Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our 8th in "Japan" :)

When I found out about Chako Japanese Restaurant, I was so elated can?
1) Near home.
2) Hong Leong Gardens used to be my playground when I was young.

From last time, it was very quiet kind of place. Now, even quieter.
ghost town.
Those of you not familiar with the area, you might even find Hong Leong Gardens a lil bit secluded.

When we entered this tiny restaurant owned by a Japanese mix Malay family, it felt like a 'home sweet home' kind of feel. That plus we felt like we were in Japan. Feeling mau lebih beb. :p

Nyla (Yes, she tagged along) who is really into the "Hachiko" dog movie even called this a "Hachiko" Restaurant.
Couldn't bear to leave Nyla at mom's because she is a fan of Japanese food.

Anyway, I made a reservation the day before and one of the daughters, Yumi, emailed me the menu and advised me to 'pre order' so that her mother (Yes she's the main chef!) can prepare the ingredients and whatnots.
Well, when we arrived, our food weren't ready.
They will only start cooking when you arrive, it seems.

And that the sauces were made from instant bottled sauces kind of thing.

Hokay...No sweat.

Now, if you all are the impatient kind, then this small restaurant ain't for you because the waiting time is long.
no reception/WIFI so cannot play with your phones.
We reached at 7.45 p.m and only left at 10 p.m.

But since yesterday was our anniversary, both E and I were at our best behaviours. lol.
No sighing. No tsk tsk tsk. Don't wanna spoil mood mah.
In fact, we enjoyed waiting for our food to arrive one by one in between our chats.
Yah, that lamppost (Nyla) also joined in our conversations.

Okay doks, feast your eyes time hunnehs!
I show you pictures of the food that made our tum tums smile wide wide. :)

Licinz within 5 minutes.

Apparently, Makansutra King Seetoh also did a review for Chako.
Read here.

Ok, sharing is caring so here goes!

Restaurant Chako
134 West Coast Way
Hong Leong Garden Shopping Centre
Singapore 127064
Tel: 6776 3919 / 6776 4613

Chako, thank you for the unique and authentic Japanese home cooked meals!
Akak Nura J kasi 5 0. :p

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  1. Looks tempting!It's definately one of the must-try Japanese food! Now i must find time to try out this place. Thanks Nura. : )