Friday, December 31, 2010

The Excluzif Toga Onesie

Like blue jeans, the jumpsuit has humble beginnings as work wear, but has been elevated to the realm of high fashion. Designers were onto the trend...... when Benjamin Cho, Tomas Maier at Bottega Veneta and Preen were among those who showed jumpsuits on the runways. -Erin Weinger Times Staff Writer

Without further ado, I present you, my fellow toga enthusiasts, my new baby of The Excluzif Togas.

"Midnight" Navy Blue Toga Onesie

"Nutella" Chocolate Toga Onesie

"Rose Maroon" Red Toga Onesie

"Soldier" Green Toga Onesie

"Mud" Beige-Brown Toga Onesie

"Smoke" Greyish brown/black Toga Onesie

My Hijab wearers, I've roped in my galpal, Sabarina so the pictures below are for you babes.

The Excluzif Toga Onesies

Size : Free (fits S to L)

Material: Lycra

Cost : $85


Sabby for modelling

Lynn Jefry for make up

Lawrence for photography

Nyla for colour coding the Excluzif Toga onesies

That being said, also my sincerest thanks to the person who ignited the idea of the toga onesie/jumpsuit.
Siti is her name. She is now living in Melbourne with her sweet husband.
Our mothers are close buddies.
We met during the recent Hari Raya and clicked right away.

On November 8, this pretty lass left me a message on Facebook.

hi sweetie..hw r u, nyla & family? hope all of u r sihat :) neway juz bout 2 snooze & tot of yr toga issue. I kinda wanted 2 share some ideas..i'm sure u mite haf tot of it. I shld be sleeping but picking my brains instead :p ok..ok sidetrack abit..sorry. btw can u make yr toga into pants suit (LIGHT BULB MOMENT FOR ME)... i think kinda retro..well juz an idea. ok lah rgds 2 all & kisses 2 lil nyla!

Siti, might I add. It is not juz an idea. It is a brilliant one and I am grateful to you.
Will ship a piece of Excluzif's Toga Onesie to you soon enough. :)

So ladies, if you're interested in the Excluzif Toga Onesies, you know what to do, just email me at

If you want to wear the onesie tonight for the New Year Countdown, I can make special arrangements for my delivery guy (Mr E. Muahahaahah!) to deliver it to you.
Usher in 2011 with Excluzif Toga onesies yo!
Very comfy plus stylo mylo and you can run/jump around so its really suitable for COUNTDOWN purposes one. Heeee!


Happy New Year my beloved readers.

2010 has been an awesome, awesome year and I believe with continued hard work, dedication and passion, 2011 will be as wonderful for all of us, Insyallah!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ear Candling and Ginger Healing Massage at Harnies Beauty

I have never tried ear candling before and as usual, I loudhailed on Twitter asking my Twitterbellas if they have ever tried ear candling before and asked them to share their experiences .
ALL the feedback garnered were POSITIVE.

Let me share some:

@mistydaizy- I tried! Super shiok. My fiance pun try, tertido sampai berdengkur.

@dianahairul- Marthin boys tried ear candling and they loved it!

@BimboMamboz- ear candling-shiiOOOOooookkkkK!
@Faeza_Aide- Yeah babe! Syiok sampai tertido! One word to desribe, Syiokness! U will love it and want to do it every month! Hehehehe!

@mymacchiato- I tried before! I love it! so shiok leh...boleh tertido! and I find it very good..rasa telinga so bersih

Notice a 'sleeping' trend? Must be a superbly soothing and relaxing experience hor!

Then, there were also some who requested me to blog about my experience (Of course!)

@mrs_amin- I have always wanted to try that!! Review pls!! =)

@liyanafallon- I so wanna try ear candling! Kak Nura, after you try already, tell me ok! ;p

@vesparina- Kalau u try ear candling abeh gerek, jgn lupa blog. Kalau ada taik telinga amek pics. (This one ah...nak spot my disgusting side je! hehehe!)

