Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Know of anyone who used to be in EM3 stream and are right now enjoying success?
Success here does not necessarily mean big house or big cars ya, for your info.
Success in this case could mean a stable career or something outstanding.
So if you or your friend happen to be an ex EM3 pupil back in your/their primary school and are contented with your/their present lives, please email me.
All races are welcome! :)
I need to inspire my very own kiddos.
Children's Day is approaching. ;)
Much thanks in advance.

PS: My million thanks to those who have emailed me your friends' and cousins' stories and gave me an opportunity to touch base with them.
Some parents have also emailed me asking whether I would want to consider their sons'/daughters'/nieces'/nephews' excellent recent PSLE results as inspiration to my current kids.
YES YES YES! As long as they were from the EM3 stream!
Bring it on peeps. THANK YOU again!

Friday, August 21, 2009


Something unfortunate happened just now.
I was getting ready for tuition when the bibik called me using a public phone telling me that she got robbed.
The handphone was stolen.
She only carried the handphone with her whenever she sends Nyla to school.
Luckily, the incident happened after Nyla was already safe in school.
Or so I thought because that was what she said.
Anyway, as tomorrow is the start of Ramadhan, I told the bibik to sleep after doing her Isyak prayers.
I felt sorry for her. I bet she was traumatised.

I was watching television with Nyla when Nyla said,"Mommy, I want to tell you something."
Me: What is it sweetie?
Nyla: Just now, a tall, tanned and thin man send me and bibik to my school.
He touched my chin and said Hi Baby.
Me: Right.
I heard what I had to hear and I was fuming mad.
I woke the bibik up. She wasn't sleeping yet. Of course la...since her conscience wasn't clear.
I interrogated her and then she confessed.
No, that tall man wasn't her boyfriend.
He is a big bad wolf, pretending to be a gentleman by escorting the bibik and my babe to school on a rainy day. Then as my helper was walking back to the bus stop, he took the handphone and scooted away.
(See! Never ever talk to any strangers!)
Yes, I was disappointed with the bibik for not being honest with me from the start.
I really sayang this helper of mine. Seeing her cry bucket of tears as she confessed was pretty painful to see.
Enough of the drama. My phone has been ringing non stop for the past one hour. Nyla's overly concerned Tok Daddy, Tok Mummy and her uncles were sick with worry.
I kept reassuring them and they still call asking the same questions again and again!
Well we just thank Allah that my baby girl is safe and sound.
I also realise here that kids can be reliable witnesses and they definitely don't lie.
(In Nyla's case as seen in the video, it's because she does not want a long nose ala Pinocchio!hah!)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mega Fun :)

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the PSLE fiesta.
The ORAL exams.
I have prepared my tutees for quite sometime already so I am not worried at all because I know that come tomorrow, confident communicators they would be, Insyaallah.
Mak dah lama kasi training kat diorangs!
Now....Usually on Wednesdays, I have 4 back to back tuition sessions which will last from 2pm all the way till 8pm.
However, I have decided to make today an exception.
Last weekend, a fantabulous idea struck me.
To hold a mega tuition lesson with all 18 charges in my house.
So, without any hesitation, I smsed my trusted spokesperson, Sorfina, to mass inform her fellow mates that all will come to my place for tuition at the same time.
Some didn't believe and called me personally to make sure.
What?! Think my house too small for ya'all huh huh huh huh?
When there's a will, there's a way you know.
Anyway, I didn't have a good sleep last night because I was too excited about executing today's absolutely swell lesson plan.
It was definitely a blast. Power doks!
The kiddos rocked my house down big time.
The initial plan was that the lesson was to last only for 2 hours but of course with all the fun they were having, we went overtime.
The kids had to call their parents up to say that they would reach home a little late and the parents were more than happy to hear that cos extra time meant extra learning!
More like extra playing!
But hey, children learn through play and that was what we did today!
Today's super duper fun mega tuition session lasted for a good 3 hours and you know the best part?
We didn't even feel it.
To all my adorable and wacky tutees, all the best for tomorrow.
May the force be with you, my sayangs. :)

We are here!

Full attendance!

Mua explaining to them what I have in store for them.

From the faces, obviously, they can't wait for the lesson to begin.

PART 1: Reading Aloud
Ever watched MTV's Singled Out when Jenny McCarthy was the host?
We played that game. Sort of. Haha.
But before you go eeww and start to think how can I ever condone BGR...Do not fret. I didnt.
After they find out who their partner is, the competition begins!

My mentels.

Oh My God! I can't believe I get to partner my crush! NOT! hahah! Sorry Irf!

Getting serious.

Scissors Paper Stone! K, You lose so you start first! Kids!

Battle of the sexes begin!
Judge Nura.
End result? Draw!
Well, let's just say that today is not a suitable day for bruised egos ya!
PART 2: Picture Discussion
Group work.
Collaboration and cooperative learning taking place.

PART3: Conversation
Pick a question from the glass bowl ala Miss Universe Pageant!

Yakkety Yakking....
Adios Amigos darlings! :)

Monday, August 17, 2009


Uh uh! No Monday blues for us both!

