Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday Bah

Many say that Bah looks alot like my mom.
They also have very similar characters.

My Bah and I are 6 years apart in age.
Come I show you few pics.....

Shorts takde pendek lagi ke bang? Tak sejuk ke? Huahuahuahua!

Man, I totally digged that hello kitty belt then sia.
Everywhere must wear that belt.

According to my mom, he was (still is) a very responsible brother.
He was entering Primary 1 when I entered his world.
He would layan me while my mom got ready for work...read to me while my mom was busy in the kitchen....
I couldn't remember all those times la. Too young mah.

But I still remember this incident very clearly.
I was about 4 years old and we were playing pillow fight in the master bedroom.
We were staying at Pandan Gardens then.
I was laughing non-stop because fun mah.
Then this brother of mine did a powderful throw on me and the zip at the end of the pillow scratched my forehead. There was blood.
I didn't want my parents to scold me so I WAILED damn loud (exaggerate abis punya) and kept rolling on the floor. (Konon sakit giler)
Can win Oscar one.

Bah panicked and started crying too because he felt scared looking at my bloody forehead and my parents scolded him real bad.
My parents rushed me to Alexandra hospital (My acting damn good one I tell you...They thought I got brain injury out of that pillow fight. Muahahahaha!) and my brother was carrying me throughout.
I remember resting my head on his shoulder and he just kept saying 'Sorry' to me.

Yeay! Sister 1: Bah Nil. :p

Then another memorable incident in 1996 when my mom was on haj pilgrimage.

Boo! Sister Nil : Bah 1.

I tell you, we both have fought so muchhhhhhh when we were young then but now, my Bah is the person I run to when it comes to decision making.
E also has much respect for him.
My Bah adores Mr E as well so yeah, mutual feelings there.

Everytime I ask E,"How D? You think I should?'
He'll give me his opinion and then will say,"You check with your Bah also."

E and Rooqy!

Happy Belated Birthday my dearest Brother.

Sometimes your criticisms hurt BUT I know you always have my best interests at heart.
Thank you for giving me the kick in the pants and the discipline whenever I need them, Bah!

Bah and his family are leaving for States tonight because the sister in law, Net, has a conference to speak at.
Good luck Net!
Bah is especially looking forward to feeling feeling house husband and bond with Rooqs there.
Have a safe trip you guys!

Sunday, March 25, 2012





There will be a HEEYUGGGEE party on Sunday 1st April 2012 oi! (No this is not an advanced April Fool's prank hor.)

The event planner of this 100 % MAHRAM-FREE party is a very dear friend of mine. We started way back in 1999 when we both were involved in the production of Soldadu 2. I was a female recruit and she, was my sergeant. Heh...

Welcome back to Singapore, dearest Ruby Mohd!

Over to you now babester...

How many times have we seen dull looking housewives donning the "tudung" who looks only duller at home? Have you put on make up for your "Husband" lately? Don't know how to put make up or wear tudung properly? When was the last party you attended? Missed dancing to the groove but can't now because you're a hejabi? Fret Not!
We are organising an informal Excluziv Party
event "Who says I can't let my hair down?" especially for you damsels & domestic divas in distress. You can now parade your beauty amongst other beautiful, glamorous and very productive muslimahs! Leave your Abayas at the door, check in your camera-phones and walk in with your hair down - yes it's 100% mahram free!
There will be talks, workshops, fashion sho
w and God-willing a surprise performance! After the sessions, we'll play up some groovy music for you to shake all that stress, and tension away. The Dance floor is all yours! Let us all let our hair down on 1st April 2012!


Event Line up :

2.45 pm Registration

3.00 pm Welcome Speech by Ruby Mohd & Motivational Talk "Positive Thinking"

3.30 pm Make up Demo/Hijab Styling by Nora Zee/Trasformazione

4.15 pm Break time - Buffet High Tea ....Looking forward to the kueh-muehz Glamz Gallery!

