Thursday, June 28, 2012


Posted this on my Facebook page!
Here goes.

Morning all! I have a group of marine workers in need of accommodation. They are working at Pandan Road.

Did a lil bit of research and so areas such as West Coast, Pandan Gardens and Teban Gardens will be very convenient for them.

If you or you know of any friends who want to rent out your whole HDB flat in these areas, do alert me pwease!

Since this is company lease, you need not worry about whether or not your tenants will pay bla bla bla.
Company will settle the kettle! :p
Also, it doesn't matter if your unit is unfurnished! Bare also never mind. :)

Any match, please call me straightaway at 97248866!
Thank you many many in advance!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Lock one room and rent out the rest of the flat"

I have mentioned this before when I first joined real estate.
My duty is to educate my clients about the industry and this also includes the rules and regulations.

Since I closed a whole unit Sengkang rental last week, I've been receiving plenty of calls.

Which family wouldn't want a steady income of 2k to 3k a month right and enjoy the monthly cash flow?

And I must say a good half of the calls were something like these:

Callers: Hi Nura! I would like to rent out my whole unit BUT I want to lock one room can?
Nura: Why is that so ya?
Callers: Oh because I haven't satisfy the M.O.P la (Minimum Occupation Period)
Nura: Ok in that case, why don't you consider room rentals?
Callers: Must I stay with the tenants?
Nura: Yes.
Callers: Ala but I can stay with my parents you see.
Nura: Sorry Mdm So and So, as long as you did not meet the MOP, you cannot rent out your whole flat. And if you intend to rent out your rooms, you need to live in that house.

Hence, I am very sorry to turn down your requests to represent you. :(

My dearest flat owners, to be able to sublet the entire flat, you would need to satisfy the condition of a 3-year or 5-year Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) /or if you are relocating overseas etc...

Some of you also asked,"Ok Nura, give me the worst possible scenario?"

Ok here goes!

You lock your one room to pretend to HDB that you are staying there.
You move to another place to stay.
And you rent out your whole unit to a few people.
Say, they are a very noisy and rowdy bunch.
Your neighbours will be unhappy and compraiiinnnnn to HDB.
HDB come to investigate. Jeng Jeng Jeng.
That's it brudder and sister. HDB might just take away your flat. (Choyyyy!)

Last I heard, HDB has more than doubled its enforcement checks and that the increased number of whistle-blowing neighbours is making their work much easier.

There will be agents who assure you,"Ala, you can do anything actually. Just don't get caught."

My say?

It's illegal. Enough said. It's your own home and as an ethical real estate agent, it is my duty to advise you on your best course of action.

So let's discard this old trick of "Lock 1 room and rent out the rest of the flat"!

Ok if you need anymore advice, feel free to call me at 9 7248866.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I am very glad that I spilt the 'message on T-shirts' concept onto shawls.
Something different.
We see so many scarves with beautiful designs in the market and sometimes we just want to wear something that is plain but at the same time unique, hence the birth of my

"Like a pearl in a shell" shawls

"Love is like a butterfly..
It goes where it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes" shawls.

Joining the Pearlies and Butterflies are the Rosies. :)
Simple words to accompany the rose.
"Embrace the beauty of the rose"
Design credits to Jali, Iqah and Hadad! Thank you! :)

Here they are my fellow hijabistas!

Nyla: Mommy, the pink one, I want to model okay. Your turn to take photo.
(Anyway, thank you loads Nyla for taking the photos!)

The "Rosie" is rectangular, measures 190cm by 80cm and material is cotton-lycra.
A piece is $33.
Available in red, light pink, cream, black and navy blue.

Do email me because I have a feeling that the rosies will be just as popular as their sisters (Pearlies and Butterflies la tu!) which were sold out within a few days.

Smell the rose peeps, embrace its beauty and never ever let a few thorns restrain your path to happiness aight! :)

See you at !

Nyla's birdie

E has promised his baby girl that he'd buy her a pet bird this Saturday.
Honestly, I am not keen at all.

I've never been a fan of animals since young and I blame this on my mom who'd always pull me away whenever an animal got into my way.
"Eh jangan pegang! GELI!"

I am not icky about insects though. This one, credit must be given to...also my mother.
I grew up watching her slapping newspapers/slippers on cockroaches and lizards so just like her, when faced with roaches/lizards, I is hero.
I am the pest buster in the house. (Rats, different story hor.)

Nyla is mad excited she's been reading and you-tubing about lovebirds and cockatiels.
In fact, E will be enrolling Nyla and her pet bird to 'bonding classes' which will be held every Saturday.

Nyla: Mommy, sorry okay. I think I cannot join your tuition class already. My pet and I must go for tuition together on Saturday. Daddy will be sending me.

Me: Nyla, your tuition is in the morning. This one evening. So you're going for both.

Nyla: Oh. I am going to be so stressed! (Drama mau lebih)

We are right now in the process of naming the bird.
Instead of randomly coming up with names, I directed her to the "Muslim Baby Names" website. Teringat zaman nak namakan dia 'Nyla'...

Her reply was:
Nyla: Why am I here mommy?
Nura: Oh when I was pregnant with you, I went to this website to make sure your name sounds nice and has a good meaning.
Nyla: I am not getting a baby sister. I am getting a pet. Can my pet not have human names?"

Okayyyy...point taken.

So, we googled 'Cute Pet Names' instead.
She has shortlisted a few. Here they are.

I am extremely tickled by her 4th one because I can already imagine myself and E calling Nyla's bird....."PONDAN" :p

Monday, June 11, 2012

Ain't easy

The past few days, I have been questioning my newest chosen career path.
Real estate is not easy as so many people perceive it to be.

