Monday, May 31, 2010

MayDay Family Fiesta/ RibelPixel Photography

Hey peeps.
It's been a while huh...I've been real busy processing orders for my first children's book "The Big Good Wolf" that this blog has been unattended for a while.
Sorry about that.
I'm just done with the morning orders so I thought I'd blog about my jam- packed- last -weekend.

PART 1: Saturday 22 May 2010
Event: MayDay Family Fiesta 2010
Venue: Downtown East

Last Saturday, the 3 of us (and probably, 99.9% of the whole population of Singapore) truly had one ball of a great time at Downtown East.
Man, it was real crowded.
Billie, you're so right about the fact that the May Day Family Fiesta is NTUC's largest event of the year!

That's the husband who seemed to be more excited than his daughter about the mass workout.
So hyper active that he couldn't keep still.

And we bumped into Claudia, who was one of the speakers for the "Parenting in the New Infocomm Age" Seminar I also spoke at last March.
Good to see ya babe.

We could choose between Escape Theme Park and Wild Wild Wet and Nyla being a water fan that she is obviously chose the latter.

See la the dad.....couldn't resist playing with the water slides meant for kids. Tsk tsk.

And we saw and posed with the stiltwalkers!!!
This stiltwalker was BONUS man, being a PINK stiltwalker.
Nyla even remarked,"Mommy, how do they know I love PINK?"

See this man in white. There was a quiz going on and he knew the answer to the question the emcee posed.
Immediately he ran (yes, as in run...dash...not walk) up to stage and got his prize he was aiming for. ;)

Nyla and Daddy using the games coupons to participate at the games stalls.

I'm so glad to be one of the MAD bloggers because I get to experience all these fun filled activities with my family. :)

PART 2: Sunday 23 May 2010
Event: Photography session with RibelPixel
Venue: Fort Canning

Guess who came and joined me at the end of the photoshoot?
Us posing with our first children's book 'The Big Good Wolf'!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hi all. :)

It has been a mere 2 days since my first children's book, The Big Good Wolf was launched and it has received such an overwhelming response.
To those who have bought, we thank you for your support. Hugs.
To those who are thinking of buying, we thank you for your enthusiasm...and get it as soon as possible because they are selling fast and would probably need to go for a second reprint.

I am really happy that so many have expressed interest in The Big Good Wolf because one, we are all raising readers (yey!) and two, the bond between your child and yourself would be futher strengthened as you read aloud and then create your very own story with your child. :)

Now, success in getting The Big Good Wolf from concept to fruition would not have been possible without the belief and assistance of many. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to:

My Family:
Nyla,Mom, Paps, Bah, Netty, Jam, Mr E
Nyla, thank you for igniting the spark of The Big Good Wolf, babe.
Mom and Paps, thank you for believing in your daughter's magic within.
Everytime the whole family is together, we joined forces and brainstormed for ideas on how to make The Big Good Wolf as appealing as possible. Each and everyone of them has contributed their expertise.

Julia Gabriel
who found The Big Good Wolf project to be 'most exciting' and the story, 'delightful'. Thank you for being more than happy to contribute your encouraging words in the book, Julia. :)

Haryani Othman and NLB
When she read The Big Good Wolf, she immediately sms-ed me this, "I read the book. Very comel and simple yet touching. Simplicity is a rare breed."
Haryani, thank you for appreciating the pure, innocent and vibrant aspect of a child's mind.
I will be making 2 appearances at the Jurong Regional Library for a storytelling session and Bedok Public Library for a workshop. I will blog about this soon.

The Right Spin Peeps
for the support. The whole team is so committed to provide me with advice and opportunities, despite their very hectic schedules.

Girlfriends and Relatives
who snapped up the first more than a hundred copies even before The Big Good Wolf was officially launched on Nyla's birthday.

Shofiyah, Hazwan and James
for providing great mentoring and guidance to the 12 year old illustrator, Khilfie!

For reserving their pretty outfits to make sure I look presentable during any The Big Good Wolf publicity event.

