Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lovely Lebaran 2011

How was your First Day of Lebaran everyone?
Well, judging by the photos you all uploaded on Facebook and Twitter, amboiiii bukan main bergaya lagi ye?!
So nice to see the coordinated colours...traditional wear...
I must say the colours Blue, Purple and Green have invaded many families this year, being the popular choices among us.

Nyla chose the colour this time round. Not hard to guess. You all know how 'into' Justin Bieber she is right?
His favourite colour is apparently Purple so yeah, we went Barney this year.

As with all years, first day of Raya is always rushing for Esman and I.
Both our families are the kinds who will go out to visit on the first day of Raya.

Me: After Tok Mi and Tok Mak's house, we go to my Wak Ahmad's and Wak Cha's house okay.
Him: You sure have time? Last year only 3 houses and already we kelam kabut go to my house.
Me: We chop chilli chop la...
Him: Then what time sey reach my parents' place?
Me: Hmmm... 2.15p.m.
Him: Ok la...

My bro, Bah and family reached my mom's a little late.
Being a very punctual kind of couple, that was unusual.
He and Netty had difficulty putting on the baju kurung on Rooqy who threw a tantrum at home.

By 1.30 p.m., we were only at Tok Mak's house.
Which meant no time to go to my 2 Wak's houses as planned. So sad. :(

I knew that if I were to ask Mr E if we could reach his mom's place a lil later, sure World War 3 one.
Besides, his family was already waiting.

Me: Never mind la. We go to your place now.
Him: Then your Waks how?
Me: Some other time la. We already promised your family we would reach by 2.15p.m.
Him: Okay.....Once we are done with my side, we continue with your family again at night k...

Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of understanding. :)

Honestly, I felt a bit sad because it would have been nice to go raya visiting with my family.
I especially miss raya moments with my 2 brothers very much. :(
Those of you who are feel me?

Anyway, I'm just blessed that Mr E's family is a super duper fun bunch so they definitely made me forget my sorrows!
Okay, enough emo already.

It was a splendid day yesterday.
Definitely exhausting but absolutely fun for all of us, young and old alike.

This Nyla ah. She thinks 'asking for forgiveness' part is like a performance. She'll clap softly after every 'session'.

With my Gassan. *Gaga/Hassan..Geddit?* Heee!

By 11 p.m. we were all damn knackered.

My heels gave me nasty blisters so I walked barefoot home. Hah!

Round 2: Saturday yo! Balik kampong time!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Looking Beautiful on Hari Raya Part3

The final episode of the make up series my lovely ladies....
Thank you all for the encouraging feedback.
Just like you, I am extremely excited (and confident) to apply make up later. :)
Thank you for enjoying the videos as much as Tina and I enjoyed doing them for you.

My house is FINALLY spick and span. As I am typing this entry, Mr E is still painting the balcony. Kept telling him not to since no one will be coming to our place during the 1st week of raya.
"Then what? I paint next week? Where got people do this 2nd week of raya?" he retorted.
Relak ah brudder. Chill ah.

Nyla on the other hand is ultra excited about Hari Raya.
Her purple handbag all standby already.
She will be wearing The Excluzif Aurora Skirt.

As for me, I actually had my Hari Raya outfit all figured out until I came across a picture of the stunning Elle Macpherson in a super flowy kaftan-ish dress 4 days ago.
Too pretty right? Especially love the tight sleeves at the wrists part.

I showed my mom the above picture.
She wasn't keen because she already told me beforehand that she would take one month long leave off tailoring duties because she wanted to focus on ibadah.
I had to beg and beg and beg and beg and beg her to make a piece for me.

Papa J also couldn't tahan because their home phone couldn't stop ringing.
He said "Kiah, buat kan je la. Jadi budak ni diam sikit.'
BEAMS! Papa J to the rescue!

She eventually gave in, did her magic and although it doesn't really look exactly like what Elle was wearing, I'm very pleased with the outcome.
Me: Mom, how? I look like Elle Macpherson?
Her reply is classic.
Mom: Yes. You look like half of her. She is so tall Kin. Kau betul nak pakai ni?
Me: Yah. Why not?! Okay what!

Nyla was observing the whole time and I knew she'd say something.

Nyla: Mommy, the dress looks like a swimming pool.


Well Nyla, I'm still wearing it. Never mind if it looks like I'm drowning. I have had enough of wearing tight fitting kebayas and whatnots.
Tomorrow, I can eat all I want and not worry about any bulge.

To my splendid Muslim readers, I wish you Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Maaf Zahir dan Batin. :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Looking Beautiful on Hari Raya (Part 2)

Hi again girlies.
If you have been waiting for this video since yesterday, a thousand apologies. :(
Been busy prettifying the house.
That plus the video was actually more than 15 minutes long and according to You Tube, it was too lengthy thus rejected so Mr E had to do another round of editing process. Thanks hubs!

