Friday, October 25, 2013

Smalam birthday kita tau. :p
E and Nyla took me to have a dinner celebration last night.

And as you can see, it's as if it was Nyla's birthday yesterday. She really whacked the food man. Especially desserts.

Well seeing your loved ones happy is already like a great birthday gift.
What more can I ask for kan?
Tonight another round of celebration with my family at my Bah's house. Macam budak kecik seh celebration tak abis abis. Heh! Looking forward to my mother's Nasi Goreng and Sambal Goreng! Nyummy!

As with most Fridays, I'm home saving as much energy as possible for the weekend.

Usually, I would do some preps for the ads.
I usually advertise my listings over at Classifieds or Berita Harian on Saturdays.

I have been receiving a couple of messages (be it phone or FB) from concerned individuals regarding the current property market.
Generally the content will be "Nura, my home dah beberapa bulan belum jual seh." which I will nod my head in agreement because I for one, am also feeling the market slowdown. If previously, offers during viewing would be streaming, now buyers go in, look around and say ,"Nice...nice....nice....thank you..Ok will get back to you.." and will not get back as they really have so many other choices. Units that are asking for much lesser....units on higher levels.....units near amenities..... etc." And also the fact that resale prices are dipping.

But I believe (like most agents!) that a home can definitely sell. It is just a matter of time. Some homes sell so fast...some not so.......bumped into a colleague at the office a few days ago and she told me that she is currently marketing a home that has been unsold since last year.....and I saw on my Facebook newsfeed , my team member updating his status....Something like this: "Just sold a home. Took me about 6 months."
So there you go. If we're representing sellers, we need to revisit the strategies needed to get the home moving. Cut down on the COV etc since many homes are right now selling at value and some BELOW valuation. All about adapting.

Last week, I had a direct buyer view a home I am marketing.
"Nura, ok we're ok with the price. Pls come to my place for me to pass you the cheque and for us to sign the OTP. I will sms you."

That SMS never arrived that day
Kena bubble la.
But my sellers are cool. The wifey msged me,"It's ok babe.....ada hikmah di sebaliknya."

Continue the efforts la with the listings.
The past 2 weeks have been especially difficult because clashings with Nyla's exams.
Mana nak kena conduct viewings/presentations/masok ofis.....
Mana nak supervise Nyla's studies...dan selitkan selfie sekali. Hahahahah! Sometimes I wonder who is the kid who is the adult here. Shakes head. Parah.

 I mean, she's only in Primary 2 so whatever results she's getting greatly depends on my input too seh.
I feel like I could have done more but anyways, I just have to let my girl know, that her exam results....if they are not so great, she musn't blame herself, because it is also mine and E's fault.....

She must know that success requires a team effort.
Success here does not only equate to getting full marks or Band 1s.
If get, it is really a bonus!
I really don't want to be preoccupied with such narrow and shortsighted vision of success.
E and I would like to instead, foster resilience on our girl, always encouraging her to be creative and enthusiastic.
Yeap, hope you parents too are doing okay during your kids' exam period.
Yeah, nerve wrecking kan! Lol. On her exam days, I put on a very calm front telling Nyla to enjoy her Maths paper but in truth I really felt like telling her,
"NYLA PLS DON'T MAKE CARELESS MISTAKES! (actually this one I said la to her. Once je before she boarded the school bus.Lol) 
NYLA PLS CHECK YOUR WORK! (this one also! Oh man! )
NYLA PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SCORE FULL MARKS!"  (this one I never say ....but I wish. LOL!)

Sigh. Breathes in....Breathes out.

Whatever the results, I will still shake my pompoms for my baby girl one la!

Okay wanna share with you something. Tomorrow I will be placing 2 ads for my listings on Berita Harian. Why Berita Harian because Chinese ratio is already filled for these 2 listings.
I usually liase with Noreen from CATS.

Me: Ok babe. Cantonment Close you must put near town k. Cos location very good.
Noreen: Ok I translate. "Dekat Town" boleh?
Me: Huh? Macam obit seh.
Noreen: Abih cam mana. Takkan nak letak "Dekat Bandar"?
Me: HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH! Ah ah 'dekat bandar' is more obit seh awak. Ok scrap! Put Outram MRT la.
Noreen: Ok!

Ok peeps, better stop now. Wanna get ready for my birthday party round 2 later.
And as usual you guys will get first hand updates on my listings.
Here are the ones! Will be busy with viewings tomorrow and Sunday. E and Nyla too. Success requires team effort mah!

Blk 156 TAMPINES ST 12 (Depan mata, Tampines Mall)
258 BUKIT BATOK EAST AVE 4 (Dekat Masjid Ar-Raudhah)

272C SENGKANG CENTRAL (Dekat Masjid Al-Mawaadah)
474 CHOA CHU KANG AVE 3 (Near amenities!)

510 WOODLANDS DR 14 (Near Wdlands MRT/Causeway Point)


Ok if you'd like to view the interiors of these homes, pls click HERE
Anything just SMS or call 9 724 8866. Have a great weekend with your loved ones!