Monday, November 30, 2009


The night before, the three of us watched New Moon.
It was pretty late which explained why Nyla was clad in her pyjamas.
Like I mentioned before in a previous post, my girl is also a Twi-hard fan just like her mommy.
She didn't doze off during the movie. (Thanks for making our $10 worth it babe! Heh!)
At the end of the movie, she told me this, 'Mommy, you take Edward. I take Jacob okay.'
Nyla especially loves Jacob's new short hairdo. (while mommy loves his stomach muscles :O)
So now you know, mommy and daughter definitely belong to different teams.
Nyla for Team Jacob and Mommy for Team salah, Esman. ;)
We woke up pretty early the next morning because Esman had to perform the Aidiladha prayers.
I was reading the newspapers and as usual will share interesting articles with Nyla.
And then there was an article about sheep sacrifice. How nice.

Nyla decided to cut the article because she wanted to share it with her fellow cousins.

We headed to my mom's first because my cousins, Abang Amin and Kak Yaty are here all the way from Jeddah with their 3 handsome musketeers, Azam (yes! Nyla's fav!), Ilham (terribly cute this one!) and Ehsaan (his cheeks and pouty lips fuhhyoh!)

Esman and I 'feeling feeling' parents of 4 kids.

After a short but wonderful playtime, we zoomed off to Esman's side where more fun and yummylicious fooooooodddd like lontong, ayam masak merah, sambal goreng, sambal sotong etc. awaited us.

Awesome Aidiladha indeed!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

10 things I have learnt from my tutees

1. Every lesson, there would be at least one child who would lose (or gain) a stationery item.

2. Despite being in school for more than 6 hours prior to their tuition session, they could still retain information and participate in the activities with such enthusiasm.

3. Despite inhaling the rest of their group mates' 'oh so wonderful' natural body smells :S, they could still retain information and participate in the activities with such enthusiasm.

4. They would always reach my home in twos, threes, fours , fives or collectively as a group. Never had a fellow earlybird tutee come alone.

5. They have their own respective favourite seats and would sulk (girls) or fight(boys) if they discover their 'choped' seat is taken.

6. Family/Friendship/BGR/School secrets will surely be revealed during 'Show N Tell' in the blink of an eye.

7. For every 'Mega' tuition lesson whereby all the boys and girls unite under one roof, they would be in their best outfits and try to impress their respective 'crushes'. (Tsk Tsk)

8. Everytime I mention the word 'Competition Compo', they would rejoice and celebrate like I was throwing them a party.

9. Everytime I go through an answer to a Maths question, they would check their own answer first. If they got it right, they would be like helicopters hovering over their mates' papers. If their mates got the answer wrong, they would holler,' So easy also can get wrong ah!' BUT BUT BUT if they got the answer wrong, they would just...sit still. No turning right or left.

10. Their favourite question: 'Cher, tomorrow got tuition?' ....knowing very well that their tuition sessions are already fixed at say, Wednesdays and Fridays.

PSLE results were released last Thursday and come next year, 18 tutees of mine will be donning their respective new crisp Secondary School uniforms. Congratulations Batch 09!

Tutees (Batch 10) are you ready for Mdm Nura?
2010, here we comeeeeee!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tech Savvy Senior

If you think technology is only for the youth, then let me introduce you to a fellow senior netizen, James, who is not only inspirational to me but others as well I'm sure.
He was one of the attendees of the workshop I conducted last week.
James is definitely one who is not intimidated by technology, as the-not-so-young-ones are commonly perceived to be.
I truly admire his flexibility and resolve to continue learning new things in order to keep up with the times and keeping abreast with the rapid development of web technology because I always feel that most senior citizens are not receptive at all to digital age, giving all sorts of excuses for not wanting to adapt and learn new things, thus remaining stagnant.
A nimble mind definitely contributes to one's physical well-being.

You can check out his blog at

Dear James, I am thrilled to have met you at the workshop.
And, once again, thank you so much for your entry on your blog, James.
I truly appreciate it all the flattery. Hehe :)

I hope that as I mature, I will continue to have the desire to continue to adapt to the ever-changing tech environment, just like you, James!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Chiltern House Carnival

Last Friday, the children, parents and teachers celebrated the end of year together by participating in games and other fun filled activities during the carnival held at East Coast Park.
Nyla enjoyed herself very much doing most of her activities with her BFF, Trisha.

With Nyla's N1 mandarin teacher. So nice to see you, Lao Shi!

The 'makciks' chatting at work.

