Friday, May 27, 2011


Hi parents and educators!
The Daily 10 June Issue is ready.

Great news people!

Due to many requests, there will be 2 versions of The Daily 10 from this month onwards.

1) Primary 6 FOUNDATION Maths
2) Primary 6 STANDARD Maths

For my new readers who do not seem to have any idea on what The Daily 10 is about, do read this: or simply click on 'The Daily 10' image on the right hand side of my blog!

Keen to order a set of The Daily 10 June Issue ($9.90 per set) for your children, nieces, nephews, siblings, cousins and tutees, do email me at and indicate 'Standard' or 'Foundation' :)

PS: There is also a slight modification with regards to this month's issue. I have received feedback from those who ordered that it can get very overwhelming for their children to do The Daily 10 every single day. On top of that, the children also have school work to do.
We hear you.
So this time round, we are going to give the children a rest every weekend.

So kids, Mondays to Fridays, you practice hard. Saturdays and Sundays, you play hard. Maintain belen (Balanced) la eh! :)

Primary 6-ers, let's keep the U grade at bay and improve your Mathematics!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Nyla

Mr E and I are right now sitting together, selecting a few of our favourite photos of our girl...
Here they are... (with captions!)

Nyla, as you can see from this picture, you were about 1 month plus here. "Best" age ever.
Man, you were one tough baby to handle. Just to let you know....during daytime, you were so cute, but night time, uh uh. You were like a mini monster screaming your lungs out refusing to sleep...refusing milk... JUST WHAT WAS YOUR PROBLEM, GIRL?! -Mommy

I have to growl and growl until my voice became hoarse. That was the only way to shut you up.-Daddy

Nyla, this was your first ever 'new media' experience. The laptop by the way was a present from your daddy. Before you go Aaawwwwww, he got it at a cheap cheap price and man, to wait for Elmo to pop up took such a long time you could even nap in between. However, you waited ever so patiently for Elmo to load and then shriek in delight when you hear 'La la la la la la Elmo's World.' -Mommy

I have a damn good reason for getting that cheapo laptop.
1) You would drool on it.
2) You would bang on the keyboard.
3) Mommy would not take good care of it. - Daddy

You were learning to talk here Nyla...That was why I got you a NOKIA phone. ;p -Mommy

I remember always planting my nose in your mouth everytime you uttered a word. I was addicted to your breath.-Daddy.

Nyla, I remember this picture very well. I snapped this while we were on the way home from Jurong Point. We had breakfast together. My first MRT ride with you. I enjoyed it so much I brought you to Jurong Point again on that same day after you woke up from your nap. - Mommy.

You have no idea how much I missed you, Nyla. I was at Doha. Being away from you and Mommy for 3 months was very difficult for me.- Daddy

This picture was taken in Penang. Your first aeroplane ride and this was where and when your love affairs with hotels started. -Mommy

First time you took a plane ride. First time you touched a snake. First time you rode on a horse. And Daddy was glad to be part of those first time experiences. -Daddy

Kampong trip during the 2nd day of Hari Raya last year! You love to 'balik kampong' because you love to see the chicks...cows....goats and especially Yot's cat and kittens. However, you need to go easy on the kittie, baby. To love is to let go. -Mommy

I think, this year, the cats will run for their lives the minute they spot you, Nyla. - Daddy

Eveytime you have a class party, you'd call your Tok Mommy to sew a Toga dress for you. And when you return home, Mommy will receive orders from your classmates' mommies who would request for toga dresses for their 5/6 year old daughters.- Mommy

You are looking more and more like your Mommy..... -Daddy

Thank you for your creative ideas Nyla. It has been a pleasure writing stories with you. Keep them coming. - Mommy

Daddy is very proud of you although sometimes, your motor mouth can drive me crazy. I will continue to tolerate because the last thing I would do is to stifle your creativity. -Daddy

Nyla, you're an amazing big sis. I love to see you play with Rooqy because you ALWAYS give in. I know that if I were to have another baby, I can count on you one! -Mommy

Yahooooooo. Let's have one right away! -Daddy

Mommy was conducting tuition when I realised that you were unusually quiet. I thought you were probably doing some colouring or something and then I saw you pray. I quickly grabbed my phone and clicked away. Nyla, you have no idea how touched Mommy was. I don't know how many 'rakaat' you did or whether you took 'wudhu' but Mommy's heart was swelling with pride, baby. May you grow up to be an anak yang solehah. Insyallah.

