Wednesday, October 10, 2012

MOMENTO by Nippon Paint

Firstly, if you're on Facebook, you gotta click 'Like' on Nippon Paint Singapore.
Especially if you are moving house OR you feel like you wanna revamp your home.

Those of you who answered,"Nah, my home is ok as it is...", you all don't speak too soon ok....
You see the myriad of colours and beautiful pictures Nippon Paint Singapore constantly update over at their Facebook Page, you sure feel like changing the look of your current home.
Confirm plus chop.

Have you seen their latest MOMENTO Special Effects Paint or not?
If you're clueless, I show you a few.

So wow right?
Innovative and enchanting. Don't you all think this Momento has evoked the essence of Italian renaissance? Its thick formation spreads across any surface to create an exquisite texture.
With odourless and water-based features, it transforms any interior environment into a rustic masterpiece.

More information regarding the Momento HERE.

When the Nippon Paint peeps were here, they asked if I'd like to do a makeover magic and have one feature Momento wall.
I didn't know how the Momento works so I requested that they show me the Colour Book.
Go and download Momento Colour Book k!

I was so sold when I flipped through it.

 Inside, I was screaming like a desperado ok.  
But I maintained my cool by replying, "Can la. That'd be nice." 

I chose 'Sparkle Silver.'

Nice right?! Very stylo mylo or what?!
This wall used to be all white. (yawns)

Don't mind these 2 k. They were zumba-ing.
Pay attention to the boring white wall behind them and how it has been transformed to...

So lovely right?

You can do it DIY style you know. It's really easy.
Click HERE for the video.
If you're confident, whatcha waiting for? Click here and go get your Momento paint and glam up your walls  right away!

Anyway, great news for those of you who intend to transform your homes!
Do call 63197222 for a quote k.

Also, get a copy of this month's Home&Decor because there is a write up on Momento and a feature on my wall!
Indeed, Momento is an innovative paint that has added INSTANT style and elegance to my home.

Happy transforming your home with NIPPON PAINT'S Momento Special Effects Paint yo! :)

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