I am really glad that many of you babes found the video on coverage very useful.
Like you, I am also grateful to Tina for being so generous with her tips.
The primer before you apply foundation and concealer so that the make up stays longer. *Important for tomorrow oi!*
And then the dabbing of concealer with the fourth finger when you want to cover your dark eye rings. Man I've been swiping the fellow since forever! Not anymore, now.
So thank you very much ya Tina. :)

Now that all of us have mastered the art of coverage, we are moving on to Eye Make Up.
My most challenging section.
Too much dark colours on our eyes, we all look like we've been physically abused.
Too much light colours on our eyes, we all look like we are all set for some Chinese Opera stage performance.
Really really tricky.

Once again, let Tina show us the correct way!
This video is a lil longer because there are a few areas Tina touched on.
The eyeshadow bit...The eyeliner...The mascara...The eyebrow... :)

PS: The 3rd instalment will be on cheeks and lips. I will upload this hopefully by tonight!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Looking Beautiful on Hari Raya (Part 1)

Whenever I go out, I'd usually apply the basics: Foundation...Concealer...Loose Powder and lip balm.
I know the above would sound really simple but at times, I feel that the outcome sometimes do no greatness to my face pon. Very cakey etc.)
I am pretty much clueless about make up.
Everytime when I have a photoshoot, I'd leave my face to the hands of the make up artiste and totally trust him/her/shim/sher.

Even if my eyebrows senget also, I won't correct them one.
Simple reason being if I were to correct those senget eyebrows, it'd be even worse.

I suck at drawing eyebrows (which is why I resorted to just shading instead of using eyebrow pencil...)
When I buy the eyeshadow palette with 4 colours, I only know the white one is for the brow bone, the rest of the colours, I anyhow put on my eyelid.
I can never stick on those fake eyelashes. During last year's Hari Raya, I really wanted to look like Kim Kardashian but I had difficulty in putting them on so Mr E helped me stick those lashes. God bless him!

Now, Hari Raya is coming.
And yesterday morning, I wondered to myself and felt so very sure that I am not the only one who is clueless about make up. I am sure many of you are too. (Nod your heads leh so I feel better!)

Hence, I decided to team up with Tina who has been a wonderful sista to me.
She is not only an experienced make up artiste, Tina is also very generous with her make up tips!
So, I really hope that the videos Tina and I will be producing will assist you ladies just in time for Hari Raya this Tuesday.

Before we shot the video, Tina and I have discussed and did a 'lesson plan'.

Today's lesson: Coverage
Tomorrow (Sunday): Eye Make Up
Monday: Cheeks and Lips.

So come Tuesday morning, at least a few of us won't be experimenting anymore and at least feel confident in applying make up!
YEAY! :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Yesterday, as I made my way to meet my hairstylist, Abang Sam, my heart was beating super duper fast.
Sam is not the typical hairstylist who asks what you want one.
Instead, he will look at your face and tell you which hairstyle will rock your face.

He gave me bangs.....

He hated my safe kakak-kakak long hair and gave me an ultra short crop.....

So, really, yesterday, I absolutely had no clue what he wanted to do with my hair.
He smiled that sneaky smile of his when I entered his salon. (new salon by the way! SO POSH!)

Sam gave me 2 choices.

'Okay Nura, you choose k. Cut even shorter OR perm?'

WALANDEEEEE Bang! What kind of choices are these man???Torture sia you!!!! I want to grow my hair long.....

He interrupted and said,' Ok we perm then!'

'Bannnnngggg, my hair is too short. Later like Phua Chu Kangggggg how?'

'Trust me. Your badan so keping, the curls will do you good. The mulut just diam. You gotta be versatile Nura.'

(You're skinny so the curls will do you good. Just keep quiet.)

Well, whatever you say Sam....

I don't know about you but everytime I come back from hair salon, I sure take many many pictures of myself. Thank God Nyla and Mr E weren't at home. Their eyes would be rolling. :p
And if your eyes happen to be rolling, paiseh la ah. Just focus on the hair yo!

I really like the messy look and feel of the curly locks.
The result is added volume with loads of waves rather than curls.

And wanna know Sam's inspiration to curl my locks?
Yup, the ever so so beautiful Halle Berry.
Her curls here are much tighter and according to Sam, if I wanna have curls like Halle Berry, I would have to curl my hair with a flat iron. I hope I have the time to do this next Tuesday! :)))

Abang Sam, thank you for giving me the confidence to keep changing my hair. If it weren't for you, I'd still be stuck with the long -copper- red- kakak-kakak hair for back then, getting a new style was really frightening for me.
Not anymore, now. :)

Ladies, Abang Sam, a senior hairsylist is an amazing man, with a wealth of suggestions for hairstyles. Highly recommended.
He is no longer at Novena Square.

This sought after hairstylist of mine is now at GLITZ HAIRWORKZ #02-19 Triple One Somerset.
If you're in need of that perfect hairdo, do call Sam personally at 90258774.
Also, remember to mention 'NURA J's BLOG' for 20% discount k. :)

And I have a piece of good news for those of you who are not in my Twitter and Facebook list.
2 days ago, I accepted The New Paper's invitation to be one of the judges for the upcoming The New Paper New Face Grand Finals.

