Saturday, May 19, 2012

Think positive!

It worked.
The positive mindset.
Before the meetings, I already set positive expectations of success.
According to my mentors, "Expectation of success takes away the fear of failure."

All praises to the One Above.

Yesterday evening, I had 2 property consultations with prospects turned clients.

Both clients of mine will be providing safe and smoothly functioning homes for their tenants, I assure you.

In fact, I have already uploaded a listing for one of them.
Young couple with 3 cute children.
The couple's parents were present too last night. Strong family support there. Lovely stuff.
My client's dad, who is a very wise man, asked me so many questions. Panic jugak considering I'm new mah but yeah I think I did fine. Nice people they are.

Ok here's their listing.
Click here.

If you have any friends/families/colleagues looking out for Yishun flats, this home may be the one for them. Calling Calling me at 9 724 88 66 okay.

As for the other client, he is my brother's close buddy.
Young chap who just got married.
This couple will be relocating to Switzerland (I wanna forrrrooowww!), hence the reason for renting out their whole house at Strathmore Avenue.

"Kin, you don't upload k. I want you to include pictures of the neighbourhood. When I go jogging this weekend, I snap then I'll send to you the pics."

So yeap, his listing will be uploaded on Monday.

And if you're looking for a room, my Fernvale room is still available. Click here.

Have a splendid weekend dears and happy bonding with familia. :)
Even though it's the weekend, I'm available if you need to enquire about my above listings or property stuff. Call je k.

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