Friday, August 30, 2013

So you've read about the new HDB policies?
Mainly the reduction of loan repayment to 25 years.
Oh and also the implementation of 3 years waiting period for Permanent Residents (PRs) being eligible to buy a resale flat.
Immediate effect somemore.

I personally feel that my sellers are most affected by this policy shift.
Already, they have lost a significant number of potential buyers in the form of the PRs who have not crossed the three-year mark.
That plus the new loan restrictions.
Surely would put a limit on how much potential buyers of their flats would be able to borrow one.

Owells. Like it or not, life goes on.
We will keep on trying.
Government can impose any type of policy but ultimately God is the ONE who wills for your home to sell...or for you to purchase a home.

It's Friday.
The 2 people not looking forward to the weekend are Nyla and E. Lol.
Because they know that they have to support their girl (me la) to go for viewings.
E is especially very mad at me for procrastinating with regards to taking the driving refresher's course.
I went to BBDC liao to register like a month ago?
But just seem to not find the time to commit that 2 hours to practice driving.
If I'm not working, I'll be going for lunches/coffee with gfs or mom. 
Anything but go to BBDC.  
Parah betul la aku ni.
Ok soon soon.
*But I actually enjoy having them with me when I work during the weekends seh*
Sometimes, they (more like Mr E) will say,"Ok we have work to do. We go to the library. You meet us when you're done."
To see this sight after my work is very comforting you know. :)

Alina is right now very busy with her New Paper Face competition so she has sort of taken a back seat.
Click HERE.

Anyway, I wanna introduce to you my other team mates.
Basically, we activate one another when we cannot attend to viewings and appointments.
Say Hi to Hajar and Saat!
The 3 of us belong to the dynamic PREEMINENT GROUP-one of the youngest and leading teams in ERA Singapore.

This is too long overdue but the 3 of us had a  corporate photoshoot sometime ago with Tina, Jali and Azhar. Their links are over at my sidebar! :) Click away and add them on FB. They're so gerek I promise.

Everytime I go for an appointment, the first question I will ask my sellers will be:
And usually these are the common answers.


I must say that August is the month I take it slow, with the Hari Raya and all.
So the moment Hari Raya mood died down, we managed to close our Teban Gardens.

Like any other weekend, tomorrow us 3 will be busy with showings of the current listings.


Then, I used to get very panicky when my listings are taking quite sometime to sell.
"Alamak macam mana ni? Bila seh boleh jual?!!!! Aaaaargh."

But now, I am more relaxed because I have had the enriching experience of  selling homes that have to go through TWO rounds of valuation. Not to mention, burst deals too. But really got to give the credit to my clients for their understanding especially with the current challenging situations.

Napoleon Hill said "Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success."

So I believe that with my clients' and my team's patience, persistence and perspiration, if willed by the Almighty, we, in shaa Allah can achieve our aim of selling and purchasing one!
Gotta keep the faith always.

That said, if you have done your AIP with the bank or HLE loan and you're shopping for a home at Sengkang area, Jurong East area and Central area, come to our open houses then.
Just sms me at 97248866!

And I hope it ain't too late for my family and I to wish you SELAMAT HARI RAYA! Maaf Zahir dan Batin yo.
Have a good weekend.