Sunday, April 29, 2012

Love is like a butterfly.....

We had the 'Pearlies'.....

Now, let's give a welcome to the 'Butterflies'... :)

Designed by: Jali
Photography: Nyla and her Daddy E using I phone. :p

Just like the 'Pearlie', this off-white 'Butterfly' scarf is rectangular, measures 190cm by 80cm and material is cotton-lycra.

A piece is $33.

Only limited pieces are available.
A few have already been reserved by my close buds.

You like what you see, quickly email me at and I'll have this butterfly flutter your way. :)

Meanwhile, have a wonderful week ahead.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Terrific Tuesday

Early start for Tina and myself today.
It has definitely been a terrific and fulfilling Tuesday for us both.
All I can say is that.... do get a copy of Manja magazine next month k! :p
You readers will have a 'SURPLISEEEE"! Damn chio one. (Not me. The surprise!)
Thank you Kak Aizam!

Tina and I managed to lunch with Lin as well.
Everytime if I have photoshoot, Lin always will visit the studio one to kepo kepo.. eh give moral support to me. Heh!
Such an awesome friend you are Lin. *rolls eyes*
But yeah, sayang her. When I was pregnant with Nyla, she used to mail me pregnancy magazines every month. Sweet stuff this friend!

Moving on, since face already got make up, might as well do photoshoot for the new batch of "Like a pearl in its shell" scarves. Thank you my Tina for being an all rounder!
Make up artiste...Stylist....Photographer! Hehehe!

Ok, Nyla will be having her Malay show and tell next week so it is therefore compulsory to name the shawls in Malay this time. :p
I present you my latest babies!

Ungu.... Ku mencintaimu.....

Biru kehijauan....Saaaapppp.


Kuning emas

Merah Jambu

We couldn't translate peach to malay...
Nyla: Ok try crab then.
Hence, k.e.t.a.m.

As for the previous batch:
Click here.
I have left:
2 off white...
2 fuchsia...
4 coffee latte..
2 red..
1 grey (picture above with Lin)
1 canary yellow

Wore canary yellow shawl last Saturday for our storytelling session at Jurong East Library last Saturday.
If previously, Nyla would only read the dialogues part, now that she is a fluent reader, she took the lead last Saturday and did the reading aloud of the whole book on her own. Great job Nyla!
Mommy can now just sit back, relack jack and flip those pages.

Okay my ladies,
Each 'like a pearl in its shell' shawl (rectangular; measures 190cm by 80cm, material is cotton-lycra) is selling for $30 honeys.
Usual thing.
You like what you see, quickly email me at to 'chope' your shawl(s).

My ex colleagues will be coming later. So excited.
I love having guests over.

Time to cook.
See you at my mailbox k!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


My namecards are ready for collection. Yey!

I'm teaching today so I'll be going to the office tomorrow to collect them.

Also, the past few weeks, I have been collecting so many flyers for research purposes.

Now that I am a registered real estate salesperson, it is time for me to create my very own flyer.
I have already chosen my G.T.A (Geographical Target Area) so if you do spot my flyer around your neighbourhood, please don't throw away hor. :p

2 things here.

Either my flyer FLY away into the bin.
Challenge here is that people just toss flyers without even looking at them. :(


If done right, my flyer can make a huge difference and help me become a real estate HIGH FLYER!

Whatever it is, will apply the "Keep it short & sweet" principle.
After all, success lies in the simplicity, not complexity.
Let's give this a shot.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


If you're searching for a room to rent at Fernvale Road (love the serene neighbourhood!), look no further yo.

These 3 lovely home owners below are looking for an extra housemate!

There is 1 vacant common room at Blk 410A Fernvale Road for you!

Absolutely conveniently located.

*3-5 minutes walk to Fernvale LRT
(There is SBS Service 163, the only bus service to serve the residents of Fernvale/Anchorvale which plies between Sengkang Bus Interchange and Toa Payoh Bus Interchange.)
*Fernvale Point
*24 HRS Fairprice NTUC
*24 HRS Coffeeshop
*Prohealth clinic

Cleanliness also reigns supreme in this lovely home. :)

This green room is yours! :)

Mini Landlord Irfan will be the one doing the shortlisting of tenants!
So you all better entertain him well during viewing ah to score points. :p

Ok peeps do share this with your friends/relatives who are looking for a room.
Any queries, I'll gladly answer them.
Call me at 9 724 88 66!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Like a pearl in its shell Part 2

Gotta thank the amazing make up artiste Norazee for this.

She posted a picture of herself wearing my 'Like a pearl in its shell' scarf on her Facebook page and I received so many enquiries that I had to act on them.

My ladies, black, navy blue and pure white are totally not available. :(
But, I managed to get the other 2 colours!



Let's also say HELLO to new karers!

Coffee Latte Beige


Canary yellow


Each 'like a pearl in its shell' scarf (rectangular; measures 190cm by 80cm, material is cotton-lycra) is selling for $30 honeys.

Make up by:
Scarf designed by:
Photography by:
Zahren (for the red!)
Nyla (Budak kecik takleh main FB oi. :p)

I'll see you at my mailbox: ladies.
You like what you see, you quickly email me okay because there are limited pieces! :)

Friday, April 13, 2012


Finally, I am a registered Real Estate Salesperson.
I am extremely excited.
Worked very hard for this and will continue to climb the ladder with unbridled enthusiasm and unfailing determination. In Shaa Allah!

May my journey into the Real Estate Industry be a rewarding one.
Most importantly, may I represent my future clients: sellers/buyers/landlords/tenants with integrity, vision and amazing realty ideas.