Nah! As promised!
According to Therapist Diana, my ears are clean. (Somehow this picture tells otherwise hor! :S)
Well at least most of the sponge still remained in its original condition. Hmmm the brown part is the chao ta wax..not my taik telinga hor.. Or was it my ear wax? Whooopsie! Aiya, whatever it is, my ears are thoroughly clean now! Hahaha!

I've tried and truly, it was SHIOOOkkadUUSSZzzzz!

Yes! Now I believe those sleeping beauties!
Such an enjoyable process my virgin ear candling experience at Harnies Beauty was!
The relaxing atmosphere at Harnie's aesthetic hut:
the soft instrumental music...
the gentle head massage....
the aromatheraphy...
the warmth of the candle on/in your ear……...

DOPE or what?!

And they say, ear candling is an excellent way to maintain hygiene of ears.
Yeah! It is very important to keep our ears clean, free from wax accumulation (pendek kata, taik telinga la tu!)
I've learnt that by just using ear buds is not sufficient for they only wipe the surfacing wax.

So peeps, do give ear candling ($28 only!) at Harnies Beauty a try!
You'll love it and come back for more one...

I spent a good 3 hours at Harnies Beauty yesterday.

I also did the necessary removal of unwanted hair..heee! Waxing for my underarms and legs.

Therapist Iza is a meticulous person, making sure I am as togel as possible, battling patiently with my stubborn ingrown hair.

Harnie then noticed that I looked tired and asked if I wanted to try their promotion- Ginger Healing massage.

Of course my answer was YES!

So to summarise,
awesome ear candling experience

and I sure felt rejuvenated after the ginger healing massage.
Bye Bye stiff shoulders (obviously, because of blogging too much la ni!)
So ladies, do enjoy this 'worth it!' promotion.
Call (65)-6392-0623 for reservations/bookings!
New Year coming leh! So must LOOK and FEEL good bebehs!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

You know you're a mom/dad when....

Twittermommas, thank you for participating!
My blog-readermommas, enjoy the read. :)

You know you're a mom when....

you get MORE excited than your kid when a new animated movie opens (Think Rapunzel..Yogi Bear) -ME

your child coughs/sneezes, you inhale as much germs as you can so that you catch the bug too - also ME

you keep training your child to sleep in her own room, only to carry her back into your own bedroom when she is fast asleep - SIAO DING DONG ME

your regular sleep becomes irregular - glamchicz

you twitpic your child's pic in Twitter- Ana Hayer

the alarm blared loudly in the morning fails to wake you but the baby turns and you're wide awake / you have the intention to hit town to buy the latest arm candy but come back with ZARA kids -Mahd

you memorise nursery rhymes - enchanted_lady

you download Barney songs to your handphone and set them as ringtone for 'home' -MommaAzila

your child runs to you to seek comfort when he's afraid/happy/excited etc. /you can't eat in peace at restaurants - zeeeanaaa

you are a 24 hr vending machine to your newborn- solelyus

you are the one choosing which type of Playdoh to buy and be the 1ST one to play with the dough to make ice cream -sarani08

you put your kids' needs before yours -saudarilee

you are out shopping, you find yourself spending more time at the kids' section instead of the adults' section - Waney

you are the 1st to wake up, have no time to sleep, eat or drink but still gain 10kg - Diah

you spend your last five bucks on a happy meal -Kin

you empathize more than everyone else when you hear other children cry in pain or hunger/ you're proud of your child's first knee graze - custarddreams

you become the human nasal aspirator- Aniqs_mummy

the very thought of your child hurt/getting hurt brings a tear and such sadness - Farah Shiraaz

there's an appointment tomorrow and the 1st thing you think about is what time to get up to get the kid ready before you do - sraelynn

your baby cries and he needs YOU -Faeza_Aide

you feel like smacking them when they drive you mad, then feel mushy and soft as you watch them sleep/
your PC/HP/FB/DP Wallpapers are mostly of your kids and rarely of your hubby - ayu46

you are having lunch at work and silently wish your child is there to share the same plate - nurullq

you have to keep a straight face when your son says 'It's not working' when you force him to pee -Vivi

Mr E has enjoyed himself so much reading the above 'quotes' he also wants to join the party!