Bottoms Uppers
All of them were excited when their fellow mate, the illustrator of this project, Khilfie was involved in The Big Good Wolf project. Mdm Nura has already identified a few who could become illustrators of the next book I intend to publish. A friend ever made a passing remark when I shared with her that I would like to facilitate a book produced by children,"I think you're taking a big risk in letting the children take charge, Nura." My friend, I shall not take that comment to heart. When you become a mother, you'll take back these very words you said. These children are magical.

So far there are 2 modes of payment.
One, through paypal. Just visit
Two, through normal money transfer/i-banking. Just email me at

Once again, my blog readers, THANK YOU for your support!

Monday, May 24, 2010

THE REVEAL on Nyla's 5th

Finally, the day you, me and the birthday babe have been waiting for, has arrived.
Thank you sweetlings for being so very sweet in your wishes when I put up the "It's ( has) been long awaited. Thank you God" status update on Facebook and Twitter.
The response to that was very overwhelming it really warms my heart, still, as I am typing this.
Almost all of you peeps assumed that I am carrying another curly wurly in my tumtum.
That's me carrying Nyla in my belly!
Pregnancy news=happy news, aren't they?!
I am very sorry to disappoint you people....but...
I am not pregnant ...yet...

Well, today is Nyla's special day and this girl deserves her one day of fame.
Based on my entries about her and the videos featuring her, I'm sure you all know how easygoing, chatty and vivacious she is.
Einstein ever said,"Knowledge can get us from A to B. Imagination can take us anywhere."
Somehow the word 'imaginative' best describes the young ones, our children.

My just turned 5 year old babe is definitely one who has an active and creative mind, always bursting with ideas.
Like all children, she is a child who dares to dream big and like most parents, I will identify that special talent in her and nurture it for I strongly believe that the essence of education is to unlock your child's special talent.
Last month during the whole 'What I want to be when I grow up' extravaganza,
she wanted to be a gardener

who plants strawberry seeds.
she wanted to be a housemaid.

a reliable one!
she wanted to be a photographer.

who obviously needs lessons from Hazmee and RebelPixel!
Sorry Uncle Jambi!
she wanted to be an American Idol finalist.

yes and Judges Nura and Esman gave her the golden ticket. Kelong case la.
she wanted to be a masseuse.

who farts everytime she exerts force.
she wanted to be a teacher.

who teaches her pupils that 6 + 3 = 63. :S
she wanted to be a model.

Definitely Esman and Nura's next top model.
And Mr E and I will try to make her dreams come true. Layan kan je la. Asalkan dia happy.

Nyla is a voracious reader.
And because she has been exposed to many books, she enjoys making up her own stories.

Yes, usually they are very out- of -this- world kind.
She has come up with her own stories titled:

The woman whose mole hair keeps growing.
(Nyla was intrigued when saw a nyonya in the bus with hair sprouting out of her mole.)
Nyla meets Justin Bieber in dreamland.
(I rest my case la huh.)
Daddy's bulu ketiak (armpit hair) (???!!!!)

However there is one story that deserves a special mention.
A very simple story.
(Honestly before she began telling me this story, I thought it'd lull me to sleep.)
Instead, it perked me up big time because it was such a beautiful story and a big light bulb (idea) appeared at the top of my head.
Beautiful and simple.
I like what Haryani O mentioned when she commented 'simplicity is a rare breed.' Indeed girlfriend.

Besides being a gardener, masseuse, teacher, singer, model, Nyla also mentioned about becoming an author and I take this seriously because I too share the same dream but somehow, somewhere, I got distracted.

I called up my fellow Bottoms Upper, Khilfie, who is absolutely gifted in Art. His mommy, Lynn, is all for unlocking her child's magic as well! Hi5 Mommy Lynn!

When I was his form teacher two years ago, I remembered him telling me that his ambition is to become either a soccer player or an illustrator.
Being passionate about children of lower abiility, I am convinced that the One Above is fair.
Each and everyone of us is blessed with a unique innate talent.

