Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lovely Lebaran 2012

Hari Raya Pictures time.
The quality of most of my pictures here may not be good but the moments captured were super precious.

Ever since Nyla suffered a bad fall while carrying the huge camera, bye bye to that camera. As in, no way am I going to look at or even hold that camera again.
The sight of Nyla falling down ON the camera and then wailing so loud pained me.... I cannot forget.
Her chest was bruised and scratched as a result. *shudders*

Anyway, Iphone 4S camera pretty okay what and won't cause injury to my daughter, so yeap.

Enjoy the pictures honeys.
Truly a happenin' Raya this year! Alhamdullilah!
And Nyla, it's time to stop being a money -faced girl.
Naik lemak 3 consecutive days of receiving money, she keeps pestering us to go to people's houses.

I must also thank my momma for taking care of my Baju Raya this year. I've been busy with property stuff so I let my momma do her magic.

Mom: Betul eh. Apa Mak jahit, kau pakai eh.
Me: Ya, mak jahit je.
Mom: Tudung pon mak jahitkan boleh?
Me: Muddddddderrrrr, just sew only! I sure wear one.

And as with the previous years, ada aje blunder.
Last year, bad blisters.
This year, fav heels turned into alligator's mouth.

Hope the pictures made you smile and reminded you of your precious Raya moments with your families and friends. :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Come on Mommy

I was packing Nyla's school bag this morning when I suddenly remembered that Nyla actually had a spelling test yesterday.
Totally forgot all about it.
Blame it on post-Hari Raya syndrome.

Nyla: Easy la Mommy.

Usually, I'd run through with Nyla the spelling list before every spelling test.
Nyla is not really concerned about the marks though, she's just into the huge stickers her form teacher would award those with full marks, hence taking pride in every spelling test, giving her best shot.

And every time she scored full marks, either E or myself would sign and include short encouraging remarks.

My heart sank when Nyla brought home her spelling book today.
Not because it wasn't a perfect score.
I expected it because I didn't prepare her mah. (Even though she maciam champion said very easy!)

But I got so sad when she told me this:

"Mommy, you don't need to write anything after you sign ok. I write for you already."

That 'Come on Nyla' was written by her.
Heartbreak abis.

Dearest Nyla, I am so sorry you didn't get a sticker.
It is TOTALLY mommy's fault for not practising this week's spelling with you babe.

It should have been: "Come on Mommy." :(

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Our home is ready for RAYA liao!

Booo looking so pretty against the new Latte backdrop at the balcony.

Nyla loves her room so much she's been spending alot of time in there.
Everytime we have family or friends over, she'd be a tour guide and show them her room.
Ya, only her room.
Also, she's very careful about pasting her Art stuff on the wall now.

Guess she must be a lil traumatised when she saw this. Hehe!

"Bibik, jangan tampal apa yang Nyla draw di dingding lagi okay."
So, I am pretty assured that her walls will be clean and smooth for quite some time.

The masterbedroom?
E and I love it.
We feel so relaxed just by looking at it everytime we come home after a long and tiring day.

Anyway, I was scrolling down the pictures on my Iphone when I came across these pictures taken when we brought Nyla to Kidzania KL.

What a coincidence.
Nippon Paint, you might want to consider Nyla to be part of your professional painters team. Hehehe!

That being said, the 3 of us would like to express our gratitude to Nippon Paint Singapore peeps for assisting us with regards to revamping our home.
Sucha fun, united, happy and damn efficient bunch!
Enjoyed the whole process of working with them.
Gerek gilz.

You see how obsessed this girl is with the Nippon Paint's 'Aqua Marine'?
She is definitely the MOST satisfied client ever.

Your home ready for Raya liao?

Anyway, I must say thanks to my dear friend, Hidayah, for suggesting that we use her car when I posted on Facebook that we were looking for a car to rent.

So difficult to rent cars during this festive period, so really, when she offered us her car, we were overjoyed!Link Thanks gf and hubs and GENDUTZ!

Pls do sit ups at home Gendutz. Thanks!

I also have another piece of good news.
Remember my Desperado entry?
After so many attempts (Failed ones obviously), I finally nailed it.
Since the countless number of HDB landlords and agents I called were not keen on these marine workers, I resorted to finding dormitories for them.

Yeap, travelled all the way to Tuas!
A whole new territory for me I must say.
The commercial market.

Attended last minute viewing in the morning just now to seal the deal!
And again, I'm fortunate to co-broke with such a sweet agent, Shermaine.

My client and I went "OK This is it! We're getting this!" the moment she showed us the dormitory.

That's the manager of the company, Mr Fazli, reading the terms and conditions before signing.

Really tickled when I saw this poster. Hehe.

I did some reflections.
I closed my first sale on 1st Ramadan.
Today is the last day of Ramadan and, All praises to Allah, I managed to overcome another challenging obstacle which was to find lodging for the Marine workers.

Truly, it has been a great and blessed month for me and family.
We will continue to work hard and pray harder!

That being said, my family and I would like to wish you all SELAMAT HARI RAYA. MAAF ZAHIR BATIN.
Happy bellies tomorrow I bet for all of us! Hehehe!

Monday, August 13, 2012


I am super duper stressed and I hope you all here can help me.

Once again, I have been engaged by the same marine company I've assisted before.

They are now looking for not 1, but TWO 3rm/4rm HDB flat to house their marine workers.
1 already damn tough to find, what more TWO.

