Monday, June 22, 2015

To circumcise now or later?

I am not joking when I mentioned that it was one of the most difficult decisions to make. 
Probably the most. 
To circumcise when Oumar is still a baby OR to wait when he's much older.

Me: How eh mom?
Mom: Kalau Mak... Senang je. Ikut sunnah. Simple. Senang.
MIL: Kalau dahde niat, buat je. Jangan tunggu2.

Still feeling uneasy, I reached out to my FB and IG friends. 

Honestly the person most most difficult to convince is my husband. 
He feels that Oumar should grow up and experience the beauty of circumcission.

Oh sang suami. Not beauty dah deh. It's PAIN. 
And why would you want to torment your son like that one?

Him: you don't understand.
Me: no no. You don't understand.

I showed him all the comments on FB and IG supporting "Sunat time baby! Sunat time baby!" He had no choice but to go with it. 
We must listen to experienced parents. Not listen to our hearts.

That day was nerve wrecking ok. 
We proceeded with Dr Khairul Pristine Clinic. Oni's son did it there. He also happened to be my brother's friend. And his clinic is at Jurong West. Very near. If Oumar cries non stop in car at least the distance from clinic to home is near so our ears not so tortured.

I chose not to enter the room. I was outside baca Al-Fateha all the way. And yes tearing too. E was inside. He watched the whole procedure and dia cuak. Lol.
Oumar cried after that. But I was prepared because you all said the first day will be tough. So what I did was to offer my boobs to him and just sayang2 him the whole day. Never mind if my hands lenguh, it's ok. So when we returned home, I made sure I kept him very close to me. So thankful to my Kak Ana for bringing Nyla out the whole day that day too so I could really focus on Oumar. ALLAH SWT is really the best planner! Alhamdullilah!

Recovery was smooth and I'm so grateful to Oni who was there the whole time calming my anxieties. We even exchanged pictures of our sons' beberds. 
Every time I got worried, I'd whatsaap her or my brother who will then msg Dr Khairul. 
Ya la, I very kancheong type.

Amidst the kancheongness, am also thankful for the humour provided by none other than my mom.
Cock eh.

On the 6th day, we discovered his ring tergantung. So tempted to pull it but we were advised not to touch it. And then Oumar started crying.

E: My poor son! I'm so sorry ok we put you through this!!!

What the! He's at it again! GRRRR!

Me: no la. He's crying because his stomach is painful la. I know this cry la dy!

True enough. 5 mins later, Oumar let out a loud shart (shit plus fart)

My turn to rub in in...

Me while cradling Oumar:  No la daddy. My penis is ok! It's my tummy la. Mothers know best. (this part exceptionally loud. lol)

And then soon after his ring fell off.  

Super relieved you all have no idea. 
BIG BIG Thank you my FB/IG friends for the encouragement and sharing your valuable experiences. Oni, indebted to you as well sister!
E and I really appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.

And to my husband, I know you are not in favour but thank you for trusting me. 
Thank you for listening to me weigh the pros and cons and just go with it because the pros outweigh the cons. Thank you for being practical. 😘

If a mommy is in doubt whether to sunat her son time baby or time dah besar, I am now eligible to comment and advise!

My advice?
DO IT SISTER. Tawakkal. He will cry on the 1st day. Sumbat nenen and hug him the whole day if you must. Trust me, once the ring has fallen off, the relief you feel is one kind. It's like you have done a favour for your baby. He will thank you when he's older! Hehe. Good luck.


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