Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Magikal Sunday

For most of us, Sunday is family day.
Hence I didn't want my seminar attendees to worry about babysitting issues like
'Who can look after my child at home when I g
o to this seminar?'
Other than empowering these parents to be well- equipped as they prepare their young ones for primary school, I would also like this event to be one which encouraged family bonding.

Hence the idea of their children having an enriching plus super duper fun time while their parents listened to the speakers....
Gotta thank my sista Tina for recommending me:

"MagikPlanner Services is a funky oriented company who believes each party deserves a rocking good one! We specialize in Birthday Parties, Corporate Events such as Family Day, Open Houses & Children's Day. With professional talents coming from all walks of life, we are sure to be one of the few who are able to offer a variety of service. Whether it's just for a party for 10 or a corporate event for 1000, we look forward to creating one with a 'magik' touch."
-Feka (Events Manager)

Feka, if you're reading this, I happened to read this article. So young and successful.
Really inspiring indeed. :)

Some of the services MagikPlanner Services provide are:


Balloon Sculpting

Face/Hand Painting


I am extremely proud to see such a 'rich' portfolio.
Very impressive indeed.

MagikPlanner Services, thank you for your valuable time last Sunday and trying your best to keep as many children as possible entertained. Also the parting gift! How sweet. Nyla has already put some coins in it. Heeee!
Really appreciate it so very much.

Hokay doks folks!
Birthday parties for your kids?
Corporate events like Family Day etc?
Or you have a family/friends gathering at chalet and you want your children to have a magikal time for more than an hour while you enjoy your food/chit chat....

You so know who to look for dears!

Let's support this very young, dynamic and creative team by clicking 'like' on this.
Also do visit MagikPlanner Services' website here.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My 'Rachael Ray'

Other than last Sunday being an enriching day, it was also a sweet one for all of us present on that day.
Come I show you what was served on that day.

The lady in black beside me is my Rachael Ray who whipped up the sweet treats above!

Who is she?
None other than Liza better known in the cyber world as 'Cady McBronzie.'

I am a fan of her food blog.
Everytime I read her blog, I'd instantly turn into a domestic goddess.
Mr E is also very much aware of this.
Sometimes when I cook the same paticular dish often, he'd say, 'Cady never update blog with new recipes is it?'
So Liza, if you are reading this, keep doing whatcha doing gf with the sharing of recipes!

Liza was one of my first few customers when I launched The Excluzif Togas (Maxi) last year.
She needed a dress for her birthday party and ordered a black maxi toga. (This woman very happening one!)

Liza has since become a dear friend to me who is a keen supporter of my clothing line I run with my mom. Thank you my dear.

Now back to her blog, everytime I read it, I'd tell myself, 'This woman should do some food business man.'
So you imagine my delight when Liza launched her baby. Duh! It's about time lor!

I wasted no time in supporting the newest food entrepreneur and ordered her signature Nutella Bread and Butter Pudding.

This + Nescafe = Oooh lala lah.

Last Sunday, Liza 'unfolded' her latest project, Bottoms Up Dessert Isle.

What I witnessed last Sunday really warmed my heart.
See the bespectacled man in blue?
That's Liza's dad. So touching to see a parent consistently offering loving encouragement and support in whatever their child is doing, no matter how old their child is.

And Liza was also accompanied by her buddy, Yati who provided a helping hand and moral support! That's what friends are for.
Yati, we appreciate your presence!
If only you brought along your triplets and 'angry bird'. Heheheh!
Such a wonderful sista Yati is to Liza. :)

My guests enjoyed the kuihs....bread and butter cupcakes.
Thanks so much Liza!

I especially like your Red Velvet cuppies babe!

My readers, if you have any family gatherings....parties and would like to order delicious sweet treats, look no further k.

If you would like to browse Liza's (or Cady's) photo albums, do click 'like' here

And how can I not pass you her food blog?!
Make sure you wear a bib hor. Heeee!

Monday, November 28, 2011


Yesterday just reinforced what I have been doing and listening to the other speakers as well as the valuable feedback from the parents also gave me new ideas which inspire me to continue making a conscious effort to 'trick' Nyla into learning.
For example, Nyla doesn't have a clue that she is actually learning Ma
ths while helping me cook in the kitchen...