4.45 pm A Woman's Secret : ALCHEMY (Let's be padded safely women- mommas and daughters)

Alchemy boss, Elisabeth has promised that her sharing session will be humorous and informative!

5.15 pm Fashion Show:

Abayas by Aswad Sisters

Excluzif Maxi Togas

Thanks bro Aza for the pics.

5.45 pm Free & Easy on the Dance Floor.

This event is going to be a very interactive one as well. We already plan to sabo our guests. All in the name of fun.
no need shy la.
Lagipon, all the guests women mah. *Winks*

WHEN: 1st APRIL 2012
WHAT TIME: 3 p.m.- 6 p.m.
HOW MUCHIE: $25 only

Money well spent I assure you for after the party,

Your tummies will be filled.....
Your knowledge will be expanded through sharing sessions that will empower us women...Ruby will help us be more confident....Norazee and Trasformazione will help us hone our make up skills. (Balik rumah bolehla berdandan untuk sang suami ye)...Elisabeth will touch on possibly the most embarrassing topic: Vaginal Hygiene/Health but who cares? No men around so all of us will be comfortable!
Aswad sisters and myself will showcase our collections that will make you feel like a million bucks!

I've already reserved 3 tickets for my favourite ladies.
Drag your grandmas, moms, aunties, cousins all okay!

Email/Call Ruby over at maknenek@gmail.com ladies OR dial 8135 7490.
See you real soon this Sunday at 3 p.m. yo!

PS: Home based business owners out there! You are also welcome to join the party by booking a (very affordable) table to display your products which are Muslimah related...eg: Hejabs, Muslimah clothes, earrings/pins/clips etc. Only 1 type of business each allowed to give a chance for your 'babies' to shine. :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom

the one who always has my best interests at heart
the one who still 'spanks' me when I do wrong (her silent treatment, fuhyoooo! Scary Mary)
the one who is sew terrific
the one who constantly seeks knowledge (she is currently studying for her diploma in Islamic Studies)
the one who is invaluable to me in helping me achieve my goals
the one who has absolute faith and trust in Allah (Apa yang berlaku, ada hikmahnye Kin...and she's always right!)
the one who makes me who I am today
the one who gives me the courage and 'pull me up' whenever I get 'knocked down'
the one who always comforts

the safe place for me to 'land'

She is none other than my mother.

Happy Birthday Mom.
I love you.

Monday, March 19, 2012


I work during the weekend, tending to my Primary 1, 5, 6 and Secondary 1 tutees.

My Secondary 1 tutees come to me with the hope of making the switch from Normal Technical to Normal Academic. If previously during primary school, they had a problem with Maths, now it's English that I am worried about. So this term onwards, we will be focusing on English.

Majority of my upper primary kids' parents are worried about Maths, be it Foundation and Standard, and the section that all of the kids get jittery about would be Problem Sums. (especially the 4 and 5 marks questions one) Some kids won't even attempt the last few questions of the Maths paper. They give up without even reading the problem sums. "Sure get 0 one la Cher." would be their chorused reply. I'd get damn pissed for they could have worked hard to get some working marks.
Last year, I only started The Daily 10 in June, so this year we start earlier.

And the mini tutees.
My Primary 1 babies.
With them, I make them learn through play.
Last Saturday, we learnt shapes. (which they already learnt during kindergarten)
They were made to go on a 'SHAPES HUNT' in my house. Yeah, my master bedroom wasn't spared!

Next weekend, on top of the tuition sessions, Jennifer and I will be conducting another round of workshop very suitable for parents with young children. (Preschoolers and Lower Primary)
In fact I already blogged about it about 2 weeks back. Click here.

Last December, Jenn, myself and the happening participants had so much fun exchanging strategies, 'lesson plans' and knowledge with one another on how we can stimulate our children at home.