You know you're a dad when you discover pink Disney princesses panties stacked together with your underwear - Mr E

Oh and 1 more.

You know you're a dad when you lick your child's palm whenever he touches dirty surfaces - My brother, Bah (He didn't say this. I observed this and wrote on his behalf. Heeee. Seriously Bah! Your saliva is NOT dettol hand sanitizer caaaannn?!)

Nite peeps! Mwaccksy!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Martha Tilaar's Dewi Sri Spa range

My beauty enthusiasts, this entry is for you!
Martha Tilaar is in da house, sistas.

Welcome to Singapore!
Congratulations on the opening of Martha Tilaar's FIRST international store in Singapore! *Throws confetti!*
Undoubtedly, Dr Martha Tilaar is THE beauty icon of Indonesia.

This successful cosmetics entrepreneur has 'invented' exclusive, traditional and natural products with the highest international quality standards.
I didn't get a chance to interview her personally when I was hosting DEWI on Suria some 4 years ago.
(Ibu Martha was featured in one of the episodes)
Truly a dynamic Dewi she is.
I remembered being very much inspired when I watched her interview segment and became an avid fan of PAC Cosmetics.

And here I am now, given an honourable opportunity to be chosen to try out her products.
I feel so privileged indeed!

I shrieked with delight when this greeted me at home last week.
Just by receiving her product can make me star struck. Siao.

What's in da bag, I hear you kepochis ask?
Specifically Martha Tilaar's Dewi Sri Spa range with rice extract and essential oils in body care products.

1)White Tea Body Wash

2)White Hibiscus Body Lotion

I brought along the body wash and body lotion to KL and Genting last week.
I for one HATE using those hotel soaps lor. Think those pathetic tiny bars! No smell somemore.
Regretted big time though because my mother also decided to boycott the hotel soap and use MY Dewi Sri Spa's White Tea Body Wash AND White Hibiscus Body Lotion. Thanks ah mother.

Besides my strong dislike for the mini hotel soaps, I also hate soaps with a way toooo overpowering fragrance.
Dewi Sri Spa's White Tea Body Wash is just nice. Sucha gentle but long lasting scent.
On top of that, this lovely liquid soap leaves my skin (and my mom's -____-) clean, soft and fresh.

Really, Thank God for Dewi Sri Spa's White Hibiscus Body Lotion.
I have been applying this body lotion since last week after every shower.
My skin was really dry when I was at Genting due to the cold weather. :(
Not only has The White Hibiscus Body Lotion successfully prevented my skin from drying out, it also continues to nourish and protect my skin now that I'm back in sunny Singapore. This gentle moisturizing lotion enriched with rice and hibiscus extracts and Vitamin C definitely promotes beautiful luminescent skin. SPF Sunscreen also protects my skin from ultraviolet exposure.

Absolutely loving the soft and smooth feeling and light fragrance of my skin.
*Sniffs my arms...Aaaaahhhhhhhhh Niceness!*

If you must know, the secret behind the Dewi Sri Spa collection is rice.
Through years of research by Dr Martha Tilaar's team, rice extracts are found to contain ingredients that are beneficial to the skin.
Rice (Oryza Sative), which is known as a "source of beauty” in Indonesia, contains Vitamin E Tocotrienols with antioxidant effects of 40-60 times, Vitamin B Complex, Gamma Oryzanol, Phytosterol, CoQ10 and Ceramide. Ceramide, among others, moisturizes and increases the skin collagen production, improves skin elasticity, maintains the function of protection and homeostasis of skin in order to brighten clear skin and also prevents premature aging of skin as well as helps the regeneration and development of new cells.