And so now, I shall reveal what I wanted to reveal.
I present you my first children's book "The Big Good Wolf" which is originated by Nyla and illustrated by my tutee, Khilfie.

Mr E and myself have countlessly listened to "The Big Good Wolf" and we never get sick of it.
This book is all about celebrating the works of children.

I have also established my own company called " The Bottoms Up Club" which now specialises in tuition and publishing.
More than a hundred copies of 'The Big Good Wolf' have already been reserved by friends and relatives.
Thank you all for supporting this book produced by children for children!
Big hugs.

Dearest Nyla, on your 5th birthday today, Mommy and Daddy want you to know that we will always wave the pompoms for you and that it's ok to dream big, our girl.
We will always support you and help you reach greater heights.
Nyla,You have given us not only so much joy babe. You are also our inspiration.
You have truly lived up to the meaning of your name, Nyla, our achiever.
And thanks to you, my baby girl, my other childhood ambition to be a children's author is realised.
Happy 5th Birthday my sweetheart.

For those who would like to purchase "The Big Good Wolf", please visit 'The Bottoms Up Club' website. ;)
Should you have any enquiries or problems purchasing through the website, please do feel free to email me at :)
I thank you in advance for the support.
I promise you that this very enjoyable read will put a smile on both the faces of your children and yourself.
Read it aloud to your children during bedtime. ;)
And there is also a fun activity you can participate with your children at the end of the book.
Really fun stuff!

To parents, let us all free our children's imagination and unleash their potential! :)

PS: Nyla and I are now in the process of producing our second book which is equally entertaining! However we have yet to brainstorm the ending of the story cos someone is experiencing a writer's block! Heee! I am going to let her take her own sweet time. Once, she 'dapat ilham' = overcomes her writer's block, my quest for a child illustrator will begin!

Friday, May 21, 2010

May Day Family Fiesta!

'1,2,3 kick....1,2,3, haiiiyakkkk!'
I've been hearing this since last Sunday and today, I cannot tahan liao.
I thought I should snap her in action.

Nyla has no clue there was paparazzi.
Work that butt baby! Heheee!

My girl has started exercising.
You see, someone is really looking forward to the May Day Family Fiesta and she wants to make sure that she has enough stamina during the 'A Healthy U' mass workout session tomorrow morning.

Being the new media parent that I am, I showed her 'The Great Singapore Workout' videos on you tube and Nyla's been enjoying her morning workout sessions.

Ok now, pose for momma sweetheart...

It's her school's annual sports meet today!
Judging from her intense workout sessions the past week, I'm pretty sure, she'll do her team proud. ;)
You go girl!

I also told Nyla about the other fun activities that await her and she is especially excited about the stiltwalkers!
She has been exposed to them in story books but never seen one before. Tomorrow baby!
There are also going to be activity booths and Nyla wants to do some face painting and has been pestering her mommy and daddy to follow suit.
So if you see a lady with a 'Butterfly' face, a man with a 'Spiderman face (???!!!!) and a little curly haired girl with a 'Toothless the dragon' face (in short, Black!) please say HI because it's US alright. Hehehe!
And 3 latest movie blockbusters will be screened tomorrow!
Mr E wants to watch Robin Hood.
Mommy Nura wants to watch The Last Song.
Of course, it's Shrek Forever After for her.
Mr E suggested playing the "OOOOHHH AHHHHH PEYYYYY AAAAHHH SSOOOOMMM'' game where we put our palms upwards (white) or downwards (black).
Well, Nyla was the only one who put her palms upwards so it's Shrek Forever After for us 3.
Thanks U Family!
Escape Theme Park/ Wild Wild Wet, here we come!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


What does 'Arete' mean?
It is actually a Greek word which means being the best you can be.

It is a pity this camp is catered for children aged 9 to 12 years old because I would absolutely love Nyla to be part of it if given the oppurtunity.

Camps are fun for children.
They learn to get along with the new friends they make in camp.
They learn to be independent.
They get to enjoy the activities planned by the facilitators and learn new skills.
They get to immerse themselves in the culture of teamwork.