This time round, other than Maths, Jenn and I will also include English. :)
So if you have not registered, please email me fast because we are about to close the registration.
Here are the details:

WHAT: English & Maths Workshop
FOR: Parents of young children (up to 8 years old) - You may bring along your spouse and child.
WHEN: Saturday, 24 March 2012
TIME: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m
WHERE: onepeople.sg (Braddell MRT)

PS: If the grandparents are the ones looking after your children, do bring them along as well ya so that they can apply what they have learnt during the workshop at home. :)

See you at nuraesman@gmail.com !

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Like a pearl in a shell

I must thank sixteenr.com and 4 men for the birth of these scarves.

When I went to my mom's for dinner, I wore sixteenr.com's "Barcode" scarf.

My elder brother, Bah, casually mentioned,"Trend spillover huh?'
He ahhhh sometimes very cheem for me.
He, on the other hand, thinks I'm too bimbo for him. *Whatever*

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Something like the message T-shirts and bags la doink,' Jambi replied. (This one as usual very rude one.)

Then, Jambi called me to his room and asked me to check out these images of message T- shirts and bags.





Then, it was E's turn to suggest,"Instead of funny messages, maybe you should do quotes pn the hijab, Mi." (Ya sometimes he calls me "Mi" as in Mommy, and I'll call him "D". Thanks to Nyla.)

Okay, EUREKA moment here.
Instantly, I thought if "Like a pearl in a shell" because a woman in hijab is like a pearl in a shell. :)

The fourth guy to mention here is Jali! (Yes, if you must know...Other than being a being a passionate photographer, he is also a designer.)
He is so talented he came up with the design in just ONE day. Hebat sekali.

If you're not a hijabi but wanna wear this message for it does apply to women in general (women must be protected like a pearl in a shell mahhhh :p), you may drape this scarf around your shoulders. Maklomlah, office and lecture/movie theatres can get pretty chilly.

Before I present to you these pearlies, I must express my gratitude to the usual suspects, The Rebel Pixel Team and Trasformazione. (Their contact details over at the sidebar. Just click yo!)

Special mention to Jali, Zahren and Tina! :)

Ok here you go my girls!

Navy Blue





Sharing is caring time! I am totally loving the X-treme's nude beige lipstick! They also have other colours. Usually before I put on lipstick, I'd apply lip balm but with this one, no need at all! Colours are nice plus the lipstick keeps the lips soft and supple.

If you wanna include these lipsticks in your make up box, email Shai at sharul.xtreme@gmail. com or add him as friend on Facebook and spam his inbox with your lipstick enquiries and orders. He sure happy one.

Back to 'Like a pearl in a shell' scarves.
Each piece is $30.
Available in 5 colours: Navy Blue, Grey, Red, White, Black.

Same ol Same ol dears.
If you'd like to own a piece of this, email me at nuraesman@gmail.com

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I have worked frigging hard to get to where I am today and I assure you all that I will continue to climb this neverending ladder.

During the journey, I have encountered many green eyed beings, most harmless and just recently, one who is absolutely threatening.
However, rest assured that I shall not be goaded into behaving in the exact hateful and hostile fashion.

It is only human to ctiticize, complain and condemn.
But when you do it with contempt, it only robs you of your character.

Man, I never knew how absolutely horrible envy can be.
How those who are envious go to great lengths to inflict the greatest harm to you.
The lies they come up with to manipulate others.
And when things don't go as planned for these green eyed ones, it is only natural that they drag you down as well.

Uh uh.
Cannot lose focus.
We must stay away from the negatives of life.
Instead of being pressured to fail, we gotta use that energy not to allow us all to fail.

After all, success is connected with action.
So, I shall just keep moving.
I shall continue to work hard.
And pray to Allah even harder.

I am feeling a lot of love from you people.
E and I wanna thank you for the support!

Well, everything happens for a reason.
In times of adversity like this, "There are friends. Then, there are true friends."
Extremely touched.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Out of my comfort zone

The family insisted....
I resisted.....

