Thursday, April 29, 2010


My weekends are usually packed with tuition sessions, however, last weekend was an exception.
Last weekend was a time of relaxation for me.
My absolute thanks to my tutees and their parents for approving my leave. Hee!

Not many pictures were taken because I was spending a whole lot of quality time with my family.
Oh did I mention that I went with my elder brother, Bah and his family?

Jambi couldn't go because he is currently suffering from severe exam stress. Kesian.
My parents are too in love with their holiday home at JB and they were having their own 'couple retreat' at Horizon Hills with my Wak Gayah, Wak Zai and their spouses.

Cousins Nyla and Rooqy truly had a great time with each other.

Anyway, personally, I find Bintan to be a way bit over commercialised and overpriced.
Prices are rather extravagant, most in Sing/US dollars.
Thank God we brought along our instant noodles, canned tunas and whatnots.
Mr E cooked breakfast for all of us. Thanks Hon!
I didn't go for any spa because if compared to Tanjong Pinang, it's just not worth it. Too ex.
Nyla was swimming three times a day. Bayar niat abis.

'Mommy, next time, go for holidays like these la..Can relax relax. So good right? There's no shopping and you're not tired!'
Erm Nyla, truth be told, a great holiday trip for Mommy is one that involves a whole lot of cheap cheap shopping and cheap cheap massage and foot reflexology and manicure and pedicure.
Think Jakarta! Think Tanjong Pinang! Bliss! Yes I am a blardy cheapo.

Back to Bintan, we stayed at Angsana.
The beach was beautiful...white and sandy.
And so, a jump shot at the beach is a must!
Man, Mr E was such a lousy photographer, he managed to only snap ONE decent shot of his girls up in the air.
Tsk Tsk and so many excuses somemore for HIS failed attempts.

Mr E: Aiya, I accidentally pressed the button too fast la.
Wahlau Dy, we haven't even jumped yet lor.
Nyla, kaki kepit sikit.

Mr E: Why the both of you took so long to jump? Haiya!
Nyla, again, kaki kepit sikit.

Mr E: Aiya, both of you jumped too fast! Eh mommy, just won the WWF title is it?
Right. Are you implying I look like a wrestler or something? Cos it's not funneh!
Nyla, you ok girl? You look constipated.

One look at it and I am not impressed. Buruks! I'm speaking for myself.
Nyla, you look alright. Long legs yo've got there! ;)

I'm glad I went on this trip because I'm all rejuvenated and all ready for the work week ahead.
Bring it on.
Bottoms Uppers, let's get ready for the Mid Year exams!

Friday, April 23, 2010


If you must know one thing about me is that I am lousy in Art.
I just feel that I don't have that artistic talent within me.
Drawing, colouring and painting are just not my kind of thing.

It also doesn't help at all when your Art teacher erm... also thinks that you are just hopeless.
My secondary school Art teacher was this rather short man with the black framed glasses. (Probably want to create some arty farty persona? Cheyyyy!)
I remembered my very first Art assignment and I put my heart and soul to the drawing only to receive a fail.
All our assigment grades are out of 10.
How many marks did I get for that first Art assignment?
One and a half.
Can you believe it?
And people, that Art teacher of mine was so stingy with marks, my marks never went beyond 4 hokay.
The highest grade I received was three and a half out of ten.
Damn, what kind of grade is that boy, Mr T! Bet you didn't even have a marking scheme!
And the best part?
The pretty girls in class would get 7 and above, and as much as I am pretty much artistically handicapped, my piece was definitely better than them man! Right Diana?

Ever since Nyla, I have to be enthusiastic (or at least pretend to be) about Art because I do not want to influence her in not liking Art especially when my girl loves anything to do with plain paper, colour pencils, crayons, paints and all.

