Thursday, April 9, 2015


The moment I joined Propnex Legacy Solutions, my mentor, Gaz, sat me down to analyse and revisit my current listings.
That week, E was on leave and it was extremely nice to have my husband listen and giving his precious input in the discussion.
Him being in the teaching profession, this is really a luxury for me.

Gaz's first sentence to me was: "Let's not be typical passive agents. Be pro active."

I rubbed my tummy.  
Step kesian mode la. 
Like mintak simpati gitu.

We had a good laugh.

Yes,  I'm in the final trimester of the pregnancy.
So far Alhamdullilah.
Only that when my mom calls and I'm out at work, I won't answer because she will nag at me.
She loves it when I pick up her calls and tells her, "Kin tengah baring!"
I feel her.

But she really has nothing to worry about because I am not pushing myself at all.

In fact with the transfer to Propnex, I am so raring to make a difference by learning as much as I can first.
Every bits of new information I get (and currently I'm getting aplenty with the training sessions!!), I feel excited for my clients.

Everytime this Gaz opens his mouth, I will be like,"Am so sharing this information to my clients."

Plenty of people came up to me and questioned my decision to leave ERA.
Now, it  took me a few months to decide on the move to Propnex.
Proper and thorough planning was made.

I wasn't growing anymore guys.

Physically, je. LOL.

But intellectually, I was in my zone doing the presentations, viewings, attending HDB appointments... It is like a routine. Of course it is a good routine but, I need to grow.

And I felt like I needed a mentor with a wealth of knowledge in this make me unlearn and relearn again.
To help me figure out what I need to understand about the market, what skills I need to acquire, and  most importantly, how to apply my freshly acquired knowledge in my practices.

Yeap I need to hone my skills and prepare myself for the whatever market situation, be it slow or good.

Honestly, with regards to handling HDB transactions, I am confident, alhamdullilah.

And just this week, I have new listings for sale which I have yet to update on Property Guru.
EM at Woodlands...and a 3rm at Farrer Park!

One of my goals is to be an all rounder agent with desire to not only polish up my current HDB skills but I'd love to strike the private property market... new launches.... commercial properties etc.

And I needed a mentor who is not only handling those type of transactions but most importantly, I was looking for someone who can not only sit down with me and tell me to do this do that BUT someone who will walk the talk with me.

And this person is all that.
That week when I was analysing my current listings, I asked him if he would follow me to one of the listings I would like to revisit.

He did and I had such an educational time watching him conduct the presentation addressing these issues to my clients.

1) how a sentiment driven property market reacts to price corrections.
2) identification of immediate projects that are immediate competitors to this property.
3) identifying the likely demographic of the potential buyer.
4) visiting key strengths of the property and managing its weaknesses.
5) evaluate the compelling desire for the client to make the move while facing such a market situation.

This is what I'm talking about. I am so grateful to my clients for giving me the opportunity to revisit their unit and update them in greater depth. To leave them that night with such a clearer picture was really rewarding.
Thanks Gaz!
 Glad to be under your wing!
Thanks bro Saat too (and Alina who is in the car tengah busy selfie)

And to have the CEO of Propnex, Mr Ismail Gafoor comment on my mentor, I know, Alhamdullilah I am in good hands and feel even better for my clients who are rest assured that the team I am in is reliable and capable.

And it's just amazing that when you are striving for self improvement, Allah SWT will assist you get there.
This weekend, I have a potential Executive Condo seller who has fixed an appointment with me.

The request came at such right timing Ma shaa Allah!

Something I have never done before.
Something I am looking forward too.

We can't wait to go to the selling presentation.
By 'we', no no, my mentor won't be following.

It's me and baby in the tummy la.

So yeap, apa apa call us la.

You wanna sell/buy/ rent HDB  can call.... EC also can call....Condo also can call.... Cos we study already and in shaa Allah will be well prepared. Promise to equip you with all the knowledge we have. :)

9 724 8866.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Rumour has it...

Barakah Friday all.

On this blessed Jumaah, I'd like to express my sincerest thanks to ERA.

I have gained so many experiences (the pleasant...the painful) that I am very grateful for.

Dealing with clients and having the opportunity to meet and serve people from different walks of life. Ma shaa Allah. To everyone of you, thank you is not enough. Thank you for the trust and the understanding. For my shortcomings, I sincerely apologise.

