Monday, January 18, 2016

One Love

"Choose me Nura J! I'm just opposite Masjid Darul Aman...Beside PKMS...Near Eunos MRT...Close to Geylang! I'm so your jodoh beb."


So it has been more than 1 year and Pearlistas have associated this cozy salon as the place where they can pull off with their favourite ladies. This salon located at Icon@Changi's basement level has experienced aplenty hairrific and witnessed memorable moments.

A beaming wife receiving flowers by beloved husband.

Blindfolded bride to be.

Daughter-Mother Bonding Time and we have had mommies who have been cutting their own hair all this while going,"Kau bawak aku tempat apa ni?"

Girlfriends Time.

Pearlistas bringing yummy goodies for us!

and ultimately;
Pearlistas exclaiming after their sessions "Ooooohhhhhh I love my hair!"

Can never get sick and tired hearing that.

Also, the conversations.
I have made aplenty friends who come from all walks of life. Issues about nights...husbands (How 'helpful' they are at home. LOL!)... where to get good food etc.
Real nice.

Now, I'll be lying if I tell you all is good.
Of course we have faced obstacles but those difficult roads often led to beautiful destinations.
This, I always believe.

Truth be told, Pearlista is really an extension of my personality.
High energy.
and most importantly we both strive to be as original as can be.

Budding entrepreneurs out there, I cannot stress enough to you all the importance of being original because that is how you stay true to yourself. Be whatever you want to be. Whatever rocks your boat. Be brave.
Be weird.
Be unique.
Apa Apa la.
Just be YOU!

Competition is everywhere but the main person you should compete with is YOURSELF, always striving to be a better version of yourself everyday.

Anyone can copy your well laid out plan but they can never copy YOU!

They can never steal your mind, your voice and your thoughts.
And this will and must keep you going.

The question above is the most frequently asked question.

I am a very calculated risk taker.
You girls have no idea how thorough I have been when it comes to expansion plans.
The past months, with the assistance of my husband and close friends, I have been diligent in researching what will work for Pearlista.

When I was still pregnant with Oumar, I was already scouting around for a suitable place.
Just don't wanna terburu buru.

But they say this kinda thing is 'jodoh'....

You gotta feel it in your bones like
"Ok, this is it! I can envision this place to be the next Pearlista!" 

So here I am writing to give my fellow Pearlistas my affirmative answer to your question darlings.

After much searching the past months,  
Pearlista Icon@Changi has finally found herself a sister. 

I am very happy to inform you that to meet the growing demand for hair pampering/transformation among the ladies, we have decided to extend our business by opening a new division along with our existing salon at Icon@Changi.

Thank you ladies for all the encouragement, motivation and patience! 
Lambat pe. 

"Takot beb bab expand expand ni semua."

But in shaa Allah all will be fine with your continued doas and support.

Where? Mana?

Follow Pearlistasg on Instagram sisters. 
Live updates and our progress will be there.

Over to you @pearlistasg.

Marvelous Manic Monday everyone. 

One Love.

Nura J