Thank God for one beautiful fact about Art: that it is subjective.
No matter how bad you might find your work, there will be people in this face of the earth who will appreciate and like it.In my case, there will always be that one person who will go 'WOW' when she sees my drawings.
Yes, none other than my girl, Nyla. Heee. She makes me feel like Van Gogh!
Thanks babe for thinking the world of my stick thin figures, my clouds, my trees, my bushes and my bicycle. (which will always end up looking like a pair of glasses!)

So when I received an invite to a very exclusive and intimate hands on session at WowArt, I was happy because, unlike NuraART, WowART offers a unique, fresh style of art education that seeks not just to teach but to INSPIRE.
Finally, Nyla could experience and appreciate the true beauty of art.
(Hugs to The Right Spin peeps! Love love love them!)

When we reached there, the mommies and kids were separated but we worked on the same tasks.
I was expecting Nyla and the kids to have 'separation anxiety' but nah, all the kids were cool.
The adults were having loads of fun together, laughing at one another's art pieces.

First task: Draw tree, house, flower, bicycle (OH MAN!), mountain, butterfly, grass and person.
Where's my drawing, I hear you ask?
Aiya, just look for a bespectacled mountain la.
Saw? Yes, the purple one alright! I can't draw a decent bicycle! I told you all already whatttt!

Nyla and Qays Zara working on their first task in another room.

Then I saw Nyla's and I went 'WOW' at her bicycle.
Well done, babe!

The second task was fun.
Us adults were very focused on this particular task.
Who doesn't like to play with clay right?
We were supposed to make a tree out of clay.

Adults trying to outdo one another. Kesy, you win la cos yours got some 3D effects!

Kids paying attention. So obedient!

Our trees.
If I show this to my Mr T, you think I can get a pass?

To the WowART gang, thank you for such an enriching time.

With Daniel, the Executive Director.

Here with Nancy, the founder and principal of WowART.

Inspiring Expressions. Nurturing global citizens.
Truly. For the first time in my life, I felt so excited in unleashing that artistic potential within me, I thought I never had.
Now I am all inspired and look forward to doing art activities with Nyla. (No need to pretend already!) Hee!

All together, say WOW!

Mommies and Daddies out there, if you are interested in future hands on session, please let me know and email me!
And to find out more about WowART, just go to

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tupperware Eco Set


Any Tupperware fans out there?
Well, I for sure am the the daughter of a Tupperware queen.

Back when I was in primary school, Mom used to pack my Nutella and Strawberry Jam sandwich in a tupperware. She preferred the tupperware over the ziplock bags because she didn't want the sandwich to end up...sandwiched.
Squashed and penyek sandwiches are so not appetising. :S
Being a careless kid, ocassionally I would forget to bring home the tupperware.
Yes, the queen got mad because she had to buy a new one. (And I remembered losing the blue one on purpose just so that she could get me a pink one! :P)

Anyway, Tupperware is celebrating World Earth Day with Eco Promotion!

To celebrate World Earth Day, Tupperware Brands takes a step closer to realising a cleaner and greener Earth with the introduction of the exclusive Tupperware Eco- Set, available from 21 April (tomorrow!)to 4 May 2010

The usual price of the set is $20.

Want to get the set for half the original price?

Simply share a tip on saving the environment and you'll be eligible to purchase the exclusive Tupperware

Eco- Set at a special price of only $10!

Tupperware Eco-Set is available from 21 April to 4 May 2010 or while stocks last!

Get yours at any outlets below or through any authorised Tupperware Brands Consultant:

· Tupperware Brands Singapore

85, Defu Lane 10, #01-00, Singapore 539218

Tel: 800 601 1345

· Causeway Point

No. 1 Woodlands Square, #03-42A, Causeway Point, Singapore 738099

Tel: 92711406 / 68937768

· Bukit Batok

Block 273, Bukit Batok East Ave 4, #02-80, Singapore 650273

Tel: 93685252

· Tampines

Blk 419 Tampines St 41, #01-82 Singapore 520419

Tel: 93893066 / 67898133

Remember to share your tip on saving the environment to enjoy the promotion!