Any father will feel proud to see this picture. I remember coming back feeling really tired after a long day in school...and then Mommy showed me this picture and I did not feel tired anymore. -Daddy

Mommy and Daddy are very lucky to have you. :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011



You may have tangible wealth untold.
Caskets of jewels and coffers of gold.
Richer than I you can never be.
I had a mother who read to me.
-Strickland Gillian.

As a homemaker who settled our school stuff, drove us to school/enrichment centres, cooked our favourite food, my mother also used to read to me and my brothers every night. I still remember how we would lay on our mattreses and listen to her intently.

We had a library corner at my childhood home over at West Coast Park. The huge book shelf was grey and my mom added rugs and big pillows at our cosy library area.

What I am as a parent today, I owe it to my mother. Whatever she did with me back then, I do it with Nyla now.
Only that I improvise a teeny weeny bit and instead of just reading together, Nyla and I write books together.

Finally peeps, Chickchickaboomz is on sale!
Thank you my readers for waiting ever so patiently.

Suitable for children aged 3 to 9 years old, Chickchickaboomz is about a young ostrich handling the social challenges of growing up. (something all children can relate to)

Other than educating young children to harness their own unique strengths, it also teaches fun scientific facts related to ostriches.

A copy of Chickchickaboomz is just $14!

And we have also printed additional copies of The Big Good Wolf so feel free to order as well!
Going at a special price of $10!

I personally believe that the best present to give to a child is a book because stories encourage bonding between parents and children....books enhance a child's language skills.

Chickchickaboomz and The Big Good Wolf have interesting characters such as 'Daddy O', 'Clawy', 'Horrido', 'Isabella' that will cuddle the imaginations of my young readers. :)

Together, let's raise readers for according to Emilie Buchwald, "Children are made readers on the laps of their parents" and also, let's listen to Roald Dahl who said, "So please, oh PLEASE, we beg, we pray, Go throw your TV set away, And in its place, you can install, A lovely bookshelf on the wall"

There are many ways to enlarge a child's world and in my case, the love of books has certainly benefitted Nyla (and myself) tremendously.

To add Chickchickaboomz and The Big Good Wolf on your book shelf, do email me at

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nyla's homemade Birthday Cake

My sister in law, Netty has 2 sisters.
Like her, they are exceptionally gifted.

Dr Citra Mattar (centre) is a gynaecologist. I remembered smsing/calling her during my paranoid moments when I was pregnant with Nyla. She is a mother to a pair of adorable twin girls who are so so gabby gifted.

Sukesy Mattar, on the other hand, is an educator and also a homeschooling parent to four boys.

Nyla goes for weekly swimming lessons with Kesy's 3 older boys and she enjoys her Tuesdays with them very much.
Everytime she has to part with the boys, she'd whisper to me," Mommy, today you homeschool me la so I don't need to go to school."

I've always enjoyed my conversations with Kesy because she is truly the most nurturing, intelligent and positive person I've ever known!

Now, you all know that Nyla's chirpy birthday party is this coming Saturday.
I've been so busy with tuition/ The Daily Ten/Togas/Books stuff and all I forgot about the most important feature of a kid's birthday party:


I approached, in my personal opinion, the best cake expert I know of, Ayu, and yeah as expected she's fully booked.
DAMN. :(

"Mommy, so I will not have a birthday cake is it?" Nyla asked.
I scratched my head and told her to give me a few days.

Nyla's fine with any cake. (Thank God no mention of Justin Bieber!)
However, I really wanted her cake to be special.

And since this is a last minute thingy, I thought why not bake the cake myself? (With assistance of course! Duh!)

Ya I know. Sounds so wrong right?! Me baking.
Laugh all you want. I will not get offended one.
The thought of me being responsible for Nyla's birthday cake made me perspire buckets.
As of now, my heart is beating so fast lor. So stressful man!

Now, I know I cannot bake the fanciful cakes Ayu baked.