Because they are based at Penjuru that side, areas preferred would be

Jurong East,
Jurong West,
Teban Gardens,
Pandan Gardens,

They wanna move in ASAP.

So if you're staying in these areas and seriously thinking of renting out your flat, really look no further seh.

Rest assured that you will enjoy a steady income of more than $2000 every month for the next 2 years.
Company lease mah so you don't need to worry about the tenants' ability to pay the rent on time.
Another thing, the company has a good 'past rental experience' reputation one.

Agents, very the welcomes to co-broke. :)

ANY MATCH, please call me at 9 7 2 4 8 8 6 6.
Thank you!

That being said, I got to get ready real soon for I have a meeting with a future childcare/pre-school owner. Yeap, assisting this lady boss to look for a detached/bungalow/semi-detached pair house to be converted into a pre-school.

Manic Monday today it is for me.
Have a great week ahead! :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Hello NEW colours!

Last weekend, the 3 of us felt as if we just moved into a new home all thanks to the splashes of Nippon Paint on all our walls.

and doors too!

This time round, we chose a totally different 'feel' for our home.

Previously, we have enjoyed the feel of pristine and lightness with our ex-white walls. Super duper clean look.
(Because I stay in a 3 room HDB flat, back then, I felt that my walls MUST die die be in Casper The Friendly Ghost white so that my home would look spacious.)
I was wrong la cos it is a myth that a room looks smaller when dark colours are used.
Dark colours can actually can create a calm and comforting mood, we can actually prevent it from being too oppresive by keeping the ceiling a fresh light colour etc.

I tell you, browsing through Nippon Paint's 'Colour My World 2012' booklet was no joke. So many lovely colours I became too spoilt for choices. I even took the 'Colour Personality Quiz' okay just to narrow down the colours that I should select.


HUH?! Must I stick to white? WAILS! I don't want!!! I am damn sick and tired of white!


I had to consult the Nippon Paint PPS team who would prepare 'Colour Design Solutions' (Before&After effect)

"Okay, Joanne and Alan, I want a colour which complements my family's personality but at the same time I want a warm ambience for my living and dining areas. Soothing, comfortable and cosy."
Joanne: You should try "Odourless Lily White 1137" then Nura. Tell you what.
I'll do a colour preview for you and email you the picture of all the colours you have chosen for your home. If all ok, we will then proceed to prepare the paint materials. :)

Sounds great to me. We saw the 'preview' of Odour-less Lily White 1137 (Odour-less is actually one of their many paint products, Lily White 1137 is the colour) for our living and dining room.
Confirmed...Double confirmed on the colour!


Selecting the colour for my balcony was an easy task. I straightaway mentioned to Joanne that I'd like their colour of the year,"Latte 1114" for my balcony.

Bedrooms time.

Call it murky la...muddy-ish la but I knew I wanted a earthy greenish colour...(Think olive and pear!)
E and I just find this colour to be serene.
Furthermore greens are natural harmonious colours that provide balance and relaxation to the muscles and I personally feel that the 'greens' that we picked are antique-ish, classy and sophisticated. The colours come for colour creation's "Russet Pear 49B-3D" and "Leek 49B-1P" and they go absolutely well with our dark wood/black furnishings. :)

Very vintage feel ya?

Moving on to the babe's room.
Initially, she picked a light purple.

And then the day before the scheduled painting, she was packing for school...Was sharpening her colour pencils when she nonchalantly said,"Mommy, you think we can change the colour of my room or not?"
Nyla: But you say I must voice out whenever I don't feel good about something. I VOICE OUT AND YOU DON'T WANT TO LISTEN!

*Dear God, please give my heart lots of strength especially during her teenage years."

Me: Fine la. What colour now?
Nyla: This one. I always use this colour you know when I colour my work. I just like it.

I tell you, very funny that this colour didn't cross my mind at all when we were selecting colours for her room on that Monday. The moment she showed me that favourite colour pencil of hers, I was sold.
Really pretty.
The combi with Nyla's white and pink furnishings in her room= Fabulous.

Bye Bye Pinky (plus messy) Walls.....

Hello "Tiffany&Co"

The colour 'Aqua Marine 5086' is calming yet invigorating.
Instantly feel refreshed every time we enter her room.

Apparently, it also creates a conducive and inviting study environment. :ppppp

By the way, all the paints we used were Nippon's Odour-less All-in1-paint which means no pollutant (VOC) was emitted into the air. By using Odour-less All-in-1 paint, you will experience almost no paint odour during and after painting. It's definitely the ideal interior wall paint for people sensitive or allergic to paint odour.

Okie Doks, we are now in the process of sprucing up as well as decorating the rooms as in buy photo frames la...beddings la....I promise you that when we are done with all these, I shall reveal the whole look of the home ya! Soon, akan datang!

Meanwhile, if you have painted your home, HI-5!

If you haven't and would like to do this weekend, you so need Nippon Paint's 'Colour My World 2012' Booklet to select the colours.

You may call their hotline:62655355 and they'll mail you a copy within 3 days....OR get the booklet from DIY stores such as Home-Fix and Self-Fix.
Another option is to download the soft copy! Click here.

Do choose your colours wisely BUT leave room for discovery and experiments okay.

If you need tips on painting and advices on painting visit this website for extensive videos and guides.

HAVE FUN you alls!!!
Yeay Yeay Nak Raya!

PS: All colours shown in my photos may vary from paint colours due to lighting. All colours shown are as close to the actual Nippon Paint colours as modern printing techniques permit.