Time to practice green habits and start packing our food the healthy and green way, with Tupperware Eco-Set of course! :)

Friday, April 16, 2010


Few weeks back, my Wak Gayah chartered a boat for a leisurely cruise and invited my family along.
I'm all for new experiences and I was very excited for Nyla who was going to have one swell boating experience. She definitely enjoyed herself. Even the adults did! :)

Briefing before we set sail.
My Puan Rokiah is one who is pretty afraid of water and I wasn't surprised when she asked,
"Where do you put the life vests, ya?"

It's hard not to relax when you're on a boat.
My curly wurly inhaling the fresh air. Tangkap feel ke pa?
The open waters and the stunning scenery.
The sun warming our faces.

Thanks for such a beautiful shot of Mommy with my hair like that, Nyla. ;P
The breeze.
The water splashing on our faces.

Nyla was standing here for the longest time and yeah, best face wash ever for her.
There is definitely that sense of freedom and adventure when you are out at sea, that you can't find elsewhere.
During the boating trip, it was all about focusing on one another.
Wonderful conversations.
Plenty of laughter.
Basically, loads of fun.

Wak, thanks for the awesome 'Great Outdoors' experience.

Kikin and Nyla sayang you!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


'Mommy, I think I don't want to be a gardener ah. Must work under the hot sun all.'

See, I told you, her ambition changes very frequently.

'So what do you want to be now babe?' I asked Nyla.
'A massager!' she replied.
'Masseuse!' I corrected her.

Upon hearing that, I immediately took the baby lotion and told her I'd gladly be her first client.
I for one love love love to be massaged! Free somemore!
She was of course very excited because finally, Mommy shares her excitement in this pretend play.
Well my hands were aching so the timing was simply perfect.

Nyla did alright.
She can definitely give a decent rub.
However, her rubs were much too delicate and I had to keep urging her to exert more force.
And, she took my feedback constructively.
See, massage so hard until the face is red. What a hardworking masseuse I say!
My masseuse hard at work.
Yeap, she was grunting everytime she was increasing the exertion of her physical power because I kept saying, 'Harder please. I can't feel it.'
Yes, I'm bad. I know.

Then as she gave her maximum output during that exertion of force, a loud Prrrooooottttttttttt was heard, followed by a funny smell.
Poor babe.
Exert so much force till she farted!

'Oi! You can't fart when you massage your clients you know,' I said while pinching my nose .
My masseuse was rather embarrassed though and then she let out a loud sigh....

"Ok la, I dont want to become a masseuse already!' she said and left her first ever client in the stinky room just like that.
So much for a calming rub session. Chet!
Kentot la you Nyla!

Monday, April 5, 2010

When I grow up

I don't know whether to laugh or to cry but when I first read the email, I laughed so hard I teared.
Then, when realisation set in, I didn't find it that funny anymore. :S

Nyla's having her class assembly next Friday and her teacher sent the parents some details on the class performance.
The adorable, adorable kids are going to talk about what they would like to be when they grow up.

Hence, us parents need to help them 'dress up' for the occupation.
I was pretty excited and wondered what could Nyla's dream ambition be since her ambition changes every hour. One moment she wants to be a dancer, the next moment a teacher (like the mother! hi 5). Then she wants to be a housemaid (just because she loves doing the dishes). After helping her Tok Mommy bake cookies, she would like to be a baker.

So I looked at the list of her friends' ambitions. Not too bad.

Vera and Desiree want to be air stewardesses.
Chiara wants to be an artiste.

Justin wants to be a policeman.
Joseph wants to be a scientist.
Shaun (Nyla's bf!) wants to be a pilot. (WOW! Menantu gua kaya! You go catch him good girl!Heee!)

Then I continued to scroll down and had a good giggle at Nyla's BFF, Trisha's dream occupation.
Her dream occupation is not the typical ones like her other classmates.
Trisha : Postwoman
When I called the mommy up, Mommy Hanny told me Trisha loves to mail letters.

