Monday, October 31, 2011

Birthday Surprise

Last minute. Surprise. Birthday gift. Weekend. Farha. Shofi. Nancy. Cream Bath. Massage. Eating. Shopping. Eating. Shopping. Eating. Shopping. Eating. Shopping. Eating.

Thank you ROAM.
Jakarta was (and will always be) splendid for us girls.
I will blog about it soon babesies.. :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Simple Pleasures

I turned 29 last Monday.
I have reached the-end-of-the-twenties- line.

When I was young like this...
I expected toys as presents from my parents.

And then when I was still dating Mr E, I expected him to shower me with lavish gifts such as
Tiff & Co la...LV la...etc.

Now that I am older (and hopefully wiser) plus the fact that I am a mother, I now place the highest value on the least materialistic options like:

Have you tried Ayam Bakar Ojolali at Lucky Plaza?
Damn yummylicious can???!
I'm not fan of breast meat so I always request for thigh.

And when faced with good food, you just don't think about smiling for the camera la uh!


At Seoul Garden with my ex colleagues turned sistas.
I am really blessed to have these girls as my buddies.
Nothing beats sharing a good laugh with your best mates man. Thanks for the lunch treat babesies.

My mom...the person who brought me into this world. And every birthday of mine, she'd say, "Kau la paling susah time Mak nak beranak..."

Anyway, she sewed me a new Toga top as a birthday gift.
Sew sweet of her.

This picture ah makes me look so short. But then again, I am katek! Heh! :p
I like this toga top design very much... so ladies, save a bit of money k because next week you might do a lil bit of shopping. *Winks!*

When I look at this picture, my heart ached a little.
My parents have aged. Especially my dad. :(
I am also saddened that he has somewhat lost his extreme positivity in life. Don't get me wrong. He is still positive and all but he is just less hyper like as if age is thinning his hopes and dreams. Papa J, time to just take it and enjoy your golden years.

Too bad my younger bro, Jambi couldn't join us yesterday. He had to study. (Ya right lor)
Nevertheless, we still wished you (and Jac) joined us, Jam.

Last lap now before the big 30.
Although I am certainly not the child I once was, I don't feel old.
I hope I can continue to do more new and exciting stuff to continue feeling young and vibrant.

Bak pepatah Emily Dickinson:
"We turn not older with years, but newer every day."

PS: Please pop by Nyla's blog over here for her simple 'plazhers'! ;)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Let's do a lil bit of shopping...

Marvellous Monday Morning all! :)
I'm gonna help you beat the dreaded Monday morning blues babesies.
Treatment: Retail Therapy.
Heeeee. :)

Be it whether it is shopping for yourself or shopping for a girlfriend's gift, I might just have what you're looking for.

Something loose fitting....Something stylish.. and something that is definitely effortlessly chic. :)

I'm sure by now most of you know that I do this fashion business with my mom and Nyla.

Basically this is how we work.

I'll think of something that I (and most women) love to wear.
And then I'll go over to mom's and draw it out for her.
She'll then go over to her 'sewing room' and work her magic.
I'll then wear it and catwalk in front of her.
If need be, we'd tweak the design.
When all the pieces are ready, we'd interrupt Nyla who will either be watching television or playing with her toys and ask her to name our pieces.
Once that's done, photoshoot time with my personal stylist Tina and photographers Jali/Frances/Azhar.
And then I blog for you all lor. :)

Sounds easy but I must admit that the process is tiring.
However ALL WORTH IT la seeing my babesies look pretty and happy! :)

Been pretty quiet about poncho updates last week because all of them have been wiped out.
So sorry to have to inform potential customers that we do not have ready stock of ponchos.
Furthermore I really don't want to tire my mother out.

Yesterday, my sew amazing mother dropped by my house and to my surprise, she brought along a few ponchos. Thanks mom.
Here are the pieces girls.
1 piece each sisters.

Bambi chocolate brown : $55

Fuchsia Pink: $55

"Vanilla Cream + Tiny Black Dots Polka Dots" Poncho: $59

"Cheetah" Poncho : $59

"Another Cheetah" Poncho: $59

"Leopard" Poncho: $59

Ponchos are Free Size dearies. Will fit S- XL. :)

And then remember the hard- to- get BLACK AND WHITE MAXI SKIRTS entry?
I have ready stocks of these cotton skirts thanks to my Shiqs.
And just an update, she has requested that I tell you ladies that she also has another colour: Chocolate Brown.

MAXI SKIRTS: Fits S- L (Available in Black....White...Chocolate Brown) : $37

These maxi skirts go well with my Ponchos too by the way!

Another thing my blog readers...
If you have a Facebook account, do add me as friend.
If you also have a Twitter account, do follow me over at because I am very active there as well.
This is with regards to important INSTANT updates such as new arrivals on my side....intake of Tuition for year 2012...etc. Usually my Facebook and Twitter friends will always be the FIRST to know about anything on my side and I hope you readers do jump on board with me on this to get firsthand news babesies.

That being said, wishing you a fantastic week ahead.

Anything, email me at k!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rethink Breast Cancer...

I posted this on Facebook and Twitter earlier this morning...

"Yesterday while out with my gfs Diana and Kin, we talked about lumps on the breasts since Oct is breast cancer awareness month. And I will never forget my experience: Thank you Almighty. Ladies, should you feel any lump, get it checked okay. Insyallah, nothing."

These are the 2 ladies by the way. I call them "supermommommas".

Back to the Facebook and Twitter update.. Well, I've gotten many replies, a few worth mentioning here.

Twiterette Lynda @ EstefeniaLuv shared something really sad and personal. Her friend died of breast cancer at a young age... :(

And then an email by Nazeera came in.
Don't mind the Cheetah Poncho heading ah. Hehehe.
By the way, Nazeera, your cheetah poncho is on the way. ROAR!

Over at Facebook, my JJC schoolmate, Nadia who is in Australia shared with me this video.
I thought it was going to be a scary and sad one BUT I smiled all the way while watching this video.
Whoever thought of this concept is truly a genius. Naddy, thanks for sharing this babe.
Anyway you all must watch the whole video ok.. the credits all. Hehehe!

My ladies, if you feel a lump, get it checked okay.
Tight tight hugs.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

B & W Cotton Maxi Skirts!

This is going to be a short entry but I know it will make many ladies smile.

I'd like to tell you a story.
I have a friend who used to have a blogshop.
Funny how after she uploaded her first collection (and only one somemore. LOL!), she was offered a job she could not resist.
And when she took up this job offer, obviously she had no time to tend to her blogshop.
Click here.

I had so many enquiries regarding the WHITE MAXI SKIRT I wore for my Fringe Ponchos Photoshoot (the fringe ponchos are all sold out. Thank you gals!) and LOMBOK trip.

Whenever my readers ask where I get my stuff from, I would gladly share one because SHARING IS CARING. :)

Shiks has ready stock of these maxi skirts.

Available in the 2 colours that can never go wrong:

Material: Cotton
Size: FREE (S-L)

Indeed, it is very difficult to find a plain white/black maxi skirt but hey, look no further girls because I have a friend who has these hard-to-find long, flowy and absolutely comfortable skirts fit for any occasion.

Each piece is $37.

If you would like to order a piece for yourself, please do email me at
Shiks forgot her mesfelicita gmail and blogspot password liao. Haha!

Babe, you owe me one. Love ya anyway!

Stock for these white/ black maxi skirts is limited so email me fast k my ladies to secure a piece for yourself. :)

Monday, October 3, 2011