Thursday, May 10, 2012

Show and Tell

Nyla has been practising very hard for her Show And Tell assessments (both English and Malay!) the past few weeks.

Yesterday, she came home beaming.

"Mommy! I got full marks for my Malay Show and Tell!"

How not to feel happy for her?
She totally earned those marks man.
She made me print pictures related to the topic she had to talk about...did colouring la.

When E and I couldn't listen to her 'rehearsals' (didnt want la actually cos jelak mah listen to the same thing over and over again), she'd call her Tok Mommy who would gladly listen and sing praises.

Nenek pe. No good also say verrryyyyyy good.

I should have taken a video of her Malay show and tell! Aaargh.
Anyway, here is her English one.
Don't know how she'll fare but whatever the marks, she deserves a kiss. :p
Effort beb.

I was at Kinokuniya earlier. (Hi LINS! :p)

Books make the best presents they say so I bought 3 books for the babe.
Reward la for doing her best and enjoying her primary school life.

She was surprised to see the 3 gifts on her pillow.

Then, this.

Nyla: Where did you go just now Mommy?
Me: Oh I was at town...Then went to Kinokuniya Bookstore and got for you these.
Nyla: Pause.......Next time go Toys R Us.

This girl is really something man.
Can make people proud and pek chek at the same time.

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