Really, it was the most fulfilling Sunday ever!
So weird how I feel like the more I learn, the more I realise how little I know.
It's just that each new thing I learn will lead me to another new thing and another, and another and so on. Really fascinating.. That neverending quest for knowlege to be a better parent...a better educator.

Now, many people had put in a lot of effort for yesterday to be a success.
I can come up with a long mega entry with many pictures and include all of these special people but before I went to bed last night, I realised I shouldn't do that.

Each and everyone of them is special.
So I intend to thank them one by one, entry by entry, starting from tomorrow. :)

Time for me to get ready for a movie cum lunch date with Nyla's kindy mates and their mommas.

We are probably going to shop for our children's school bags too.
The special one that supports our babies' backs, ecnourages good posture and reduces strain on spine. Ya la since Nyla has to climb up the stairs and all in her new school. Once I get hold of this wonderbag, Ill share with you k!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Tomorrow is the release of the PSLE results.
Although I didn't fail, somehow because my family's expectations were sky high, I felt like a complete failure.
And my wish for tomorrow is that no kid will feel like this. They won't if their parents stick by them through their times of need.

In 1994, when my teacher patted my back and said to me , "It's ok Nurashikin...Must make it in secondary school ok.".....

I knew I had flunked in my PSLE exams. (So teachers, tomorrow when you see your kids, please at least let them 'read' their results slip before you give comment okay.)

When I saw my aggregate, I didn't cry. (Must maintain cool in front of friends mah)
All I knew was that I was so doomed.
My parents actually thought that I would outshine my elder brother, Bah who scored 268 for his PSLE. Mine didn't even 'touch' 220.

Mati mati tentu mati.

I remembered walking home so slowly. I felt like a loser.
But you know what made my heart sink to the ground?
The look of disappointment on my mother's face. :(
(Although she has since apologised to me for making me feel that way. Even up till today she feels bad.)
Mom, if you're reading this, don't be. I'm so over it. And I will keep making you feel proud Mom walaupon dah tua bangka.

I hated family gatherings the following year.
The looks my relatives gave me. The unnecessary comments like "Your elder brother too pandai la. Nobody can beat!"
(Yes, even today, my elder brother is still the one. I have my utmost respect for my Bah. Till today, whatever I do, I'll consult him. Sometimes the comments he gives are harsh but they are very constructive. I need that.)

Cut the story short, I worked hard in secondary school... Went to JC....Then NIE.

And I achieved my childhood ambition of being a teacher.

If I knew things would be like this, I would have celebrated my results man.
Sucha waste of negative energy.

Tomorrow will be a jantung- macam- nak -terputus day for my Primary 6 tutees and their parents.

As much as I try to be all relack about it, I must be honest. I am feeling a lil jittery.
Yesterday, I invited my brother's friend, Elisabeth (yes, The Alchemy Pad lady! Hee!) to give a motivational talk to the tutees since she conducts 'Grateful 101' weekly talks. My tutees had fun, and after the inspirational talk, they seemed calm and relaxed.

Elisabeth, thanks so much for spending your precious time with them. Means alot to all of us. :)

Now, I am not worried about their results.
I have done my best and my tutees worked very hard this year.

What I am worried would be their reaction should the results be poor.
And it certainly doesn't help that if they score a 'U' grade for their weakest subject, Maths, REPEAT PRIMARY 6 for them.
That's just our rigid educational system.

"Cher, very malu you know if retain."
"My friends celebrate Youth Day in secondary school..then I still celebrate Children's Day.."
"Teacher's Day, I sure ponteng one. Wait when my friends come back to visit primary school teachers, they show off their secondary school uniform, then I still wear primary school uniform."

My tutees (and any other P6 kids reading this), if you are reading this, I wish you the best tomorrow.
However, if repeat is your fate tomorrow, please take it positively for according to Winston Churchill,
“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
Must pluck up that courage to work even harder.

Parents of Primary 6 pupils, if you're reading this,
If their results are good, Congratulations!
If their results are below your expectations but they move on to secondary school and they seem happy with their results, please celebrate with them. :)
If not so good, please put yourself in their shoes and don't make them feel even lousier.
If you turn your backs against them, who are they going to turn to for comfort man? :(

I just want all of you to know that PSLE does not determine one's future and that your children will make you proud...Maybe not now, but definitely later with your constant support, love and encouragement.
In this case, PSLE does not only stand for Primary School Leaving Examination...It also means Parents' Support, Love & Encouragement.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What women love

Posted this status update over at Facebook..

