Thursday, July 13, 2017

Nippon Paint MozzieGuard for my walls!

I was browsing Nippon Paint Singapore's website and their latest paint caught my attention:

Anti Mosquito Paint: Nippon Paint MozzieGuard.

How relevant for me especially since I'm staying on ground floor.
Those of you who happen to reside in active dengue cluster areas (yellow or red banners hung around your neighbourhood), you might want to consider Nippon MozzieGuard too!

Nippon Paint MozzieGuard is a special coating with insecticide encapsulated in the polymer for interior use. It has excellent knockdown property against mosquitoes through contact. It offers consumers a safe and convenient solution to fend off the mosquito and provide protective benefits to the community.

* Excellent knockdown property against Aedes mosquitoes
* Durable & washable film
* Good stain resistance
* Good fungus & mould resistance
* Good hiding
* Free from lead and mercury, Low Odour
* Easy application and touch-up
* DEET- Free
* NEA registered

"Nura, Nippon MozzieGuard for your walls....However for your ceilings, how about  Anti-Mould Ceiling White?"suggested the Nippon Paint Professional Painting Services Team.

Nippon Paint Odour~less Anti-Mould Ceiling White is an environmentally favourable green product formulated with anti-mould properties with a broad spectrum protection against most species of mould.
It is formulated for ceilings especially damp areas such as kitchen and bathroom and area around air-conditioners.

* Special Anti-Mould Formula
* Environmentally friendly green emulsion product
* Non-toxic, does not contain lead, mercury and heavy metals
* Anti-mould properties with a broad spectrum protection against most species of mould
* Easy application and touch-up
* Minimum roller splatter
* Excellent flow and leveling which helps to minimize minor surface imperfections
* Excellent coverage and hiding power

Also to let all of you know the importance of applying a sealer BEFORE you paint!

As its name suggests, a sealer also known as primer seals the surface of the wall. Absolutely important because:
1) a sealer covers pores and hairline cracks. This creates smoother surface and better looking result.
2) a sealer ensures better adhesion for your paint, minimising the risk of flaking and peeling. Thus paint job will not only look better but last longer.
3) a sealer prevents efflorescence, also known as chalking.

SO......what are the COLOURS my family and I have chosen for the home I hear you ask...

LATTE for living/dining area
STILETTO GRAY for master bedroom
 IXORA for our study/home office

Stay tuned for the outcome....