According to an Indonesian legend, Dewi Sri who is the patron goddess of rice and the harvest, as
well as the goddess of fertility and prosperity, has an unmatched beauty and the Dewi Sri Spa has been specifically designed to match that beauty to create a hopeful beauty:


Peace yo! Heeee!

I can't wait to visit the store specifically located at Marina Square #02-341.
So gonna bring my momsy along!
Babesters, you may also wish to visit

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blogging with your child

Hi mommies, I would like to share with you how I go about coaching Nyla to blog.
It has been an enjoyable experience for Nyla and I'm sure your kids will love it too.
Sharing is caring so here goes!

Items you need:
your child (COMPULSORY!)
an exercise book
computer with internet access

and you're good to go with 5 simple steps!

Step 1
Child will write her/his entry on his/her journal. Do not assist him/her with spelling. Just let your child embark on a free writing spree. Heeee!

Step 2:
When child has finished writing his/her sentences, REWARD for the HEYYUGE effort put in! My babe loves stickers!

Step 3:
Mommies become teachers and mark their work.
Do insert positive remarks!
Ain't easy for a preschooler to write sentences.

Step 4:
Time to transfer the edited work to PC!

Step 5:
Publish the entry and get child to read his/her entry aloud!

We are integrating language and IT skills here! Cool stuff ey!
Happy blogging and bonding with your children.
If your child has a blog, do email Nyla at and let the kids link up! :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Togas R Us Candid Shots

So, the babe has beaten me to it and blogged about our Tanjung Pinang trip over at her blog.

I have tonnes of pictures but because nearly the whole day was spent discussing about our splendid experience at Tanjung Pinang for Nyla's blog entry, I am not going to blog about the same topic la ah.
Will blog about it soon enough.
Well Nyla didn't mention about our 3 days 2 nights 'food festival' since she's not that much of a food lover.

Itu gonggongs were so yummy I lost count how many I ate. 1 thing I know is that everytime I popped one into my mouth, I said Bismillah. Takot kena food poisoning!

Yup! Dyed my hair red. Heee! Remember previously Mr E helped me dye my hair jet black so that I'll look like Katy Perry? More like Katy Parah! Mr E looks like Katy Perry's YOUNGER brother seh. (Someone dyed his hair brown -black mah. heeeeeee!)
Anyhoots, damn the black hair lor. Hair colour's pretty uneven now. Top part je striking red...the bottom part slightly darker...The stylist advised me to bleach but I firmly said no cos I know my hair will surely be damaged one.

Enough of Tanjung Pinang stuff.
I thought I'd share some cute candid shots of the "Togas R Us" photoshoot at the playground Nyla took with Trisha.
Credits to my very young and 'media enthusiast' neighbour, Hamzah of AnnMzz Creative Production for the cute shots. Such a tech savvy boy he is. And a reliable and responsible one too.
If you must know, Hamzah is the elder brother of Ezz (the bottoms upper featured on Berita Harian)

Their mom must be so proud.
Enjoy the photos peeps. The girls truly had a great time they didn't want the session to end.

Nyla is in charge of Togas R Us.
So if you're keen to purchase,
do visit her blog or email her at
So far, she has replied to all the emails with my help of course.
Finalising her email password took us a long time okay.
Me: Ok, think of a secret code, Nyla.
Nyla: Justin Bieber?
Me: No. Everyone knows you like Justin Bieber. They will hack.
Nyla: Hack means what? Beat me up ah?
Me: No, it means to gain illegal access to your emails.
Mr E: How about "I Love Daddy" (??????!!!!!)
Nyla: No la. I love so many people. (hahahaha! Padan muka!)
So after all the ding dongs, we finally agreed on her password.
She just told my younger brother. :S

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Entrepreneurial Education

The only way to be safe in today's rapidly changing environment is to have the knowledge and skills to continually create opportunities of your own.
Of course I do wish for Nyla to be academically inclined and go to university and all...

