Monday, October 8, 2012

Boo ya Amy Cheong!

UPROAR UPROAR everywhere regarding this Amy Cheong.
 I also must join. Hehe.

E and I were talking about this and as usual, Nyla eavesdropped and interrupted.

Nyla: What did AMY (like her friend like that) mean by that?! $50 is FIFTY DOLLARS! That is so expensive.... Pause....Right?

(Please excuse Nyla k. Child's perspective of $50 is like $100 000)

With that, both E and my nostrils stopped flaring.
Children say the darndest things and can automatically turn serious stuff to funny stuff eh.

Anyway, this Amy ah really spoiler I tell ya.
I want to condemn but all the words that I wanna blast have been blasted everywhere.

People let's remain calm and don't let one insulting remark by a Chinese stranger allow us to generalise that  Chinese peeps here are racists because really, they are not.
Am sure you have close Cina friends whom you lurveeee.

So, move aside Amy because people like you actually don't deserve publicity one.

I'd like to dedicate this entry to lovely Chinese peeps who have warmed my heart.
Now, now, some of the photos were taken in the past. Must prepare you all mah before you all start bombarding me. My sincerest apologies if you're offended. Please do not focus on me. Focus on the peeps standing beside me for this entry is dedicated to them. 

1)Yeoh Wee Teck, The New Paper 

The New Paper New Face 20th Anniversary event last Thursday was super memorable can?
Wee Teck, once again, you damn power la.
For embracing diversity and respecting my religion, I salute you.


Sweet stuff right? So touching.

2)Jennifer Ong.

She's like my sister, this cheena woman.
We intend to have a P1 Preparatory Workshop in December so those of you whose children are entering P1 in 2013, standby k.
This time round more compact as I share my Nyla's P1 journey.

3. Lustmonday Boss, A. 
Babe, I know you're very shy but yeah just to let you know hunneh....

4. Nyla's Chiltern House Mommies.
They are all very 'atas' yet so down to earth.
Such a humble and lovely bunch.
Hearts deep.

5. Nyla's Form Teacher, Mdm Patricia Goh.
Whoever makes my daughter happy makes the mommy happier.

Me: Do you like Mdm Goh?
Nyla: No mommy. I don't like her.......I LOVE her.

6. Jody 

This babe has both inner and outer beauty. Enough said.

7. Jacintha

Same as point number 5.
In this case, whoever makes my blood happy, the sister here will be happier.

8. Nancy Natalia

Sigh, missing Jakarta and of course you, woman.

9. David Cheong

I checked. He is not related to Amy Cheong. Hahaha!
An excellent and nurturing teacher, thanks to him, I am a licensed and certified real estate salesperson.

10.Nippon Paint Peeps 

 Thanks to them, I feel like I have moved into a brand new home.
By the way, I must let you know of their Momento paint!
You might wanna do this for Hari Raya Haji!

Amy Cheong, you were probably PMS-ing when you did that status update.
Probably the guy you are after is not into you... (Im judging based on the 'It's complicated' relationship status)
As if that isn't complicated enough for you, you go and insult my community and complicate matters.
Simply said, you're just really pen tan leh.

Sigh...Anyway, let's not let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch k.
To our lovely Chinese friends, thank you for loving us Mats and Minahs! 

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