Having had the opportunity to appear on ASET on Suria alongside with high calibre agents sharing with viewers concerns and hopes with regards to property market.

ERA 2014 Top 300 Achievers

To be part of the Preeminent Team, a team so dynamic and fast paced you get motivated to just move along and keep going!
ERA #1 Champion Team 2014 in S'pore, Asia Pacific and ERA Worldwide

It is time, I feel..... to get out of my comfort zone.
Time to be uncomfortable.
Yes I agree that a comfort zone is a beautiful and safe place to be but we also know that if you remain in it, you will not grow.

I am always hungry for new stuff. Always willing to try new things.
I get bored easily.
This is my weakness. BUT, this is also my strength.

Because I know that ....It is when I am uncomfortable that I will learn and grow.

This year I have set new targets and dreams for myself and my expanding (in shaa Allah) family and I hope to turn them into plans and reality at

Yes the rumours have been circulating and today I will confirm.

I have resigned from ERA.

 I have carefully planned my move to Propnex since the beginning of this year with E as my driving force.
Gaz and Habz

No I am no superwoman.
My decisions are only sealed after careful discussion with my husband, family and teammates.
Again I am where I am because of my family and team.

Yeap! My team is also joining Propnex.
Kita macam family.
Ohana....No one gets left behind. Saaaap.
Ni bila semua mood baik. Bila bergasak, buruk jugak.... Bahahahhaa

In all honesty, it is not a difficult decision to join Gaz Aspar's Legacy Solutions at Propnex.
He and wife, Sharifah are forward thinking and collaborative leaders, with an art for implementing results.
I am really looking forward to adding value to their team.

That and Mr Ismail Gafoor  CEO of Propnex, is such an inspiring man I hope to benefit from his selfless sharing and inspire me to just propel further in real estate.

Really looking forward to a business environment that has forward momentum and excitement at Propnex.
In shaa Allah.

So from now onwards my friends, let me introduce myself...

I am for now la ah... (MakYong) Nura J from PROPNEX REALTY PTE LTD (Legacy Solutions)

My handphone nunber is still the same if you want to contact me for property matters.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Nyla is nominated for Pesta Perdana 13!

The above Mother's Day special Telemovie was Nyla's first acting debut.
E and I...We were open for her to try this role because we know that learning does not solely take place in school.
We can learn anywhere and everywhere. Through play...Through sports...Through acting in this case.

Nyla had many take aways from this valuable experience.
The need to memorise script....The pronunciation of the Malay words....The mood......The commitment (Like having to sacrifice weekends and go to work).....The opportunity to work alongside and learn from the experienced cast.

Nyla took 2 weeks to wrap up this telemovie.

DV Studio was very understanding making sure Nyla's filming schedule would not affect her school such as no filming on days she had supplementary lessons/CCAs. That and they made sure Nyla would finish filming by 7pm so she could go to bed early for school the next day.

With special arrangements like this, it would be a waste if we'd not let Nyla act!
So thank you DV Studio and to my friend, the talented Haryani Othman who asked me to let Nyla audition for the role!

When we found out Nyla was nominated in #pestaperdana13 this year, we were like, "Oh wow!"
Very pleasantly surprised!

Nyla had a look at this and her first words were," I'm last place is it?"

"No la Nyla. You're the top 5 nominated for this category darling!"

The other kids in the category are damn good themselves so I've been telling Nyla not to have too high hopes.

I mean to be nominated is already something to be grateful for so we will be enjoying the night to celebrate the deserving talents! She's a chillax kinda kid so it was easy.

Nyla: But, what happens if I win? (Ler step over confident pulak)
Me: Then you will have to make a speech.
Nyla: Alone?
Me: Yes.

(Dalam hati macam nak cakap je: I don't think you'll win babe so relax. Lol!)

By the way.....
SUFYAA will be our choice with regards to dressing us up.
I know la it's Nyla's night but I'll be accompanying her mah so I also need to look presentable pe.
I'm jut hoping I can get 1 ticket for E as well!
Anyway, the other time when I appeared on Selamat Pagi Singapura pon Sufyaa yang sponsor.
LOVE LOVE LOVE their style. My type la.

We have already gone down to their showroom to take our measurements for our #sufyaabespoke last week.