However, in my honest opinion, a degree is now NOT a requirement for success.

Just look at Bill Gates.

I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he's an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft. - Bill Gates

I am also not that sort of parent who sends her child for as many enrichment lessons as possible.

The only enrichment class Nyla attends is Art because she has expressed interest in being an
illustrator in the upcoming stories she intends to write.

Ever since I quit the civil service to focus on Nyla, I have realised that all along, it has been the other way round.
When I modelled for First Lady, she too followed my footsteps and modelled for First Girl.

Everytime I am done with tuition, she'll grab the whiteboard marker and Mr E and I (and her soft toys) become her tutees.

When I set up the toga tailoring business last July with my mom, she too wanted to be involved by naming the toga pieces. Toothless Black...Cool Mentos Blue..

On top of that she even pestered her Tok Mommy to sew her a toga dress.

Of course, her Tok Mommy granted her wish.

I think the time has come for Mr E and I to teach Nyla E.E (Entrepreneurial Education) because we firmly believe that every child has the tools to be a successful entrepreneur.

They are imaginative....They dream big dreams....They are 'thick skinned'...Hehehe!

Mr E and I did touch on this topic at the the marriage symposium 2 weeks ago.

On 20 October 2010, I have already loudhailed about the existence of "Togas R Us".
Mr E, myself, my parents, my brothers and my sister in law have discussed over our many dinner sessions and....

we have appointed Nyla as the Director of The Excluzif Togas- Togas R Us

Nyla seems excited about her new job and that is a good start!
Because we must find our jobs enjoyable - exchanging our innate extraordinary ability for money (income).

Not only will Nyla model, she will also handle the toga orders. Hohoho. And how is she going to do that?

Having contributed as speakers for the topic on "Using New Infocomm Tools to interact with your children" previously, Mr E and I have signed up an email account for Nyla as well as a blog since she loves writing stories.

I'd rather she blog than become a couch potato and watch television.
Blogging enhances one's writing skills so in a way, she's writing a compo. Heeeee.
However please do not expect lengthy entries k and expect 'hiatus' because really, preschooler's mood swings can be pretty horrid.
To maximise learning, I'll get her to write her entry in her journal first. (Need her to practise penmanship!)

I'll correct her spelling/punctuation/grammatical errors and then she'll log on to blogger and type her second corrected draft.

PS: Mommies, when emailing Nyla to place your orders for your girls' togas, I advise you to sit down with your girl(s) and let your babe do the typing.

Not only are you shopping together, you are also teaching your babe a multitude of things here:

Independence. (girls choose which toga they like)
Structure of an email.
Language (at the same time, you correct their grammar, spelling and punctuation)

Now, as much as I condone kids to be tech savvy in this new digital age, parents MUST supervise ya.
Likewise, when Nyla processes the orders, Ill be sitting beside her guiding her. ;)

Meanwhile I kapoh one picture from her blog la ah. Too cute. Tooooo irresistable.

Togas R Us models!
Nyla And her BFF/classmate Trisha Nurdjaja.

So mommies, do hand hold your mini BFFs to Nyla's blog and she'll happily process your orders.

Click HERE.

Over to you, Nyla.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tanjong Pinang = Nyla's Disneyland

Finally, the babe is asleep after our usual bedtime conversation. (recorded above!)
She was especially excited just now because we will be going for a short getaway soon.

Yeah, our end of year yearly trip with Mr E's family.
This time round, nearly 40 of his relatives (including us) will be going. Best abisssss!

*Syamirul, Shirah and Kak Ana. we will miss you. :( Get well soon!*

We just only told Nyla the good news because Mr E and I weren't sure if we will be able to go in the first place, with Mr E being very busy in school and me, with tuition.
My Primary 6 Bottoms Uppers have already started tuition 2 weeks ago.