Hanny's having a hard time looing for a mail bag now.

I got really excited when I finally 'reached' Nyla's name.

So my child wants to be a tukang kebun when she grows up.

Owell. Her aunty Netty said to me,"Maybe what she meant was to be a landscape artist."

Well my curly babe, be whatever you want to be. Whatever you think you're good at.
One thing's for sure, my girl's got some pretty green fingers.
Whether, you are a gardener or a landscape artist, I'll still wave that pom poms for ya.
Now excuse me please, I need to find gloves, shovel and plastic flowers.

This is random.
I was playing hot n cold with Nyla.
I hid her blankie near the couch.
So when she was around the couch area, I said," You are definitely hot hot hot!."
Her reply?
"Im okay, Mommy. Don't worry. I'm just wearing singlet."

No Monday blues for me today, definitely.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Too Too 'Good' Friday

It wasn't just Good Friday yesterday.
It was the 'Best Friday' ever.

First event: Movie Treat for Bottoms Uppers!

I firmly believe that children must enjoy themselves in order to learn. Based on yesterday's session, I am pretty sure they enjoyed themselves.
Back when I was teaching, I screened movies (not the silly slapstick kinds ya!) to my pupils.Usually on the eve of a public holiday, Friday or after the term tests. etc.

Movies that can make them reflect, feel inspired etc. Their all time favourite is Cool Runnings!

While I was planning for a 'Good Friday' lesson plan, I decided to try letting them watch a movie adaptation of a book.
Before I screened 'The Lovely Bones', I have impressed upon my Bottoms Uppers that there is no film that can ever do justice to a book, because language can never be totally transformed in to a visual.

That is the beauty of all the great writers.
I personally think that Peter Jackson (yes, yes I also told them that he also directed Lord Of the Rings!) has crafted wonderful, heart wrenching story that is visually and emotionally beautiful.

'The Lovely Bones' is the story of Susie Salmon, a 14-year-old girl who was murdered on Dec. 6, 1973. She is adjusting to her new home in heaven while watching life on Earth continue without her. Her family goes through a difficult time coping with her 'disappearance' while her killer, her neighbour from just across the street, tries hard to cover his tracks.
Why did I choose 'The Lovely Bones'?
Well, Susie's problems are real, in life and death. The family dynamics and an adult world with terrifying threats. And basically to be aware that what goes around, usually comes around. Before the movie, I asked them to guess what the movie is about just based on the title. Here are what some of them wrote. All I can say is that I am proud of their imagination! Haha!

a family who loved to collect bones. (Freaky!)
someone looking for love. (Kes miyang la ni. haha)
someone who has found a dinosaur bone at his backyard. (Z, this is your child! Heee! And I expected this from him, believe it or not!)
a poor family who found some lovely bones that make them wealthy. (Wah! I also want!)
a family who loved eating bones until one of them choked and died. (Brutal!)

When the movie ended, many said, 'Cher, so touching.'
Believe it or not, a few of my tutees actually teared!I tried to stretch them tutees and sort of turn it into a 'Literature' lesson asking them to compare any two characters in the story that dealt/coped differently with Susie's death. Saw a little bit of their input and I was impressed!
We will discuss this aspect in further details the next lesson, ya tutees!
It wasn't just Good Friday yesterday! It was an Awesome Friday for us at Bottoms Up!

Second Event: Family Photoshoot.
I will blog more about the family photoshoot in greater detail once the pictures are with me.
For now, sneak peeks first okay!

Third event: Dinner at Orchid Country Club
This was rather impromptu. The 3 of us thought of heading to town when my dad called and asked us to go to Orchid Country Club and join the dinner function with him and his golf buddies. Glad we went to support my dad and his friends. I also bumped into Prema's (my YISS schoolmate and ex colleague!) godma and chatted with her about Prema who is now in States with her family. You are missed, dear! Kiss Raashmika for me. :)

So, there you go, AWESOME Friday to the max! :)