Sunday, October 31, 2010

My 28th

I'm 28 years and 1 week old today. Hahahah!
Well, my 28th was probably the busiest ever because so many memorable events took place last week.

My parents were the first ones to celebrate my birthday with me because they knew beforehand that my birthday week was going to be jam packed.
They treated us to a hotel stay at Marina Bay Sands.

Nyla has always wished to step foot into this hotel everytime we passed the building at ECP.
So it was a dream come true for her.
Well, one of my birthday (and everyday) wishes/doas is to see my girl happy so I was happy Xs 1000000000000000!

Nyla and Tok Mommy relaxing in the hotel room.

Anyway, this is not the first time my parents treated us to a staycation.
Just 2 months ago, we stayed at Sentosa's Festive Hotel.

Yes, it's nice but if you want to compare to Marina Bay Sands, cannot beat la ah!
Too bad tickets to Universal Studios were sold out.
My parents were disappointed they didn't get to bring their girls to Universal Studios.
Instead we watched Voyage De La Vie, Resorts World Sentosa's resident theatre show.
Intriguing indeed.

But, fret not because we managed to go to Universal Studios with Abang Amin and family during their visit here! (Lagi fuuunnnn!)

All thanks to my favourite aunty in the whole wide world who bought the tickets for us.
Thank you Wak Gayahhhh!

I love the fact that Nyla and Azam are such daring kids who would go for thrilling rides! Bravo kiddos!

At Waterworld. Yes, how ironic lor me. Chose to sit in the wet zone , then shield myself from getting wet with my $2 rainbow umbrella. So bright somemore. Of course easy target!
Anyway, no use because I didn't check my blindspot. Got sprayed from behind. -__-
Sorry cuzzies for being responsible in getting us drenched!

With Kak Yaty!

Erm, whats with the holding hands kids?
Haha! Azam, Ilham and Ehsaan, we misssssss you la!

Back to Marina Bay Sands!

Nyla loves water. Which kid doesn't?
So she definitely indulged in alot of water play in the bathtub and the infinity pool!
Nyla also went to school from the hotel and was even more pleased to come back to the hotel after school.
Feeling feeling Eloise.

The Sands SkyPark is truly an architectural masterpiece!
Thank you for the amazing experience Mom and Dad. Love the both of you loads.

My in laws did not want to miss out on my birthday celebration and there was a mini party after the kenduri doa selamat.

With my huggable father in law.

My pretty mom in law. :)

The beauties and the beast. Heee!

Shof and Kak Ana!

Right after that, Mr E and I zoomed to The Arts House Playden to catch my dear friend's solo one woman show- play, Constipated.
Im so proud of you, Haryani!
And then, there was Ray and Irfan's nikah ceremony at Al-Mukminin Mosque.
I wanted to wear the scarf ala datin tunjukkan jambol but beautiful Sabby Abdullah influenced me to wear the tudung properly, just like her. :)
Anyway, loved how simple the whole ceremony was. The briyani dam was fuhhyoooo!
Ray and Irfan, congratulations!

With papa J's sister, my Wak Zai and Ray's mommy, Aunty Azizah, who was my History teacher back then.

With my lups.

By the way, my sista Tina of Trasformazione, dolled up my Ray on her special day.
According to Tina, it was effortless on her side because Ray is a natural beauty.
But Tina, Ray sure looked berseri seri thanks to you.

So yeah, there you go.
Tiring birthday ever but definitely the most fulfilling because I got to celebrate with my favourite people. :)

Friday, October 29, 2010


Two nights ago, Nyla scared the SH&% out of me and everyone else.

She being, Miss Bongkar (Ransacker) was playing with my perfume which is usually in my bag.
All of a sudden, I heard a spraying sound followed by a looouuuuddddddddd wail.
Yeap you guessed it.
The babe sprayed perfume in her eyes.
She couldn't open her eyes.
She couldn't stop crying.
I suck at keeping calm la ah.
I brought her to the sink and splashed her face (and clothes) with water.

After 10 minutes, her eyes were still tight shut.
She tried but just couldn't open her eyes. *See la you! Wink some more at boys!*
However her tears would do those eyes good so I made her cry more.
No choice la.. Have to!

I knew I had to seek medical advice when her eye area got red and swollen.

I don't know why but in times of emergency, the 2 people I ALWAYS look for are my parents.
And like superheroes, they rushed us to the nearby clinic.
Papa J also anyhow parked (panicked mah!) and got fined 50 bucks. :S

Yes, mommy couldn't help clicking away because it took a pretty long time to empty the small bottle of saline solution. And I wanna show this pic to Nyla to remind her of this traumatic time and not play with my perfumes ever again.