"Really really heartwarming to see the daddies coming on board to accompany their wifeys and kiddies this Sunday morning. Trust us ladies, little things like these make us feel v blessed to be married to men like you all. Mr E, this goes to you too. Yesterday, you blew me away when you queued (so long!!) to buy Nyla's books and uniform. Forget all the Guccis, LVs (bukan boleh mampu pon! Lol) but when men forsake their rest time for the sake of our children's future, that's DA man! That's HAWT. Those of you who have signed up, really looking forward to seeing you couples (and children!) Those who wanna join us, PM me fast k! Limited slots available. Seeeeee you real soon!"

I am right now at Coffee Bean with my speakers settling the Primary 1 seminar stuff. They are right now actively discussing on the topics they want to share with the seminar attendees. The activities they want the parents to participate! So exciting.
As of now, we have 4 slots left.
I have parents who mentioned that their children are still in Kindergarten and they would like to join. My answer: Of course. Furthermore you will be at a distinct advantage. :)

Any questions, just email me k.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Storytelling at La Petite Montessori

La Petite Montessori 's theme for their Term 4 curriculum is 'Famous Authors' and their Principal Directress, Ms Ezwani Rahim has invited my little author to their boutique school yesterday for a storytelling session.
Of course Nyla and I accepted the invitation.

Furthermore, Nyla's done with school since the 1st of November so what better way to spend her free time!

That's us on the wall of fame! Nyla (and maknye) kembangz sekaliz.

These kids are very young but super focused, its amazing!

Cuties presenting Nyla with a token of appreciation. Schweeeet.

Follow up activity....

Nyla signing the books.

Her signature used to be really simple accompanied with a heart but I think she got influenced when she saw mine and Mr E's signature.

Me and the Principal Directress, Ezwani Rahim.
Thanks again for thinking of us while you were doing the 'lessons planning'.
Most importantly, thank you for supporting my little author!

Since the school is really near to Orchard Road, apa lagi?!

Honestly, as much as I'd like to call myself an entrepreneur, the real entrepreneur here is Nyla.
This girl is responsible for who I am today.
If it weren't for her creative ideas, I wouldn't be where I am today.
Effectively, Nyla has started working at age 5 with the launch of her story book.

Her 'salary' comes from the tremendous support thanks to you people who bought her books.
Mr E and I are merely encouraging her talent and we are grateful for the entreprenuerial opportunities given to her through these story telling sessions.

Since it was a working day for Nyla yesterday, it's only fair that she gets rewarded.

Macam kita...Dapat gaji aje pergi shopping.

By the way, thanks for the lunch treat Nyla!

Nyla already knew what she wanted.
I gave her a budget of $30 and phew, luckily she wanted something that was below the budget.

Cannot get real pet, fake one also can la.

I personally feel that it is vital to encourage entrepreneurial spirit in children.
I would like Nyla to understand that work is actually just a hobby that we get paid for.
And my kid here loves to do storytelling sessions with me.

So preschool/lower primary school teachers and principals, if you would like to slot in a story telling session for your lil kiddies and invite Nyla to your schools, feel free to email me at ya!

Friday, November 11, 2011

'Kata Melayu' by Guest Blogger Kyn

As mentioned in the previous post, let's all say Hello to a very dear friend of mine. We share the same name. Same spelling somemore. We probably would have crossed paths at campus while we were studying at NIE years ago. A mother of 4 (Yes, FOUR!), I admire her gentle yet firm ways. She's also a very fun mommy, as you can see from this picture of her adorable children. :)

Over to you, Kyn!

I'm sure, some of you have read this blog entry
by Nura J and seen the poster below in our wall posts a week ago. And I'm sure, many of you went.....

"Huh? Siapa sak Sueetchic? Who is she to give a talk?"

"Dianahairul?! Just a normal mom?!"

"Sekadar ex-teacher je? Aku pun boleh kasi talk."

"Dah ada P1 Orientation pe. All important information will be given on that day what."

Kan kan kan.......?

