Friday, March 27, 2015

Rumour has it...

Barakah Friday all.

On this blessed Jumaah, I'd like to express my sincerest thanks to ERA.

I have gained so many experiences (the pleasant...the painful) that I am very grateful for.

Dealing with clients and having the opportunity to meet and serve people from different walks of life. Ma shaa Allah. To everyone of you, thank you is not enough. Thank you for the trust and the understanding. For my shortcomings, I sincerely apologise.

Having had the opportunity to appear on ASET on Suria alongside with high calibre agents sharing with viewers concerns and hopes with regards to property market.

ERA 2014 Top 300 Achievers

To be part of the Preeminent Team, a team so dynamic and fast paced you get motivated to just move along and keep going!
ERA #1 Champion Team 2014 in S'pore, Asia Pacific and ERA Worldwide

It is time, I feel..... to get out of my comfort zone.
Time to be uncomfortable.
Yes I agree that a comfort zone is a beautiful and safe place to be but we also know that if you remain in it, you will not grow.

I am always hungry for new stuff. Always willing to try new things.
I get bored easily.
This is my weakness. BUT, this is also my strength.

Because I know that ....It is when I am uncomfortable that I will learn and grow.

This year I have set new targets and dreams for myself and my expanding (in shaa Allah) family and I hope to turn them into plans and reality at

Yes the rumours have been circulating and today I will confirm.

I have resigned from ERA.

 I have carefully planned my move to Propnex since the beginning of this year with E as my driving force.
Gaz and Habz

No I am no superwoman.
My decisions are only sealed after careful discussion with my husband, family and teammates.
Again I am where I am because of my family and team.

Yeap! My team is also joining Propnex.
Kita macam family.
Ohana....No one gets left behind. Saaaap.
Ni bila semua mood baik. Bila bergasak, buruk jugak.... Bahahahhaa

In all honesty, it is not a difficult decision to join Gaz Aspar's Legacy Solutions at Propnex.
He and wife, Sharifah are forward thinking and collaborative leaders, with an art for implementing results.
I am really looking forward to adding value to their team.

That and Mr Ismail Gafoor  CEO of Propnex, is such an inspiring man I hope to benefit from his selfless sharing and inspire me to just propel further in real estate.

Really looking forward to a business environment that has forward momentum and excitement at Propnex.
In shaa Allah.

So from now onwards my friends, let me introduce myself...

I am for now la ah... (MakYong) Nura J from PROPNEX REALTY PTE LTD (Legacy Solutions)

My handphone nunber is still the same if you want to contact me for property matters.

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