That's their designer there. Young and "She's so pretty, mommy!" Plus talented.

Tu ah. Dah gini pon masih ada hati nak measure waist kan.

So come 28 March, we will be attending this very prestigious Pesta Perdana 13 awards ceremony.

Nyla: Mommy if I win la ah, can I say, "Nyla happy menang. I will thank la the team all then I say Mommy, this is for you! I menang untuk you!

Sooooooo awwwwwwww boleh nangis kan.

UNTIL she said

"Cos you never win before plus never get nominated before. Somemore you're older than me." 

Terus terguris seh hati I.

Me: Nyla, that is tak baik.

Nyla: Giggling. But true what.... continues giggling.

Man, the truth hurts.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

One Direction

Yeap yeap.

Nyla and I... we will be among the 30,000 who will be watching these boys come tomorrow.
We started liking them after watching the boys' "This is us" movie so imagine our excitement when we found out these lads are coming to Singapore!

As you can see, Nyla even did a flatlay on her #ootd for the 1D concert.
(Need to tell part her suar dalam boxer takya include seh.)

I givvup on E. Any modelling agency out there keen to sign him up? He's got the grooooveeeee. Tyra Banks sure approve.

Me: But Nyla, you just wore this same outfit last Sunday!

Nyla: Ya la! I know. Sunday I testing la tu. Comfortable so it's ok to wear for 1D concert.

Me: Oh actually kan, if you wanna be a fashionista, try not to repeat the clothes you're wearing tau.

No response which means she doesn't get it la.

Anyway, we were at my mom's last week and I was telling Nyla to memorise all songs so she can sing along to the boys tomorrow.

Me: Babe, make the concert worth it k! No such thing as humming along to them. Sing along! So you better memorise their songs!!!

Nyla: Ok mommy! (Excited mode on)

And my dearest mom had to say this:

Ish.....Kalau memorise surah surah kan lebih bagus.

Aisey mother.

Sigh.....I know right.
I lose I lose.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Nesting instinct.
That sudden burst of intensive cleaning and organising your home.

I doubt I will have that. (If I do, I will surely let you all know one)

Right now, I'm like a workaholic. (roll eyes nampak?)
No no its not a IM SO BUSY I HAVE NO TIME! kinda situation.

I have become very productive I'm actually scaring my teammates.

Alina: Scary sia you now. Become so ON.

Ya she and Saat and Chris got so scared all left me here alone to settle property matters while they take 3 weeks leave from work.
Thanks guys. You alls are the bestest friends ever. You know I'm in a state where I would very much just like to lie down and you all do this.
Thanks guys. So much.

Hahaha. No la am kidding.
Honestly I was so worried when they told me that they will not be around for 3 weeks. Like how seh I can cope with the viewings la....with the presentations la....with the submission of cases to the office la....

Then the ultimate hero came to the rescue:
E: I kan ada.

Saaaaaap! Itu dia! Hehe!

Alamak lapar seh tengok makanan Puncak.
So the person who is extra busy will actually be him because he has to juggle school and having to ferry me around.

If E is really busy (especially now that the school term is coming to an end) then another person to be activated will be none other than Papa J.
Tapi ini service ada mahal sikit cos kena hulur.
LOL! Not that he asked la but macam tak sedap kan.
And everytime I hulur, he will always say,"Eh no need la! You ah Kin...." 
But he will take.
Ya talk and action very contradicting I know kan.
Tapi takpe I suka.

Anyway, its the CA week and I've been studying Science can you believe it whenever I have spare time in between. Hate Hate Hate process skills kinda questions when you need to really think.

Why can't the question be the generic kind like: "What do plants need to make food?"
Senang kan.
Then you memorise facts and then you just vomit out the answer.

Now the question is like:"Although the plant looks healthy, its stem is slanting towards the right. What can you do to make the plant be upright again?"

Diam la seh.

Ok la I nak pi breakfast, recharge and be productive for later.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pulling back....

Some of my friends' kiddos...They settle their homework once they reach home.
Others like my Nyla, need downtime to relax first...then she will hit the books. She works better on a full stomach or after fiddling with her crafts.

Now that Nyla is in Primary 4, I expect her to work independently from start to end.

She knows she's a big girl now so she's the one who suggested doing up a timetable. Only that......

Only that the timetable she has in mind macam tak balanced gitu kan.
Mari Mak enter frame and balance kan sikit.