Situation was serious so we didn't need to wait.
The doctor immediately attended to Nyla, forcing her eyes down with saline to wash away all the perfume contents ie alcohol that entered her eyes.

Now, this part like comedy....

Nyla suddenly went from crying to giggling when the clinic assistant dripped the saline drops. -_-
"Heee Heeee Heeee, So cold! So ticklish! So fun! I like it!"
Even the clinic assistant shook her head and laughed.
Well I was certainly relieved that the girl's motor mouth was up and running!
Definitely a sign that she is no longer in great pain.

However she had to squint her eyes and her eyes were still really red. :(
We had to wait for about 15 minutes for the doctor to check on her eyes again, making sure there was no corneal scratch, so I questioned her.

This part LAGI like comedy!
Me: Why did you spray the perfume in your eyes, Nyla?
Nyla: I didn't, okay. I was aiming in the middle of my face so my whole face will smell nice.
Me: Have you ever seen anyone spray perfume on her/his face?
Nyla: No.... but I've seen people spray perfume in their mouths.
Me: That one not perfume la! That one special kind.
Nyla: Long pause followed by..........You la! Who asked you to put perfume in your bag?

AND MY MOM INTERFERED AND SAID: Yes! You're right Nyla! It's your mommy's fault! Perfumes should be out of children's reach.

WHATTTTT?! Now, it's my fault?!

Nyla obviously got big headed and gave me her anggekrenggek face.
Macam nak slap can?

Thank God Nyla is under my care. No offence. Grandparents are sweet but sometimes they tend to over pamper and are totally illogical.
Shared this on facebook and my sista, Haryani commented:
hahahah very typical grandparents. hahahaahah i kena scold once for eating! cos while i was eating, nephew grabbed my food and then kepedasan. ape sey!?

It's been more than 24 hours and so far, she hasn't been complaining of pain or itchiness which means no need to go for further evaluation at the eye centre.

Please don't scare us like that babe!

And yes, my bag now has one less item.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Harnies Beauty

Just earlier this afternoon, I have sealed a sponsorship deal with Harnies Beauty! I am super elated cannn?!
I will surely do reviews for you ladies hokay!
It is also really easy to find the place.
Located specifically at 6, Jalan Pisang near Arab Street.

The moment I stepped into Harnie's aesthetic hut, I felt all relaxed already with the ambience, aromatherapy and the pretty decor.

Me with the beautiful spa owner herself ,who is having the satisfaction of owning a business that helps people experience more happiness and better health and well being.
So for that, I thank you Harnie! :)

The past few months have been taking a toll on my:

1) Face
The whiteheads are popping up like no one's business on my forehead. In addition to that, I don't know about you ladies but i will always have a pimple on the same spot. (on my chin)
Super annoying and everytime I get that, I get super duper conscious and will avoid conversations because I feel that the peeps are making eye contact with my pimply chin.
Now, I've never signed up for facials but now that I am Harnies Beauty blogger spokesperson, I'm raring to go because I just found out that the product the spa is using is a premium brand from Paris, Decleor.

2) Body
My weekdays are especially hectic because I have to do housework, send and fetch Nyla to and fro school, teach tuition....I also suffer from backaches when I sit down in front of the computer for too long so I am definitely looking forward to the full body massage sessions over at Harnie's aesthetic hut!
Nyla, I no longer need your services. :p

3)Kukus (nails)
Time to clean, shape and strengthen my dry, brittle nails.

4) Bulus (unwanted hair)
Hahahah! Ok la let's not get there la uh. No excuse liao me. MUST throw the shaver and WAX! Besides, waxing also exfoliates your skin. So good riddance razor bumps/dotdotdots on the legs! And I say hello to hair free legs for longer periods of time. Game for brazilian waxing anyone? :p

After finalising the details, Harnie, the kind spa towkay, asked," So, what do you want to do today, Nura?"
Hmmmmmmmmm.I grabbed the brochure.....

I wanted waxing but I just shaved and the bulus are not long enough. *which means I need to grow them I guess I'll be wearing jeans AND long sleeved tops for the next 1 week.*

I wanted massage but my fabulous girls wanted to give me a lunch treat! *Thanks my ladies!*
Massage sessions must not be rushed.

So I opted for manicure and pedicure!

Absolutely loved the hands/feet massage after the mani/pedi too!

By the way, Harnies Beauty is currently having a HARI RAYA HAJI 1 for 1 promotion at half price!
Do check it out because I definitely did and am bringing my mommy for facial AND massage.
She has no clue about it and thinks we are just having lunch together!
I booked an appointment for the 2 of us this Friday! Wooots!
Can bring along your mommies or BFFs.

The room where my mommy and I shall be this Friday!

Again, thank you Harnies Beauty!
Ladies, for further enquiries, you may also wish to call 6392-0623.