Why Nura loves Mondays?
1. She doesn't need to cook.
2. When she doesn't cook , she doesn't have to wash the dishes. :) Yeeehhhaaaa!

Why Nyla loves Mondays?
1. Mommy will bring her to the library!
2. She doesn't need to eat her mom's cooking! Yeehaaaaaaa!

I would bring Nyla to the library faithfully every Monday morning and together, we would check out piles of books.

There were a few occasions when Nyla didn't seem interested in the books at the library because she was distracted by the play area and the kiddos playing there. Woodlands Regional Library is an example. It is her ultimate favourite library! Somehow, her attention span towards reading there is just so short as compared to the other libraries!
Hence, I have stopped bringing her there on Mondays because she would end up tired by the time she reaches school. However Esman and I will save that library for weekends because of the wide variety of children books and interesting educational DVDs!
Anyway,I just love the way how Nyla's face will light up every Sunday night when I remind her that we are heading to the library the next day!
We would usually spend about one and a half hours at the library before having her kid's meal lunch at the eatery of her choice near her school.
Her list of eateries include Pizza Hut, Pastamania, Fish n Co, Sakae Sushi, Swensens and KK Hospital Food Court.
So basically,I'll just order for Nyla and watch her eat! Adult portions mahal beb! Haha!

Today Nyla chose Fish n Co because she was craving for Captain Hook Fish and Rice.

When I was still working, I have always envisioned myself bringing my babe to the library, have lunch together, send her to school, fetch her from school, walk home together...basically just spending time 24/7 with her.
Today, I felt so at peace because that dream actually came true.
Law of attraction?
Definitely lor...since I have mastered the skill of visualisation which has materialised.
Now, I need to envision myself wearing Jimmy Choo sepatus with many GUCCI bags on both my shoulders driving the babe to school in a Volkwagen Golf. :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Nope, I ain't talking about Tiffany & Co kind of stuff.
Jewellery is the name Nyla has given to her pet fish.
Both Esman and I tried to persuade her to give her pet normal names like Gilbert, Amy etc but the babe was adamant of the name Jewellery.
Okay fine. Good luck to Nyla's future children. Heh.

Let's cut the long story short.

Esman and Nyla went on a pet hunt. Easy hunt, I have to say because mommy here will not allow furry animals because she is the geli-gemans.
So, no rabbits. No hamsters and absolutely no kittie cats.
They had 2 choices. Either fish or terrapin. Yes, boring. But take it or leave it lor. :)
They decided on a fighting fish because according to Esman, it is pretty hassle free and fighting fish's lifespan pretty long. I now beg to differ. Just read on and you will find out why.
So, these 2 eventually bought a nice shiny red fighting fish named Jewellery.
Nyla was hovering over her new pet.
Made sure the fish's fed every 5 minutes.

The moment she woke up, Nyla fed Jewellery breakfast. 6 times in a row.

Before she left for school, she made sure lunch for Jewellery was settled. (With the amount of fish food sprinkled, it could last Jewellery for a week. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.)

Nyla got mad at me for not going straight home after fetching her from school. (Esman and I decided to have dinner at his parents' place.)
Nyla was worried Jewellery would be hungry and I had to reassure her that Jewellery would be fine.

On the way home, Nyla was chatting about excited she was at the thought of seeing Jewellery.
I guess the excitement was too much for her to handle, the babe fell asleep in the car.

As I lay my girl on the bed, I heard Esman call me from the balcony.

See, Nyla even made sure her fish's got nice scenery of her science experiment.

Esman: 'Hon, Jewellery's dead."
Me: Oh no! Shoot. How?
Esman: I'll make a quick drive and buy another one.
Me: WAH! You serious?
Esman: Abothen? If she wakes up and finds her fish dead, how? I'll go now. Very fast one.
Me: *Mouth wide open.* Let's just say that I doubt I'll get that same reaction if Jewellery was my pet fish.

I was sweating buckets at home.
Worried that the fish pet shop would be closed.
Worried that Nyla would wake up and head straight to the balcony to see her fish, lifeless.
The phone vibrated. (didn't want to risk Nyla waking up when she hears the phone ringing. Man, I feel like a criminal.)

Esman: Babe, not exactly red like Jewellery. It's dark red. There's blue though. Nice.
Me: Come on man! Blue is totally out. Take the dark red and come back fasssssttttt!

Just like the flash, he reached home and sprung into action.

Tangan Cik Esman tengah mengiggil tu...heheh!

Nyla woke up and true enough, requested to see her pet fish.

Esman and I weren't asleep yet and so we brought her to the balcony.

Nyla: Hmmm..Is this really Jewellery?

Nyla: It looks erm...different...
Her parents: Wow! Babe! Don't you think Jewellery's like bigger and more beautiful?!!!! You did a fantastic job, sweetheart! (We felt very guilty!)

Nyla: Yes! I am a good pet owner. Hello Jewellery!
Esman and I: Phew!

As of today, 'Jewellery' is still alive and swimming.