Oh how I miss those leadership camps I attended back when I was in secondary school! So super duper fun!

Anyway, back to the topic of Campus Arete, I have my other cousins who are very keen, so cuzzies, instead of emailing you, might as well I blog about it and share with my blog readers as well. :)

To be held at Orchid Country Club, CAMPUS ARETE is a 3Days2nights character building, educational adventure camp organised by NTUC U Family for students during the June 2010 Holidays.
It will focus on challenging children to be the best they can be through an experential journey where they will learn about living up to their potential with lead faciliatators from the USA.

So parents, if you want to find out more about this super duper fun camp, you are invited to attend a FREE Campus Arete Preview Session and experience for yourselves the learning approaches that the camp facilitators will be taking.

Details are as follows:

Date: Sunday 23May 2010
Time:2pm -4pm (Registration starts at 1.30pm)
Venue: NTUC Centre, 1 Marina Boulevard, Level 10 (Room 1003)

For more details about Campus Arete, visit the camp site (

I bet your kiddos will have one ball of a time and come back empowered with a positive 'I CAN' attitude!
Steady bom pi pi la! ;)

The Makciks

I am currently using my mom's lappy and found this picture and boy was I happy to see it!

1) My 2 mothers are in the picture. (my mommy and mom in law)

2) My ultimate 3 most favourite aunties are in it. (My dad's sister and my mom's sisters)

I love you my mothers, Wak Zai, Wak Biah and Wak Gayah! :)

Walking down Memory Lane

It's so true when they say that with kids, the days are long but the years, short.
I remembered when Nyla was still a newborn and I was wishing (on those sleepless nights) that she would grow up fast so that it would be less difficult for me.
And now, BAM, she is turning 5.
And now, I'm wishing that time will just slow down.
How contradicting.

Don't grow up too fast kiddo.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This ol man is supposedly, according to my aunty, the grandpaps.

A pity all of us never got to see him because he wasn't the one who raised my dad.
The only grandad I am aware of was my yayi who did an excellent job fathering my papa J, a successful man today.

Anyway, we can't help noticing an uncanny resemblance between the ol man and the youngest brother.

PS: You wouldn't wanna know what's inside his mouth. That's why I'm keeping Nyla real far away from him for now because he is truly disgusting and teaches Nyla nonsense.

The Wedgie Babe.
Thanks to her disgusting Uncle Jambi, after she solves her wedgie problem, she'd sniff that poor magic finger and chases either myself or Mr E to also smell it.
"Uncle Jambi teach me one."

Friday, May 14, 2010


We turn 6 tomorrow.
Married for six years.
Together for a decade.

While browsing through my wedding pictures, our soon- to -turn- 5 babe was upset (still is) over the fact that she wasn't present during our wedding. Duhhh!
"You two are really baaaddd. Never invite me!" she sulked.
Then she came up with a rather splendid explanation to explain the reason why she wasn't present during our wedding.
"Ohhh! I was in your tummy right, Mommy!" and then slapped her forehead.
Wahlau babe, don't sabo me leh.
Ours not shoutgun case hor! We conceived you AFTER the wedding leh!

Anyway, I also managed to find a decade old photo of me and Mr E!

It was taken at Hilton Hotel during a company dinner his uncle organised.
We sort of fell in love here. *breaks into cheeky giggle*

Yup that's supersized me alright.
Hobby was eating then.
How not to fall in love with me, right?
So chubby. So cute. Like teletubby, like that.
Man, you have 'great' taste, Mr E!

Then 2 years later, all the baby fats disappeared and I became real thin.

Me with Afah during the New Paper New Face Finals.
Yes, I know I look real bad here. Too skinny.
Don't worry peeps, will not go back to this size 0 anymore.

Teletubby or Skeleton, Mr E still adored me and chose me to be his lifetime partner.
Together, with the help of God, we now have a vivacious babe we named Nyla.

Us, 6 years ago.

Us, now.

Happy anniversary my man.
Thank you for teaching me to make lemonade everytime lemons were thrown at me. <3