Together with my clients as well as ERA's reputable branding, we shall unleash our REALTY dreams and ideas and turn them into REALITY. :)

Ok my peeps.
If you /relatives/friends intend to buy/sell/rent, feel free to call me.
The number is 97248866...Save it as 'Nura J ERA' on your hp yo. :p
Hear from you real soon.
Meanwhile, have a good weekend.

Monday, April 9, 2012


Morning Morning!
A lil something to make you ladies smile.

It's been a while since I've updated about fashion stuff.
My mom has been busy revising for her exams the past few weeks so yeap, didn't want to disturb her.

Yesterday, she called me.
Mom: Kin, Mak dah jahit few pieces of ponchogos.
Me: Ponchoga la Mak.
Mom: Ala sama la tu. Janji kau paham.

She can never get that 'ponchoga' right and Nyla will giggle everytime her Tok Mommy says 'ponchogo'. Heh!

Remember the Bollywood Ponchogas?
My sincerest apologies to those of you ladies who didn't get to own a piece of this the previous round.
Ok hope this happy news will make you smile.
We now have few pieces of:

And a few days ago I uploaded this picture of myself wearing a tie dye ponchoga over at Instagram. (Instagram damn fun or what?!!!)
Was pleasantly surprised to see you ladies enquire about this navy blue tie dye beauty.

Yes, since a couple of you expressed interest, I'll bring in these tie dye ponchogas k! :)

Alrightey, all the ponchogas are FREE size. (Fits S to L)
Each handsewn piece is selling at $55.

Another thing since I will be heading to Singpost, might as well collate orders for Nyla's books too! (Suitable for kids aged 3-8)
We still have The Big Good Wolf and Chickchickaboomz! [$25 inclusive normal postage!]

Brand new week and among the greatest of blessings is simply to be contented and happy for in happiness, with a clear mind, only then you can be a productive person yo. :)
Have an awesome week ahead you alls.

See you at k!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dumbcane & Daffodils

The past month, Jenn and I have been meeting up rather frequently.
One, to discuss about the Primary 1 workshop which was succesfully executed about 2 Saturdays ago.

Thank you to our lovely participants. :)

Two, we are currently teaching creative writing enrichment lessons at THREE primary schools now every week. Heavygoing but super fulfilling. Brings back such wonderful memories of classroom teaching.

Yes, I have received Facebook PMs and emails with regards to 'writing workshops' for you parents and kiddos. Will blog about that in the coming entries k.

For now, it is Sharing is Caring time. I have just finished reading this book,"Dumbcane and Daffodils- Timmy Tim Tales" recommended by Jenn.

Nyla is only at Chapter 6. Because this book is suitable for upper primary children, I read aloud to her 1 chapter a night. She's liking si Timmy (the central character) alot. Wanna know what is so special about this book other than the fact that the author (Viknesh) is local?
Viknesh embarked on this writing journey when he was 10 years old and 2 years later, in 2008, Dumbcanes and Daffodils- Timmy Tim Tales was published. So there, he is considered as a child author la! Just like Nyla.
So all the more we all must support!

I am all for young AND local talents! :)

So cute!

I would like to mention that this interesting book offers an ideal writing reference, especially for Primary 3 to Primary 6 pupils, as it exposes them to different genres like letter writing and diary entry.

P5s/P6s, think Situational Writing!

I especially applaud Viknesh for the effective use of dialogues in this book. I personally feel that dialogues can make a narrative come to life because a dialogue creates an action, since the characters are speaking. It can quicken the pace of a story....create tension.... etc. The word 'said' is often used by children when it comes to dialogues.
I totally dig Viknesh's variety! Lovely stuff I tell ya.

On this page alone, there are a few. 'uttered'...'responded'....'replied'.....and many more as you keep flippin' the book.

Viknesh is a big boy already now.

Sapppp Macho seh. :p

Currently preparing for his O level examinations, he is also looking forward to his upcoming book launch next month! Congratulations.

I admire his (
and mom's) dedication in reaching out to the masses with regards to 'Dumbcane and Daffodils-Timmy Tim Tales.' It has been a long journey for them both. Since 2008 leh. It's 2012 now and they are still 'swimmin'!

Viknesh's mom, Mohana shared with me something heartwrenching.
Mohana: Viknesh was very proud when the books were published. He was very happy because his schoolmates bought his books. Then overtime, he became sad because he still had balance of the books and they were collecting dust at home. :(

With the support of his parents, Viknesh then plucked up the courage and introduced his book in bookstores just early this year! Loving the Never-Give-Up attitude brudder!

I have already tele-chatted with Mohana, Viknesh's mom and ordered copies for my tutees.
I am most certain that my tutees' quality of their compositions will be enhanced after reading Viknesh's Dumbcane and Daffodils -Timmy Tim Tales.
One, because the language power.
Two, because they will definitely be inspired to write like Viknesh!

People, what Viknesh has accomplished is totally remarkable.

1 'Dumbcane & Daffodils -Timmy Tim Tales' book is $10 only.
Suitable for the P3/P4/P5/P6 children, do get it for your children, nieces, nephews, cousins, tutess, pupils.
Yeap, gonna do a 'repeat telecast'! : Books truly make the best gifts.

Email Viknesh's mommy [] to purchase a copy!
Remember to quote 'Nura J blog' for FREE normal postage.
Happy reading children....and if you are reading this aloud to the younger ones, happy reading aloud mommies and daddies!
I assure you it is an entertaining read.
Happy touching base with Viknesh and Mohana! :)