Monday, September 28, 2009

F1 Dinner :)

Spectacular view from the 69th floor.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya

It's 'buang yang keruh dan ambil yang jernih' time.
Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir Batin.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pre-Hari Raya

Walls painted? Checked. Person in charge: The only man in the house plus his helper, the only kerintingz in the house.

Them taking a break.

Lampu lap lips pasang-ed? Checked. Person in charge: The only kerintingz in the house who keeps pestering and pestering for the lights to be put up at the balcony and her assistant, the only man in the house.

House decorated? Yet to be checked. Person in charge: Who else but me!
Now please do not start accusing me of being irresponsible.
Flower arrangement is a big deal for me. Why? Simply because I suck at it.
Get a florist to do it, and you say 'So nice and artistic!' Get me to do it the exact same way as the florist, you say 'looks pretty messy leh!' How like that?

Then there is the carpet issue. Since our flooring is dark brown, a white carpet would look really gorgeous because of the contrast. You know how the colour white just attracts dirt right and it doesn't help at all if you have a preschooler who loves to do painting on the coffee table. *shudders at the thought of red, purple, green paint dripping onto the white carpet*
So I have decided to only lay the carpet tomorrow. Just minimising the chances of getting it dirtied. :)

I am looking forward to changing the new bedsheets bought at IKEA later though!

And I absolutely love the new solid coffee table we bought at Geylang for a steal!
Say Bye Bye to the white coffee table...

Can you also spot the bibik relak one corner watching Gerimis di hati while the rest bertungkus lumus?
And say Hello to the new one...Don't you think this lovely thing will sit so pretty on the white carpet?


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Coming home....

My super sidekick is coming home after being away in Norway for more than 3 months. Yeehaaaaa!
Nyla and I are so excited!
The only bleargh thing about her homecoming is that it will only last for 10 days. Bleargh!
So blardee short but I thank God we live just 5 minutes away so we can definitely maximise the short period we can spend together.
Already over msn yesterday, we made plans of cabut-ing to West Coast for our late night teh tarik session, Vivo City shopping trip and frequent chillin' sessions at her mom's.
In fact first chillin' session will commence tomorrow! Haha! We will be joining her family for dinner.
Then on Friday, we have another round of ex Yusoffians gathering. Super duper stuff!
Baby Danial, Godma can't wait to do some love bites on your cheeks, tummy and your oh -so- chunky- just- like- your- mom's- thighs! (whoops. Peace!)

And my makcik kecik, you have a blast with your Godma babe because she'll only be here for a short while! If we ever want to visit her in Norway soon, your daddy has got to strike lottery and you know that means it is very close to impossible! Hahaha!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Nyla adores cats.
All kinds of cats even the strays. *gasps*
Everytime I open the door, she'll look out for my neighbour's cat, Ginger.
Whenever I mention about going to Nurul's house, she'll squeal with delight because it means she gets to play with Nurul's cat, Chombi.

A few days back, Nurul hosted a break-fast session at her abode. Thanks babe!

I got too carried away during the munching cum chit chatting session I didn't keep an eye on my curly wurly.
I mean, it's not always I meet up with my favourite ladies whaaaaatttttt.
All of a sudden I heard Nyla wailing.
Apparently, she got scratched in the eye by Chombi. Yikes.
Her left eye was red. I panicked a little bit but seeing Nyla calm down after a short while, I was fine.

This picture was taken after someone (points to the one on the slide) got attacked by the cat.
Uh uh. Judging from that smile, it definitely wasn't a serious injury...Phew! Thanks ladies for such a fantabulous time.

Anyway,I asked the curly wurly what led to the attack.

Me: What happened Nyla?
Nyla: I just wanted to whisper something into Chombi's ear...then it scratched me.
Me: WTH?!!!!!!!

No wonder la!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Excerpt from The New Paper:
"Hotel Intercontinental said its ballroom is also booked for a Chinese wedding dinner tonight, by a couple who is not superstitious about the 7th month."

The three of us were invited by the couple!
It was a superb evening for us all.
For me, I had a great time catching up with my fellow JJCian, Daphne Moganadas and her mommy!

For Nyla, she was expecting a void deck kind of wedding. Yup, this little makcik here has never attended a posh-y kind of wedding celebration. So jakun abis la dia. Nyla loves anything fancy and she absolutely had one ball of a time.

For Encik Esman, someone was looking forward to the food spread and he was not disappointed. Duh.

Once again, Congratulations Anna and hubby! Both of you looked stunning!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

J(ust) B(eautiful)

Those who know me probably won't be surprised at all if I decide, one day, to become a Johorian.
I absolutely dig J.B!
My family will get the keys to our spanking new and cantik nak mampos holiday home at Horizon Hills next month.
Horizon Hills is such a beautiful place, I feeling feeling like I'm in Wisteria Lane you know!
What to do? I can't afford houses like these in Singapore mah. So across the causeway pon jadi! ;)
And what is even wonderful is that, we will be neighbours with Uncle Sam and family.

Yeap, as in right next to each other. Weekends are going to be super duper awesome! Yeeha!

Nyla loved the showrooms we visited (squealing at any pink walls and bedsheets!) and when we finally entered our chosen lot, she didn't seem impressed at all because the house was empty and dull. Haha.

Anyway, here are some other pictures I managed to snap in the showroom.

Still at the topic of JB, Nyla and I followed my in laws to JB last Saturday, only returning at midnight.

The mister was working. Not that I mind actually because with or without him, Nyla and I are absolutely comfortable going out with the in laws.
The only thing uncomfortable was being in the car. Imagine 8 people altogether squeezed in the car. Nearly everyone was limping the moment we got off the car. Haha! Leg cramps.
Everyone except Farha yang macam maam duduk depan eh! Hmmph.
The car pon mintak ampun thus on the way back, the dad in law had to change the tyre (yes change! not pumping up air!)
Nevertheless, it was fun.
The food and company were great! :)