Once she has set off for school before I handle my property and Pearlista work, I go through her assessment books/papers and then assign work for her to do.  
Tak banyak la sangat.
I also give her the liberty to reduce if she comes back from school with heavy homework load.

"Mommy today I have Maths homework. Banyak seh. So your Maths I won't do today ok."

"Ok can..' will be my reply.

Sometimes she will push her boundaries abit....

"Mommy, besok ada the Malay assessment book I won't do ok."

My reply: Relaks sua. Ejaan will only take 10 mins of your time. No can do. After you settle ejaan you proceed to do the work I have assigned to you."

Her reply: Ala boring la you.

Sometimes, when she's not in a full on productive mood, she will come up with this kind of nonsense.

The battles at home.

Me:Nyla, come on. Don't be like that. Try darling. (Manja sikit la kan)

Nyla: So difficult. *WAILS*
Nyla again: So many questions somemore. *WAILS MORE*
Nyla AGAINNNNN: You help me pls Mommyyyyyyy...

(Kan Mak dah explode.)

Nyla: Ok ok I'm trying whatttttttt. *mumbles*

Nyla is already at the age whereby she's developing independence so I am trying to pull back a little from my involvement.  On days I'm working, I'll give her a ring or send her whatsapp messages to remind her about her homework but I try not to micromanage the process and give allowance sikit.

You see la. I only pull back a little...become like thisssss!

However there are moments when Nyla herself would feel like she has been a bit irresponsible, not keeping up with time and she herself would feel guilty.

So because of this episode, she actually downloaded Azan app on her phone to remind her and I'm like, "Ah, so she's this kind of girl. Get her to make her own mistakes and she will rectify on her own."

Amazing hikmah behind this. Thank you Allah!

I must admit that watching her make mistakes is unnerving. I want to control the situation to avoid her from suffering or experiencing stress, like kena scold by teacher etc.

However, I have come to realise from the 'Nyla dah overshot waktu Maghrib' incident, that if I correct her every mistake, Nyla will never learn right from wrong.

She might enter adulthood unsure on how to handle certain life lessons or even worse, make light of a serious situation, hence running the risk of depending on others (me la!) for resolutions.

So now, I must try my level best not to overextend the help.

And I think Nyla is ready for me to allow her to go through the motions so she can figure things out on her own.

You're a big girl now Nyla....Mommy and Daddy will except accept you for who you are! :p

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


"Work is the fuel of hope and the enemy of failure."

And the thing with real estate is that the harder you work, the more deals you will close.

There is a high turnover in this industry if you have been reading the papers recently.

But I firmly believe that if a real estate salesperson has strong work ethics and great personality skills, then don't need to worry.
One of the best things about being a property agent is the flexibility to be with Nyla.
I can afford to just rush home, settle her homework/or just spend time with her and then rush off to work after that.
That kind of flexibility.

Was nice to browse through my last time last time postings having a bit of property flashback moments....

Early 2012

Not shy seh me like my own status. Just noticed. -_-

Am entering my 3rd year in this industry and I still get excited when I meet new clients....I still get hopeful as I run around doing viewings.... I get empowered by the positive energy when I see fellow comrades closing deals feeling excited as if it were happening to me as well.
If they can do it, so can I kinda thing.

Am very pleased to share with you that I isssss one of the top 5% of the largest real estate company in Singapore. Number 224 out of 300.

First time attending ERA Asia Pacific Business Conference! Inspiring!

Where's Wally? EH salah. Where am I? Hehehe.

Nyla wasn't impressed because to her, top 3 means good.
Susah la nak explain pat dia. She will geddit when she's older.

Thank you to all who have been part of my real estate journey.
My family.
My teammates.
My clients.
My co broke agents.
Ain't possible without korangs.

I don't know if I will make it to the top 5% next year but one thing I know is that I must continue to help my clients get what they want and need ....
That's when I will get what I want and need.
And if I have done my best whether or not I make it to top 5%, it doesn't matter. If get, YEAY! If nope, it's really ok because in your client's eyes, you are their number 1 agent. Better than top 5% tu. Hehehe.

That said, this award is really a pleasant surprise and I am so thankful to Allah SWT for this. Thank you everyone.

Any property matters, am here to do my best to assist.
9 724 8866.

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