Everytime over dinner, either Papa J or my elder bro, Bah, would suggest,"Enter this industry Kin. And apply whatever you are doing currently to it."

"Ish, don't want la. Wait people come up with nicknames for me..." was my reply.

In fact a friend already came up with one: 'Nula Balagussss'
Tennnnnsssss (Barberella style) Di.

And the elder brother who is very very very garang (but kindest heart ever) would raise his voice at me,"Look at the bigger picture please. You are a service oriented person. Explore this, Kin."

Eventutally, I gave in.
Explored I finally did after much resistance.
I contacted Jenna, a former teacher as well (my ex colleague!), who is thriving in this industry and within a day, she brought me to her office and guided me through the whole registration process. Thanks babe!

'School' started all over again for me.
I opted for the daily morning session slot.
Intensive one month of classes.

My first day back at school also happened to be Nyla's first day of primary school.
"Aiya! I can't be there for Nyla's first day of school!!! I wanna send her to school...." I whined to my family.
Bah: "Come on la. Cut the drama. You can pop by during her recess what. We will take over."

So for that month of January-February, my mother shuttled every day to my place to look after Nyla in the morning.
She even prepared a timetable and pasted it on the wall for her granddaughter to follow.
Up till today, Nyla will always refer to this timetable. Haha.

For Nyla's first 3 days of school, both my brothers (Jambi is now working with Bah) took time off and sent Nyla to school.
At 9.30am, Papa J would be at the carpark waiting for me.
Mr E sponsored my school fees.

Seeing how seriously serious they are about this, I know I too have to be serious.
After the course ended, I also went for the 2 days of 'Intensive Revision for RES exam.'
Glad I did.

Like Nyla, I too had a timetable for that one month.

Noon- Lunch (While eating, would revise notes that were discussed on that day.)
Afternoon- Lesson planning for tuition (That's the reaso
n why this year, I am not taking as many tutees as previously) / Blogging / Business with mom etc.
Evening-Family time.

There were 2 exam papers I must sit for with regards to this.
If previously, one can just enter the industry easily..... now no such thing.
I think this is absolutely great to maintain industry professionalism.

Anyway, sidetrack abit. Must share with you this picture I kapoh-ed from my lecturer's FB! Cute and inspiring at the same time.

David, you are a wonderful teacher, always instilling in us to be ethical salespersons and deriving pleasure from assisting others. Rest assured, I promise to treat every single one of my clients as I would want to be treated, Sir. :)

All Praises to the One above.
The harder you work, the luckier you get!

I have gotten out of my comfort zone, peeps.
As a service oriented person, I guess it is a natural progression for me to enter the world of Real Estate.
I don't know how far I'll go but one thing's for sure, I promise to give my very best.
Just like the way I run my Bottoms Up club and the business with mom/Nyla.

So now, which estate agency will I go to?



Watch this space!

Friday, March 9, 2012

In order to succeed, you must first be willing to fail

The moment I finished reading this email by Najihah on this very blessed Friday morning, I knew that this one is a MUST a share.
Here are snippets of this very inspiring girl's email.

"Coming from a family background like mine, it was pretty hard for me to handle that I'm destined to be in ITE. My sister and I, are and will always be the first to attend ITE. And I carried on my schooling journey in Kaplan for my private diploma cause I failed to secure a seat in Poly. And Alhamdulilah, I'm waiting for my degree with University of Dublin come October. And this is where my point of this email comes in.. ......
I faced setbacks in life and time and time again, I disappointed my dad. In return, I became a true perfectionist that can never accept another failure. Thus due to that, I suffered from a minor depression because I couldn't secure a seat in our local Poly. I was so upset. I shut myself down for a week and I actually gave up studying. I don't even want to utter the word '' Private Diploma'' cause I felt I was a failure. But boy, was I wrong..
(Selit sikit. Yes honey, damn wrong.)

I came across this post.... This post shows me that it is okay to fail cause through failing we will learn to strive for more and to push our boundaries. Through failing, we will treasure the happiness in the end and not take success for granted. (Totally girl!)

