Thursday, September 26, 2013

Congrats Nyla from all of us!

Read through my past entries and I realised that I haven't been blogging about Nyla.
Last time I used to blog about her selaluuuuuuu man.
"Why Mommy? I'm not cute anymore eh?"

Ler. Sensitivity la pulak.

Been blogging so much about real estate.
So sorry peeps...and Nyla! Hehehe.

If you have been following my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram updates, you might find some of the pictures here very familiar. Hence, apologies for the repeat telecast.

After winning 1st prize in the speech competition organised in house by the school, Nyla was selected to compete in 2 national level kind of speech competition.

From young, Nyla has been a very chatty child but I need to use this strength effectively.
I mean, every child is chatty I am sure. Be it at home or school.
But, when it comes to public speaking in front of many unfamilar faces, will you then remain comfortable speaking?
Different kind of ball game altogether.

Beginnings are always hard.
So Nyla had a little bit of difficulty during the initial stages overcoming shyness and all.
Once she got the hang of it, everything went pretty smoothly.
She had to go through numerous practice sessions/workshops...

I'll be lying if I say that member maintain happy and chirpy at all times.
Some days Nyla would be "Woohoo! I am so excited!!!!"

So, the past few months have been pretty much the hardest for her.
However, E and I never really added pressure to her.
"YOU MUST WIN!" (Dalam hati ada la actually! lol!)

We always tell her this: "Nyla, if you want to win this, you give your best shot. 
You want the prize, you work for it babe. If you're hungry, you'll get it."

Actually, E and I dah standby to give her a present if she does not win.
I mean, for all the efforts put in, how can we not reward our little girl?

For the "I CAN READ" competition held at Harbourfront, Nyla won 2nd place. She got herself $200, complimentary guitar lessons and  I CAN READ vouchers.

The YMCA PESA (Plain English Speaking Awards) competition was the most challenging.
Preliminary rounds la..

Semi Finals la..

Finals la..

Very stressful too with EIGHT judges during the finals.
E and I were like: Mak Ai! X Factor and American Idol have only 3-4 judges sey.

Salute all the kids!

Nyla did not win the top 3 positions for YMCA PESA.

Being the easygoing and hilarious girl that she is...When the emcee announced the positions for 2nd and 1st runner up, Nyla was confident that her name would be called next. LOL. Ini anak is so kecoh!
"Lucky seh I never stand up Mommy! I thought me seh first."

Upon hearing that, her daddy's heart broke into pieces.
"Mi, we stop sending her for competitions la. I cannot bear to see her disappointed. She's too young to face this disappointment!"


Ya eleh. Daddy kental blachan seh. Apa je!
 Eh hello Dy! There were other kids who did not win too leh!

Like, come on!
Life is really not about winning here.
It is about gaining experiences and that is my sole purpose of allowing Nyla to take part in competitions.
 If she wins, bonus. If not,we still give her a present for being brave out there mah.

Nyla may not win the top 3 positions but last week she brought home 3 certificates after the YMCA PESA award ceremony.

Silver Honour Roll

Audience's Favourite Speaker (THANKS A ZILLION TO ALL OF YOU WHO VOTED!!!!)

British Council High Potential Award

 She was beaming when we left the auditorium. (Bapak dia pon by the way! Kecoh jugak la si E ni)

Oh and I must not forget to thank our Booo Putra because the speech topic was about him and how he has brought joy to Nyla. :)
Nyla did this collage by the way. Duh! Hehehe.

Nyla, you have reaped what you sowed darling.
Mommy and Daddy will support your dreams and help you soar babygirl. :)

Ok now can talk about property tak?

Weekend is really nearing so at this moment I will be busy shuttling around these places.

 Also have a new listing Executive Apartment at power location156 Tampines St 12.
 Balcony overlooking Tampines Mall.

Hence, if you're interested in any of these SEVEN units, pls do not hesitate to enquire and call me.
9 7 2 4 8 8 6 6 yo.
Thanks mucho (Step Nora Danish) Lol!
Man I've been stalking her and bossned on Instagram by the way. Suka!
Ok daaaaaaaaa.