tickets. You can book their tickets at
Since I have allocated 10am to 2pm for viewing this Sunday, my slot will be at 3.30pm. So if our timings same same, hurray hurray! Hehehe. Have fun at Sentosa! 
Jangan bubble harrrrr....Hehhehehehe!