Lil Miss Cheeky

Dear Nyla,
I know you want me to share this on Facebook but I wanna share this with my blog readers as well and I'm sure you wouldn't mind.

Luke's mommy, if you're reading this, I would like to apologise on behalf of Nyla for making Luke feel uncomfortable.
This girl of mine really not shy one.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

28 tomorrow

I will be turning 28 tomorrow.
And am already feeling festive already!

In fact last week, my parents already gave me a birthday gift in the form of a 2 nights stay at Marina Bay Sands.
And as usual, Nyla got extremely excited. It was as if it was HER birthday present. *rolls my belolok eyes*
When she reached the end of the infinity pool, she hollered, "Dont worry , Mommy! See, won't fall one!"
Mom and Dad, for all that you two have done for me, how can I ever repay you both? *wipes tears*
Mommy, thank you for being all firm with me and believing in my strengths I thought I never had.
My Puan Ro(c)kiah, you're my rock!
Papa J, after all these years, I still feel like daddy's little girl. (Only now need to fight for your attention with Nyla! Tough man!)
Still at the topic of "Nyla says the darndest things!",
1) On Mr E's birthday, we went sky dining and Nyla had to say this: "Oh My God, Mommy! What if this cable car falls all the way down ah!?"
Of course Mr E and I ignored her and together we exclaimed, "Alhamdullilah!" when we got out of the cable car safe and sound.
2) Just a few days ago, Nyla had a sweet in her mouth and she tried to pretend-choke on that sweet. I didn't find it funny. I panicked lor and she laughed!
So I said, "Nyla, that is the setan whispering to you to do silly things like that!"
Her reply: "HUH! You mean that guy (actor) from Lagenda Budak Setan!"
Wahlao babe, if it was Farid Kamil whispering into my ear asking me to choke on my sweet, I'd gladly do it lor.
Mr E, for you also I'll choke....then I'll haunt you. Hahahah!

Okay! Back to the festivities!
Later this afternoon, I will be spending time with my in laws' who will be holding a mega kenduri doa selamat at an aunties' place. (They'll prolly selit some birthday wishes for the October babies there!)
I can bet with you infinity dollars that the spread of food will be AMAZING because my mom in law and her siblings will be 'pot-lucking'. SO it's like many powers combined! Oooooh bestnyer....

Then in the evening, Mr E and I have a date at The Arts House Playden. We'll be catching my girlfriend, newlywed Haryani's play, 'Constipated'! Woots Wooots!

Watch this:'t wait to watch you Nyah!

And, tomorrow is not only a special day for me but for my girlfriend, Ray, as well.

My beautiful Ray is getting married to my hemsen (coffoffoffcoff!!!) cousin, Irfan, oi!
Awesome S&*% or whaaaat!

Welcome to the family Ray!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Excluzif Toga Updates :)

Voted for Hajar here already?

Sabby! Kapoh-ed this from your blog because you look superbly stunning in the "Dolphin" Grey toga dress at Kuryati's wedding!
Kuryati, I may not know you personally but congratulations anyway dear! :)

My fellow toga enthusiasts,
Due to overwhelming response for the togas (especially the newly launched Minis!), the closing date for orders will have to be pushed forward to:

Friday 22/10/10 at 6PM.

So please do 'chope' the colour you like over at and email me at whether you want a MINI or MAXI toga dress.

FYI, "Midnight" Navy Blue/ "Rose" Maroon/ "Pink Panther"/"Peachy Orange"/"Chilli Red" are not available BUT if you are willing to wait for 3 weeks, then got chance. :)

AFYI (Another for your info hehehe): I also have mommies who ordered kiddo's toga dresses so that they can matching matching with their mini BFFS.
I have Maxi and Mini togas.

I consulted Nyla to give a name for kids' togas and I assumed she'd come up with "Girlies" or "Princesses" but nope.
Instead, she suggested "Togas R us".... obviously inspired by her favourite 'boutique' in the whole wide world.
I tell you Mr E and I are damn phobic of that place. We always enter Toys R Us reminding each other to be firm and not give in to Nyla BUT in the end, we would be the ones who get excited and say this to the babe: 'Eh Nyla! Look at this! So cooooolllll!' Siao lor. In the end, one of our wallets suffer.
Ok enough ranting already.

Need to rest for early morning tuition tomorrow!
That being said, appreciate all the warm response and the overwhelming support ladies.
Biggie Huggies to all of you. Thank you so very much. :)

My sincerest thanks also to my brudders:

Amran's wife was also present during the Toga Photoshoot helping her husband out. Sweet.

and Zahren from RebelPixel Photography

His whole family was present and his wife brought along her lasagne and nutella roll. Yumsy!

And my absolutely wonderful make up/styling sistas Tina and Lily from Trasformazione.

Ok nites!