And my readers click HERE for the post.
Here, truly, failure is no longer a possibility for us all. It is a requirement for us to achieve success.....provided that you keep in mind that that failure is not final (it is a wake up call!) and you keep striving.

I'll definitely share this with my Bottoms Uppers tutees this weekend.
Let's keep in mind that when there is failure, there is growth...and then with hard work, focus and determination, success happens.
Have a good weekend!

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Nura & J Workshop

Quiz question: What do you see in the picture above?

Answer: A learning opportunity.

Now that Nyla is happily monitressing (read: kaypohing) in her school, it has been a constant challenge for me as a parent to keep that curious spark in her alive. As the engine of her journey of discovery starts, so does my engine of throwing away rusty, old school learning methods and learning innovative ways to teach like the picture of the car number plate above. Useful when you're stuck at traffic jams.

Look at the four numbers! Baby, which number is the greatest?

Which number is the smallest?

Ok now arrange the numbers in descending order!

Arrange the numbers in ascending order now darling!

Now add all the 4 numbers up!


And there you go, Mathematics lesson literally on the go. :)

During my P1 days, Maths was taught like this: Easy ok everybody. You all listen carefully ah. Adding means plus. So you see here. Put 1 there. See? Simple.”

No wonder my P1 face very stupiak kind. So poor thing.

Kids these days are wired differently.

The “cancel here, put there” method expired already.

Numbers don’t mean anything to them. Chocolates, pizzas, teddy bears, erasers, straws, basically anything masak-masak does.

Don’t get me wrong.

They think they are playing. We make sure they are learning.

That is why lower primary teachers use the latest pedagogical methods to teach through play. That is why we, as parents, have to teach through play, even before they start Primary One. One of my friends gave me an SOS call last week. Her son is in Primary Two and had difficulty doing subtraction.

His problem, I found out later, is not with P2 Mathematics. It is with number bonds - a P1 topic. So parents, make sure they get their Primary One foundation right, before it spirals out of control in primary 2, 3 or 4.

Jenn and I had a lot of fun sharing all these P1 and P2 concepts and games at the Bottoms Up Parents workshop last December, where we shared, how we can use UNO cards, amongst others, to play addition, subtraction, multiplication and division games while bonding with the family. Some of the mummies and daddies were so competitive we had to secretly nudge them to “give chance” to their little ones. you know who you are!

At the request of some of you who couldn’t make it last December, we have decided to hold another workshop this time.

We will be covering all the P1 and some P2 (more difficult topics like fractions, etc.) Mathematics topics.

On top of that, some of you have also requested that we cover some English language topics that are, quote unquote “enough to make an adult weep”, so we will be doing that as well.

Example: A tiger eats meat _______ (and/but) a cow does not.

This book is big ______ (and/but) that book is small.

What is the difference between the two examples given above? How do you explain to your kiddos why one answer is correct but the other is wrong? Please don’t say, “It just sounds better.”

The little ones deserve to know why.:)

As parents, it is necessary that we are well tuned to what our children are expected to learn and know at various levels of their Primary school lives.

Mummies and daddies, if you have pre-school children, this workshop will also shape your kiddo’s foundation to prepare him for P1.

Just as it’s never too late, it’s never too early to start.

Oh, and did I mention one of the mummy participants in the December workshop has not only successfully taught her daughter mathematics concepts during food preparation, she now has a junior chef in her kitchen?

Join us, on Saturday 24 March, 11 a.m to 1 p.m. at our Learning to Learn (English and Mathematics) Workshop.

We promise it’ll be worth your while, loads of fun and a brighter, happier kid in the making.

Do email me at nuraesman@gmail.com to register.

OH! You may bring along your children. Jenn and I wanna 'use' them as 'manipulatives' during the workshop. That being said, we will also include homemade materials which you can use to teach your children at home.

See you at my mailbox.