I feel incredibly honoured to be part of the panel to choose this year's The New Paper New Face.
Honestly, I believe I will make a good judge simply because like these 20 beauties, I have gone through the exact same audition processes as them nine years ago.
If anyone could emphatise with them, that person would be me.
Looking forward to see you leggy beauties on the stage ya. :)

Man, I need to get myself some 10 inches heels or something! These girls got miles and miles of legs!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Given the high viewership, many of you probably have watched this but I only discovered it yesterday thanks to my younger brother who never fails to show cat videos to Nyla and funny ones to me.

Nyla: Mommy, I want a cat. Please la.
Me: I geli lah.

My elder brother Bah overheard.....

Bah: Nyla, it is a huge responsibility to keep a pet.
Nyla: I ever keep pets Uncle Bad. Many types. Terrapins..Fishes..
Bah: And how was iit?
Nyla: All died already. I didn't check how old were they when I bought la. They are old. That's why die.
Me: NO. I think we didn't look after them well.

Nyla nudged me real hard when I said that because this girl is always at her best behaviour in front of my elder brother.

Bah: You need to clean its urine...poop. You prepared for that?
Nyla: My mommy will handle that la. When I berak, she chebokkan me, right Mommy. Cat one easier.
Bah: It is yours. You have to handle it, Nyla.
Nyla: Ok, Not now la. Maybe after Hari Raya. (HUH?! Confident!)

Monday, August 15, 2011

My Baby Boy

My brother and sister in law are shifting so they have been busy.
Rooqy has been coming over to my place quite often now. Yeay!
Extremely fun to have him around.
To have him sleep in between Mr E and myself.... (This part, Nyla si bei unhappy because she feels left out.)
Everytime we wake up in the middle of the night, we'd smother him with kisses.
His cheeks and the back of his neck smell so nice.
Rooqs multi tasks in his his fingers and at the same time 'gentel' his belly button.

Nyla is especially protective of Rooqy. Rooqs, when you grow up, your turn to protect Kakak Yaya ya? :)

I thought I should show you guys Rooq's personality. He is just like Nyla when she was 2. Cheerful and chatty.

Aunty Nura, Uncle Man and Kakak Yaya love you SHHHOOOOOOO MUCHHHHHIE!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nyla and Fasting

Day 2 of Ramadhan and hopefully today, Nyla can tahan.
Yesterday, somebody so on wanna puasa.

I was heating up the dishes when I felt 'presence' behind me. Anjat gegerl. I absolutely hate it when Nyla creeps up to me like that. Doesn't help that her hair is like a mane. But kudos to her for waking up on her own!

Cooked her favourite 'brown eggy rice' (nasi telor kicap!) and she finished the whole bowl followed by a glass of water. Mr E and I were really proud parents at 5 plus a.m. yesterday.

So, of course the babe returned to sleep only to ask for warm milk when she woke up.

9- ish a.m.

Me: You are fasting babe.
Nyla: Oh ya. I forgot. Mommy, I really hope during snack time at school, they serve green peas.
Me: Why?
Nyla: I hate green peas. So since I am fasting right, I will not have to eat them. I will make 'goodie goodie good' thumb sign to my friends because they have to eat them. Hahahahah!
Me: That's not nice Nyla.

11.30 am (Her favourite TV show on OKTO)

Nyla: Mommy, I am imagining myself drinking warm milk while watching Berenstain Bears. Please ah Mommy. I cannot tahan.
Me: Call Daddy.

Immediately, she called Mr E who was in class teaching. ...

Nyla: MOMMMY! Daddy say CAN! At 12 pm you make for me ah. He said he give me chance. Today fast half day.ItalicMe: Okay, after milk, you cannot eat ok Nyla. Must TAHAN.
Nyla: No problem...... Can I have a sweet?
Me: NO!
Nyla: Just joking la.

6 ish in the evening.

My father in law fetched her from school first before fetching Mr E and I at Bugis.
We were expecting our girl to be weak and hungry and thirsty but she was looking so energetic in the taxi waving to us when she spotted us.

Nyla: HURRY UP! SO LATE AH THE BOTH OF YOU! Bapak and I have been waiting for so long you know.
Me: Wow, Nyla. You really don't sound like a person who has not eaten since noon.
Nyla: Ya (followed by silence.)
Me: You ate during snack time?
Nyla: Mommy, don't worry okay. You sure proud of me one. I only ate apple while my friends ate cheese macaroni. I controlled myself from eating the cheese macaroni. Looked really yummy you know. My cheeks felt hot. But I tahan! I just asked for apples.
Me: ????!!!!! Nyla, you're not supposed to eat anything.
Nyla: Fruits also cannot ah?
Me: Duh. So you only ate apples?
Nyla: And yakult just now while waiting for you and daddy in the taxi.
Me: OI!
Nyla: Bapak asked if I was thirsty. I said yes and he gave me Yakult so I took.

So, yesterday was an unsuccessful attempt.
I really hope today, somebody's cheeks will feel hot while she sits at the dinner table waiting to break fast.

Happy fasting you all. :)