But I know if I were to bake cupcakes, got hope. Cos easier mah...
So I had an idea and visualised how I would envision Nyla's birthday cake to be.

A few weeks back, Kesy brought along some yummylicious cupcakes to the swimming complex.
Someone who knows how to bake cupcakes!
I shall make her my mentor.

I approached her and expressed my desire to bake Nyla's cake for her birthday party. On top of that, I described to her in detail how I would like Nyla's birthday cake to turn out!

Kesy is an adventurous kind of person. She's damn sporting one. She's so used to doing fun stuff with her boys indoors and outdoors so she was like,"Nura, come to my house and bake! Let's try!"


Me: Nyla! Mommy is going to bake your birthday cake okay!
Nyla: Don't bluff Mommy. You never bake. We don't have an oven at home.
Me: Yah I know. We are going over to Aunty Kesy's house. She is going to teach me.
Nyla: YEAH I CAN PLAY WITH THE BOYS. *mentel mode overdrive*

Anyway, I went over to Kesy's house early in the morning for a trial baking session last Monday.
Whatever she instructed me to do, I did.
Pretty easy!

The icing was so so so yummy by the way.
The sweetness really complements the vanilla cupcakes we baked.
Nyla TOTALLY loved it. Woots.
And Kesy and I were like "Yeah! We did it!"
So there you go, nothing is impossible!
Thank you Shifu Kesy for the guidance. :)

Wanna see how the cake looks like?






Please proceed to Nyla's blog!

Monday, May 16, 2011

MOTHER'S DAY MONTH of MAY Special with The Studio Loft

Mother's Day is the inspiration for a month long celebration at The Studio Loft as this boutique photography studio nestled in the heart of Chinatown's bustling Pagoda Street celebrate photo-taking to honour all mothers. Thanks to The Right Spin peeps for the heads up! :)

My mom and I were two of the mothers who celebrated the occasion in style through the lens of the gifted, prolific and much sought-after photographer, Maryann Koh.

Maryann specialises in shooting elegant stills of pregnant ladies, newborns, toddlers and fun family portraits.
Do click like on The Studio Loft's Facebook Page and ogle at the amazing photos, peeps.
Really really awesome, I swear.

Maryann has been featured on Channel News Asia on Asia Exposed as well as shooting well-heeled mommies such as Wong Li Lin. Impressive stuff.

Last Friday was memorable indeed, especially so for Nyla who was really in a good mood to smile, pose and jump! (as seen below)

Maryann has such a laid back style, so relaxed and friendly, she made all 3 of us feel so comfortable and encouraged us to be ourselves.
Thank you for the great time and even greater pictures, Maryann! :)

I must also thank my mom for sewing my Vanilla Cream Maxi Toga dress I wore during the photoshoot as her Mother's Day gift to me. Love you Mommy!*Huggies*
Also, another special mention to someone very close to my heart, Tina of Trasformazione for the 'flawless look' make up. Thank you Sis! Mwaacks. :)

This is my mom's, Nyla's and my favourite photo!

Us and our 'Kate Middleton'. :p

And, in celebration of Mother's Day, The Studio Loft is offering a special package for my blog readers.
Here goes:

If you would like to enquire or schedule your appointment, do call Maryann of The Studio Loft at 6 235 3696.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

WRS Members Special

The day is nearing, peeps!
And if you are a member of Wildlife Reserves Singapore, enjoy 10% off when you purchase a copy of Chickchickaboomz at the Jurong Bird Park come 21 May 2011! :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cool and Chic Short Hair

I did something impulsive as you can see from the above picture.

I chopped off my locks. (Weather has been so hot, so the timing is very good! Heh!)

After I dropped Nyla off at school yesterday, I bumped into Joy (Nyla's classmate's mommy)and told her I wanna trim my bangs ala like 2 months ago.

End bangs were untouched.

When I stepped into Abang Sam's hair salon at Novena Square, he asked enthusiastically,"Cut short is it?"
From last time he aim me liao.

Everytime he sees me, he'll psycho me to cut my hair super short and every single time, I would refuse, hence looking like the same old me (only slightly enhanced) when I exited his salon.


So boring right me? I know.

Story (and me) will get more interesting from now onwards, I assure you.
Me: Ok lah Bang, I cut my hair short...Shoulder length can?

