Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bedtime Conversation

I love my bedtime conversations with the babe.
Usually she'd share about the happenings in school.
Her highs. Her lows.

And she's having one whale of a time in school.
Especially during recess.
Just 2 days ago, I saw this in her file.

Earlier we were chatting...

Nyla: Mr Lim scolded the Primary Twos just now. He told them not to bring their Tupperware containers to school.

Me: Why? They leave them around in the canteen or something?

Nyla: No la. They catch and trap butterflies in them.


Nyla: Ya.

Me: What about the Primary Ones then?

We also kena.

Me: You all also go around catching butterflies or what?

Nope. Mr Lim said,"Primary Ones, you all better stop looking for ghosts in the ping pong room!"

I think someone (and her gang!) is feeling guilty.

1 comment:

  1. It's a lower primary thing! When I was teaching the P2 level, I used to get daily reports of 'ghost' sightings in all the odd corners of the school! It used to make me laugh!