Saturday, July 25, 2009

Go Nyla Go!

"Mummy, It's oveeeerrrrrrrr!" cried the babe the moment she said goodbye to her friends!
The annual Chiltern House Sports Day was held yesterday.
It was Nyla's second time experiencing it but she enjoyed yesterday's more than last year's because the previous year, the sports day was cancelled due to the heavy rain and a make up sports day was thus held in the school premises. It was still fun but yesterday was simply superb! The kiddos (and the parents) enjoyed themselves (and ourselves) thoroughly.

Esman took leave. I postponed my tuition lessons to today.
Never mind the fact that I had to wake up early this morning to teach as long as I could attend my babe's school's sports day! Yeeha.
My many many thanks to my lovely and understanding tutees (plus parents who had to send them!) who didn't mind waking up early on Saturday to learn! You boys (and parents!) rock la.

Mdm Nura love ya all :)
Thank you-s once again.

Anyway, back to the Sports Day event, Nyla was as usual, being such an active an a sporty child looked forward to Sports Day.
Just like her mommy.
When I was a child/teenager, I could never have a good night's sleep on the eve of my Sports Day.
Too nervous. Too excited. Too scared I would emerge last. Paiseh abis! Thank God that never happened because just like Mr Jasni, the daughter also can run. Long distance? Can! Short Distance? No problem!
However I can't say the same though now. I haven't been running for so long and I intend to put on the running shoes once again because I have decided to join a marathon with Ray and I shall not disappoint her by giving up half way, panting and cekak pinggang all the way home.

Okay I am distracted again. Where was I? the main topic of discussion at home was about Nyla's Sports Day.
She demonstrated her zig zag runs, her one-metre dash across the hall, her balancing acts and what nots.
And the parents in turn practised to be her cheerleaders and we did not fail yesterday!

Nyla and her mates doing her warm up.
The daddy stretching. Sibok je!
Hmmm...Mommy, this orange thingy is like Miss Universe sash ya!
Okay la..I pose like a Miss Universe participant. How?
You think I can make it say in abt 20 years' time?
Sorry babe. Answer is NO.
Watch Nyla in action! Jiayou!
Go orange team go!

All that physical exercises are making us hunggrrryy.

I had to be sporting and took part in the Parents' Teachers' Race.
I did so 'well' Esman and everyone else had a great laugh. I'm sure. Chey!

Goodbye Hugs Time

With teacher Masita.

With teacher Rozita.

And of course with her handsome sweetheart Shaun.
Meluatnya akuuuu.....
That's all folks!
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Childhood Sweethearts

The past week was no doubt very exhausting but definitely the most fun!
For the first time ever, we stayed out and up till late on a weekday night at my dad's and uncle Sam's restaurant.
Initially, I thought of ciao-ing early but looking at the babe having such a blast, this mommy decided to extend the happy hours. We only reached home at midnight.
See. Somebody was having so much fun that her head had to tilt on boys' shoulders. Tsk Tsk.

Then, last Saturday, we were also invited to Nyla's classmate's birthday party.
Now people, this classmate is not an ordinary classmate ya.
He is her special one.

Shaun's sister, Shaun and Nyla at Dreamworld, Gold Coast.
No ,we didn't go on holiday together. We bumped into one another!
This little mak nenek was so delirious with excitement she posed like a pengantin di atas pelamin!

My girl is extremely fond of Shaun...

So gatal that if she sees any gown at any shopping centre, she'll squeal,'Mommy, I want to wear this when I get married to Shaun."
So miang that if she sees a handsome actor on TV, she'll say,"So handsome... Like Shaun."
So mentel that just recently she told Esman that he can go rest in peace (yes, die!) because Shaun will be able to look after her. Riggghhhhtttttt.

Anyway, Nyla was excited about the party from the moment she received the invitation card and I RSVP-ed almost immediately because I didn't want to disappoint my cheeky girl and also set a good example to her that we should not procrastinate. :P
On that very day itself, she looked through her wardrobe and selected the dress she wanted to wear at the party.
What else but the getai red dress?!
This is the current dress of the month! So expect, 'repeat telecast' of her in this.

At age four, my babe has decided to fire me and the dad as her fashion stylist. (not that we have been doing a great job anyway! lol!)
So, whatever you see her wearing from now onwards is her own personal style.
Well, I have to admit that the dress did look good on her..... until she wore her Converse sneakers.
Wardrobe malfunction abis. I know.
I tried to convince her to wear heels or boots but she flatly refused.

Then she said this,"I wanna look like Bella."
FYI, Nyla loves Twilight. (And Mommy loves Robert Pattinson!)
I remembered watching The MTV Movie Awards with the babe sometime ago and yes, Kristen Stewart wore sneakers on the red carpet.

Well, so that look inspired my 4 year old babe to dress up like this to the party.

Well my curly wurly, as long as you're happy, sweetheart!
PS: Trust me babe, you'll cringe when you see this when you turn 16!