So yes, Nyla! Daddy and Mommy will take leave and to Tanjung Pinang, we'll go babe!
Kids are real easy to please huh.
Upon finding out that she will be going to Tanjung Pinang, she called my parents to tell them not to miss her and all. Ya eleh! Baru 3 hari seh...
Seriously, her reaction was as if we told her we will be bringing her to Disneyland lor!

She has already packed her bag. (As usual, I need to unpack and repack when she is not looking.)

Let's do our hair and nails together-gether, my mini BFF and look pretty for Uncle Irfan and Aunty Ray's wedding k when we come back.

Nites peeps!

Busy day ahead. Tuition in the morning. Toga errands during lunchtime followed by another round of playdate with Nyla's friends. Have signed up all 7 kids for a workshop at the library in the afternoon. They will be creating pop up cards. Fun stuff.

I love the month of December. So many fun activities for the kids and us mommies can relack jack.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

WowART Holiday Workshop

During the Christmas season, WowART Learning Studio will be conducting a series of workshops for kids.
Nyla and myself (as well as other mommies and kiddos!) were very fortunate to be invited to its exclusive sneak preview of the workshop.
Cool stuff ey!

All dressed up for a learning adventure at WowART studio!

The girls, Nyla, Shiqah and Marsya were very happy to see one another they squeezed themselves together.

Cutesy Elisya also joined in the fun.

Ryan and Miqa!

Baby bam bam Ariz was present too!

Tis' the season to be jolly lalalalalalalala.
Christmas trees we will be makin' lalalalalalla!

Yeap, just like the previous session, mommies cannot escape.
No such thing as kids do art, mommies chit chat outside.

Erm, Diana....your flower looks hmmmm...unique.

Spot Di's flower.
Hint: the sunny side up - telor mata lembu one.

And look at our houses...
They are floating!
Seriously our Art teachers deserve to be shot la dey!

Ok ladies, let's get serious now.
Ready to make Christmas trees?

That's our ever so patient and smiley Teacher Gaz!

This woman took Art in secondary school and her tree was absolutely beautiful.

Judging by this picture, you make an excellent hairdresser too, Kin!

While the mommies were laughing away and all, the atmosphere over at the kiddos' room was a total opposite.
Our kids were super FOCUSED they put us to shame!
We are sooooooo proud of them.
I am hence convinced that the WowART's trainers nurture each child's imagination, versatility, self-awareness, motivation, confidence and independence.

Di's Marthin boys. Hizqeel sampai tongue ter-twist!

My Nyla.

The tripletmom Yati's Jannah looking for inspiration (cari ilham) on how to decorate her Christmas tree.
At the same time, thinking of her sisters Sarah and Adawiyah.

Vi's Shiqah

Another thing I love about WowART is that it's classes are kept small to ensure that every child gets the most out of his learning experience.

Us mommies finally serious working on our respective Christmas trees.
What I love about making friends with mommies is that we learn from one another.
Let me give you an example.
(Before that, Thanks Vi for the photos!)

Mother of 4 Yati shared with me her famous prawn Aglio Olio recipe and man, it should seriously be renamed as Aglio Air Liur! I whipped up this spaghetti dish for lunch....SUCCESS.
Thanks sis! Share with me some more easy recipes k!

Posing with our finished art work!
So mommies and daddies, let's not 'lock up' the kids at home ya!
It's the holiday season man. Let them participate in fun activities.

This month, WowART Learning Studio will be conducting a series of workshops for kids, introducing them to the exciting world of art works such as clay handling, glass painting and many many more!
Their courses inspire and nurture children from the ages of 2.5 to 12 years old.
As stated in their website, Art is a fundamental medium that helps children develop a sense of expression, communication and creativity.
Trust me, your kids will have a GREAT time.

For more info on their 'Christmas season holiday programme', do visit or call
+65 6352 2221
If you're on Facebook, do join this page:!/WowART.Learning
Okie Dokie, Have fun kiddos!