Him: No la..If that's the case, I don't want to cut. I'll just trim your ends and you can maintain your kakak- kakak -rambut- panjang hairstyle. (So laser hor the mouth! But he's really nice and funny with awesome haircutting skills.)

Me: Huhhhhhhh. Are you DAMN sure I can rock the short hair look, Abang Sam?

*He took his weapon and stood behind me.

Him: Yes Nura. For a change...Just whack that fella. How? Yes or No?

Me: Sigh Sigh Sigh...followed by a meek 'Yes.


Me: WAILS! Aaaaahhhh! Abang Sam, SO FAST you cut!

Him: You said yes what.

Me: But....

Him: Too late, you must trust me okay, Nura.

I was shaking man. Hahahahahah! The last time I had drastic haircut was in 1997 and my mom and dad refused to talk to me.

And finally after 14 years, I did it again!

Only that this time round, the babe refused to talk to me!

Her jaw dropped when she saw me and kept asking me repeatedly why I cut my hair.
"We'll buy a long hair wig tomorrow."

I don't know whether to laugh or cry when she said that.

However, I have no regrets chopping my locks off. Don't mind ah, camera whoring at its peak especially after a makeover.

You all also what. :p

My hair was too too dry.

Looks like a horsey's tail here.

Ladies, if you are contemplating a hair makeover, I highly recommend you to Abang Sam because he is....simply the best..lalalala. I'm serious.

Abang Sam, if you are reading this, you have definitely given me the best haircuts.

This man's got some magic fingers he can transform you to look effortlessly good.

So, really... am not surprised that Abang Sam is a hairstylist to many local/ foreign celebrities and even royal families !

Anyway, THANK YOU also for the thumbs up over at Facebook and Twitter! :)

For those who asked, here goes:

Abang Sam Unoss

Flair Salon, Novena Square 2


Do call him to book an appointment at 6 737 8095.


Also do mention Nura J's Blog to him because my readers get to enjoy 10-20% off!

Wootsy! Thanks again Tuan Director Sam. I feel uber-vogueish. :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I know this is way overdue and I thank you all for being so patient.

I also hope that the Mother's Day weekend had been awesome for you (and your) mommies.
I've come across a twitterette tweet this 2 days ago,"Every day should be Mother's Day. Not only today!" and I couldn't agree more with her.

So to you 3 winners I am about to announce, should your mothers go 'Huh! Mother's Day is over already whaaaaaat!', do kiss her and tell her that "Every day is Mother's Day, Mama...cos you're special like that."

Saaaaapppppppp. Sure score points one. :)

Okay without further ado, Harnie has chosen the deserving winners. According to her, it wasn't easy because ALL the entries are very touching mouching.
Anyway, here are the 3 winning entries.

3rd Prize Winner ($20 Harnies Beauty Voucher)

The woman who deserves to be pampered is my Mom of course! She disciplines us to the point that we attain the success we want in life. Loving is just not about showing your softer side but also the hard and tough ones to strengthen us for the coming tests in life. - FARA A

2nd Prize Winner (Decleor Exfoliating Gel worth $67)

The woman who deserves to be pampered is none other than my dearest mother, Puan Waznah. She, whom I called as the 'Superwoman' in the family. The only sole breadwinner in the family eversince her other half has been sick for almost to seven years. The one who is willing to do anything for her own family and has a lot of patience and strong courage to go through the hard times. Nothing can replace her for she, is a woman whom I treasure and loves alot. May Allah bless her always. - SITI NAQIAH BTE M. KHALID

AND THE 1ST PRIZE (Whitening/Radiance Facial worth $120 OR De-stress Rejuvenating Massage worth $85) goes to AIDIL EDZWAN!

The woman who deserves to be pampered is my mak.She taught me as much as she can even though she had primary education.She is my ustazah reciting the Al-Quran with me every night.She is my chef whose delicacies I savour at every meal.Her smooth palms soothes my fever whenever she touches my forehead.Her love for us is immeasurable & her to us dedication is beyond questions.Her anger is our pain & her happiness is our gain. A mother's prayer is a priority to the Almighty. We love you Mak.

And to the rest of you, don't despair k!
The Mother's Day promotion is still on! Till 31 May. :)