Hehehe. Well, I wouldn't blame you. I was once like that.

In fact, I was skeptical when Nura had confirmed that she's roping me in. Happy giler but panic kejap pun ada. Until my wise parents, my group of sisters, my motivator, Mdm Nura J herself, my Little Big Minds partners, Sha and Niza and my dearest husband, of course, advised me otherwise.

Hubby said,"Yang famous sekarang pun tak pernah famous dulu. And yang famous sekarang pun tak akan famous forever what....."

Soooooooo true although it doesn't quite fit in the context of what I'm blogging about today. Hehe. Hubby, you know I still love you and take your nice words seriously. :p

But..I'm sure all of you get the drift. We don't have to be somebody famous to share what we know. We don't have to be somebody famous to start a change.

Start a Change...

That is what we're trying to do.

Change the mindset of us, Malays.

Beli LV, Gucci, Chanel pakai Credit Card, bill melambung, takpe. $60 for the sharing session (for a family of 3 somemore!), mahal.

"Kata Melayu...."

Beli rokok hard pack tiap-tiap hari $10, ok

. $60 for the sharing session, takde duit.

"Kata Melayu...."

Pergi karaoke pat Cash Studio, 3 jam melalak sampak sakit tekak, takpe. 3h of sharing session, no time.

"Kata Melayu....."

Orang Melayu kita hantar anak pergi violin,piano,ballet class, kena panggil "Kerek."

"Kata Melayu..."

Ticket concert Wings, Jamal Abdillah, Rossa boleh kumpul duit sampai ikat perut. $60 for the sharing session, merepek.

Together now...... "Kata Melayu......."

Orang buat birthday party anak besar-besaran, dia buat birthday party anak besar-besaran. Part sharing session gini, tak nak ikut-ikut pulak....

Lagi sekali!! (Step concert lah kan.) "Kata Melayu...."

So, kira, kita ni orang Melayu are gonna remain sore for others' achievements?

We want our children to excel but not do anything about it?

If you think sending your children for tuition by the time they are in P5 and not getting results good enough that make you worried for their PSLE, you might be a little too late. And sadly, Melayu kita yang ramai macam gitu.

If you already not know, I have four children. All of very close age gaps. (Ah ah kau...setahun satu..."Kata Melayu...")

If I were to worry for each of their academic skills when they're approaching P5/P6, can you imagine, I would have at least 4 consecutive years of living in stress and trauma! (Drama betul)

I wanna start now. Now that the firstborn is going to P1. Now that the second one has recognised words. Now that the third has developed an interest in books and writing. Now that the fourth is behaving like a monkey, following every single thing that her elder three siblings are doing.

I must start NOW.

And how do I start? First, I must have parents out there, especially the Malay parents who are kononnya modern but still don't know how to teach their children at home. Modern doesn't just mean keeping up with the fashion trend, buying the latest car, latest TV, latest bag or even the latest toy or books for your children.

An active modern parent has to be actively learning on how to teach their children at home. And that is what I wanna be.

Heard of this many times.

"Susahlah ajar anak sendiri."


Simply because we don't have enough knowledge on how we can guide our children at home. And for those who can't afford to send their kids for tuition, it's ok!!! Who says all tutors are good anyway? If it's just giving worksheets after worksheets, you can print them out yourselves and go through the answers with your children!

And that has been the most difficult for our society.

That is why, from the coming Sharing Session on the 27th November, we're not going to tell you whatever that can be found in your child's school website or even MOE's website.

We're not going to share with you the principles of education.

We're not going to share with you on the curriculum because all of that will be shared with during your child's Primary 1 orientation....

We're going to share with one another how to help our children be active in learning when they're with us.

We're going to share tips on how to benefit our children's school holidays without them realising that they're actually learning.

We're going to learn from one another what works best for certain types of children and also us, the parents.

Yes, we are. WE are so gonna take away a whole life of lessons, values and tips on teaching our children the way we're comfortable with.

And.....if the parents who attend the seminar agree, we might just help to start up a parent support group where we can share resources, more tips, more advice or even articles that can help us in one way or another.

Not a PSG in just a school.

But a PSG in Singapore.

And proud Malays of Singapore we will be! : D

(saaaaap....boleh jadi MP tak? hehehe)


Nurashikin Rahmat @sueetchic