I have been fortunate to get 4 instant listings despite being a rookie in this industry.
My many thanks to the people close to my heart for believing in me and thus engaged me as their real estate salesperson to represent them or their friends.

Bro Ariff's wife, Sis Aida.
My secondary schoolmate, Muzliati.
Jambi's buddy, Shakin.
Twitterbella Faeza.

It has been a pretty long road since the beginning of this year.
Jan-Feb- RES Classes
End Feb: RES Exam
Mid March: Release of exam results
April: Apply for registration with CEA
Mid April: Get licence and good to go
Starts scratching head? Where to go?

Slowly, calls started coming.
Ok, upload the 4 listings over at property guru. Then wait for calls.
Set viewing appointments which mostly took place during the weekend.
Just imagine the shuttling among Strathmore, Sengkang and Yishun.

3 supirs I gotta thank many many here.
The hubster, the paps and the younger brother.
And everytime they drove, they'd tell me,"Oi, start driving back la."

Ok, last week was exceptionally tough for me because all the viewings and shuttling and NO deal sealed were getting to me. That plus the fact that Nyla was not used to me not being around during the weekend, hence the spam over at whatsapp.

I wish her future boyfriend the best of luck, by the way.

Sometimes I cannot take it and just dragged Nyla along to my viewing appointments.
Quite a mistake actually because she absolutely digged Sengkang home! All because my friend, Muz and her hubby keep pet lovebirds at home.
So everytime my phone rang, Nyla would ask,"Pls say it's for Sengkang!" And the moment I nodded my head, she'd run to her room and change. So excited as if I was bringing her to Jurong Bird Park man. Poor girl.

Yeap, E and I are seriously considering to get a pet lovebird for Nyla.
And E, no way are we getting that yellow jambol cockatoo. No way ho zay.

Ok last week I was so close to sealing the deal but alas, it didn't happen. Majorly depressed, that's why ran away to KL. And it didn't help that Jambi recommended crappy accommodation.

"Kin try this hotel. (It's not even a hotel by the way!)
The pool ah like infinity pool at MBS."

Infinity pool wak lu. Kepala hotak kau peh jambol la.

And you can see a bit of the building right? Apartment so run down. You all watched the Japanese Horror Story, Dark Water before? Ah same la the apartment. Comparable.

And then something damn funny happened and I became less annoyed.
Bumped into Abang Sam (Yes THE super power hairstylist) sitting at the lobby.
Me: Abang! What are you doing here all alone?
Him: Waiting for my wife to finish massage. My kids at Pavilion eating ice cream. Abang tak berani la be in the room by myself. Seram tempat ni.
E and I burst out laughing!

Takot momok eh Bang? lol.

We reached home on Friday night since I had to conduct tuition and viewings during the weekend.
Saturday I had a viewing at Yishun. No offer made. :(
And then Sunday I was only supposed to have viewing at Strathmore when one SMS came in.

The SMS that sealed the deal. Finally.

The family of four fell in love with Muz's place immediately and even asked if they could move in that same night.
Kelam kabut kejap.
I rushed home to do the paperwork stuff and immediately called my mentor, Jena who upon hearing my case, switched her appointments so she could be present with me to close my first listing.

My dearest Muz, it has been my pleasure serving you the past 2 weeks. :)
Happy earning every month sister. :) Winks!

One listing down. 3 more to go. Alhamdullilah!
Honestly, I was on the brink of giving up but I always keep this image in mind.
I have worked too hard to get licensed.
I must not get out of the real estate business.
I must get into it.

If you have the intention just like Muz and my other clients to rent out your whole house and receive substantial income every month or you wanna sell your homes, feel free to give me a call at 9 724 88 66!

If you happen to be in the real estate industry, I welcome co-broke sistas and brudders!
Click here to see if you'd like to co-broke any of the listings I have.

Other than the perserverance part, I also learnt that pricing the property right is a very important factor for a listing to move.

Anyway it is a start of the brand new week and I shall stay focused, determined and driven.
In shaa Allah!

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Excluzif Twinkle Maxi Togas

The moment we have been waiting for is here ma schweet ladies.
Let's welcome my 'Fantastic Four" babies to the Excluzif Maxi Togas collection.
Very suitable for dinner and jemputan functions one. Don't forget Hari Raya too!
(Tapi jangan lupa pakai long sleeved inner bila kunjung mengunjungi ye. :p)

I must thank my mom for always being enthusiastic about my ideas despite the fact that I am nearing 30 years old.
"Ah cantik Kin! Ok besok pagi Mak try jahit eh!"
Every single time, I will never be disappointed.

My gerek geng, The Rebel Pixel brudders, Jali and Aza as well as my Trasformazione Make Up Lady, Tina. *Waves to Aida as well!*
There is this beautiful quote.
"Respect those people who find time for you in their busy schedules BUT really love those people who NEVER LOOK at their schedules when you need them."
The people mentioned above. They are really that kind of people.
A bonus that they are damn funny bunch of easygoing peeps too.

And a million thanks also to Marissa Langton, my stunning model who comes from a background of mixed heritage with Irish and Malay parentage. Told her to go try for the New Paper New Face Competition this year. :)

Ok so here goes peeps. We say a big HELLO to the

Nyla: Going to space huh, mommy?

Usual stuff ladies.
You like what you see, email me.

A piece of The Excluzif TWINKLE Maxi Toga is $88.
Available in 4 colours: Purple, Black, Silver and Gold.

Don't worry whether or not the maxi dress will be too long or too short, too loose or too tight because we will be taking your measurements this time round to make sure it is just nice for you.

See you at!

PS: Happy wedding anniversary to my parents today. 37th year of marriage. Just Wow! Keep the flame burning Mom and Dad. lol.