The girls with their N2 form teacher, Rozita.

With the N2 teachers, Masita, Diane, Anbu and Rozita.
Seeing the girls so happy with each other's company, Hanny and I decided to extend their happy hours and brought them to Orchard Road where we all lunched and had some more fun.
Thanks Hanny for inviting us over for tea! :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More photos taken during the 'Be a New Media Parent' workshop.

The Right Spinners: Steph and Ying Hao

Me, the 1st speaker.
Matt, the 2nd speaker.

Kelvin, the 3rd speaker.

With IDA-ians. :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

'Be a New Media Parent' Workshop @ NLB

Today was by far the most fulfilling Sunday ever!
I absolutely had a blast sharing with the attendees of the “Be a New Media Parent” Workshop (organized by Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) in partnership with the National Library of Singapore (NLB) and Asian Children’s Festival 2009) on how Nyla and I ride on the New Media Wave together.
Again, I would like to shout out a huge THANK YOU to NLB/IDA/The Right Spin for inviting me to be one of the speakers.
I am definitely looking forward to working with you peeps with regards to future projects. :)
Oh and how can I forget the people who registered for the workshop?!
(I'm sure some of you might have jotted down my blog url. So a big warm welcome to you! Hehe!)
Thanks for listening to me yakkety yakking about the New Media activities I do with my girl!

My man and my mom offering their morale support.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nad's Birthday 'Surprise'

Today was Nad's birthday.
We already had a dinner celebration for her two days ago.
Then Nurul and Ray suggested that I come to the school and give our 'Paris Hilton' a surprise today.
Honestly, I didn't find that idea really brilliant lor. It's been donkey years since I stepped back into school. The last time I was in that school was on my last day of duty. :P
My girls have such powerful persuading skills and Nad is truly a wonderful friend.
The next thing I knew: I hailed a cab and told the cab driver 'Uncle, 'Fwaah' Primary School.'

My 'bridezilla' who insisted that she wear this pink veil to my school and embarrass her mommy. Thanks ah babe.

I had two kids with me in the cab. Nyla and Anggun.
I decided to also give Nurul a surprise by bringing her daughter to school.
Poor lil girl was a bit traumatised. 'Maaammmaaaa, Bibiiiiikkkkkkk,' she screamed. I felt like a kidnapper
Thank God she was back to her bubbly self when she 'reunited' with her mom. Phew.

I bumped into my fellow ex colleagues and we chatted.
With Mr Tey. The most patient teacher I've ever met.

I also bumped into the ex pupils who got excited when they saw me and Nyla and one by one, they kissed my hand. Only God knows how much I miss them. I miss classroom teaching so much.
For those non Malays who are reading this , before you shoot me with angry emails accusing me of being 'queeny' and in case you think I have forced them to kiss my hand, it's a Malay culture to kiss an adult's hand. For your info...... :)
Anyway, our dear Nad was not supposed to know that I was coming.
I was panicking a little when we reached school because Anggun was crying for her mom.
So I embarked on a hunt for Mdm Nurul Asyikin Norman who was still in her classroom sharing tearful goodbyes with her graduating pupils.
While I was running around the school, my mind was racing. I forgot all about the idea of surprising Nad. I was 'banned' from walking past her class. The thing is...I forgot where her classroom is.
With a wailing Anggun in my arms, somehow,I ended up right in front of Nad's class. She saw me. I panicked even more. I even let out a shriek. I didn't give Nad a chance to call out to me and acknowledge my presence so I immediately made a quick detour and hoped that she didn't see me though I was so sure our eyes met through the window panes! Hahaha!
The moment she entered the staff room after her lesson ended, she asked the girls, 'Where is Nura?'
Well, at least everyone was happy.

Happy Anggun! Now, that wasn't too bad tight, baby?

Sorry Nad about the not-so-perfect pizza!
After all the running around in the school plus no breakfast in the morning, I had no choice but to fill my empty tummy.
Or else you would probably see me lying unconscious at your desk area. (Yes, I know! That sight would be a splendid surprise indeed!)

See, I needed that pizza just so I would have the energy to decorate your work station.
Ray, we look like puffer fish here. So lawa! Hahahha!

'Bridezilla' drawing a heart for her Aunty Nad.

Women in black. What a coincidence!
Before we left the house, I already promised Nyla that we would go to the library.
I was exhausted but a promise must not be broken.
Nurul was kind enough to drop us off! Thanks babe.

Nyla and Mommy at the library reading about Nyla's favourite animal: Cats.
and lastly...