Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ga Ga

Cool Tuesday here over at Pandan Gardens! :)

Last Sunday, I launched The Excluzif Ponchos and my, did these babies receive such tremendous response. Thank you my readers, friends on Facebook and Twitterettes for the support. I promise to bring in more ponchos as well as other stylish designs! :)

In just 2 days, ALL ready- stock pieces were snapped up! Praises to The One Above.
So proud of my Puan Rokiah too.
She's just amazing.

The first colour to be sold out was the 'Ocean' Turqoise.

While I was browsing through the photos the day before the launch, Mr E's nephew, Hassan, saw the Turqoise and went 'Wow!'

Aunty Nura, this one sure very popular.

He was absolutely right.
So, I dropped him a message.

Yuppedydoo. He is a Lady Gaga fan, judging by that 'Born This Way' remark!
Thing is I never expected him to be that huge a fan until I saw him write on Singtel's wall over at Facebook.

LOL! This just blew me away!
Hasssaaaan, DYIIINNNNGGGGGG ke pah? *LOLgoleksampaiterbalik!*

So if any of my readers here working at Singtel, I would like to do a good deed for my Hassan boy! He has been a wonderful nephew and cousin to Nyla. Everytime I go to Sengkang, he'll slam Nyla's Justin Bieber and gagafy Nyla!

Could you please tell me how to increase my nephew's chances of securing a ticket to Lady Gaga's showcase on 7 July? He is a Singtel subscriber! Do drop me an email at nuraesman@gmail.com!
Thankkkkk youuuuuu!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Good Sunday morning all.

I have a surprise for you but first, I would like to share with you how I actually started dipping my toes in the 'fashion' waters.

It all started with this family photoshoot taken by Hazmee.

After I posted the above picture (as well as other pictures Hazmee took) on Facebook and blog, I received emails from a couple of ladies with more or less the same question.

"Where did you get your white toga dress from, Nura?"

Answer: My mom sewed the dress for me.

And then they replied the email and asked, " Your mother take orders?"

Eureka moment for me.

It has been about a year and I must say that my mom makes the best business partner. She truly is immensely talented in sewing. Whatever ideas I have in my head, whatever toga designs I draw, she can sew one. Like got magic wand like that.

So, we started with the Maxi togas...

And then the minis....

Followed by the onesies....

And the oneskirts....

Thanks to the feedback from our hijabnistas, we 'hijab-ified' the togas. :) Waves at Sabby (and Hajar!)

Besides The Excluzif Togas, we also came up with The Excluzif Evening Wear....

My babes, so I have a surprise for you today. Click here for clue. :)

Thank you for the make up Lynn. :)

Read the link already?

Gonna summarise the article you read.

Ponchos are:


-You can wear with jeans, leggings, shorts, skirts, tube dresses...To the beach...movies...parties...


-For the young and old alike


-Ponchos are perfect on EVERY body. The stick thin...The plus-sized...The preggers... The breastfeeding moms...

Without further ado, I would now like to present to you beautiful ladies our...


My hijabnistas, this one's for you sisters! :)

I am loving The Excluzif Ponchos very much. Loose fitting, comfortable and stylish! Hides all the fats! Woots!

Ladies, The Excluzif Ponchos (cotton-lycra material) are FREE SIZE and a piece is going for just $55!

Available colours are 'Midnight' Navy Blue, 'Cloud' White, 'Cream' Beige and 'Ocean' Turqoise.
Thank you Nyla for doing the colour coding. Heee!

Hokay babes, you know where to get this latest Excluzif beauty.

Email me at nuraesman@gmail.com :)
See you at my inbox!

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Daily 10 JULY Issue

The Daily 10 JULY issue (Primary 6 Maths) is really really really really really special because the questions (and answers!) are constructed by The Bottoms Up Club tutees during the June holidays.
They have worked very hard setting and vetting one another's questions they deserve a super duper kaaaapppiaaaaakkk on their backs.

They have been super duper hardworking 'exam setters' the past month, trying to outdo one another on whose questions are the most challenging and tricky. Funny yet heartwarming sight.

Mdm Nura is very proud of you, Bottoms Uppers! :)
Back to school for ya all next week!

If you are keen to order The Daily 10 JULY issue (For Primary 6 pupils), please email me at nuraesman@gmail.com
1 set is just $9.90.

Also do indicate whether you would like the Standard or Foundation version ya. :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I feel honoured to return to be one of the models (my 7th year!) for, in my personal opinion, the most well known in the retail apparel market for the Malay market in Singapore, ‘First Lady.'

A brand synonymous with excellent quality, current designs at affordable prices.

Mommas Alfarahizah Awangnit and Deanna Manto, you both were terribly missed. :(

Hari Raya mood! Woots Woots!Such vibrant colours this time! Nice right? Each of us girls changed a total of 14 times so there are plenty more to ogle at. Wait for the television commercial ya!

After every modelling assignment, Nyla would wait and make sure she removes my fake eyelashes! She wants to be 'eyelash remover' when she grows up now.

Speaking of modelling stints and whatnots, my cheeky pretty girlies (aged 15-23) better listen up sweetlings!

The New Paper New Face Competition is here, hence continuing its quest to discover fresh faces in the modelling and entertainment industry. I personally feel that among all the beauty contests organised, The New Paper New Face wins hands down in terms of the quality of the babes.

You read about the recent Miss Singapore World hopefuls? Errrrrr. You know I know la ah.

Those of you who tried and didn't make it the previous years, try again! 2011 might just be your year!I tried in 2000.... REJECTED and I promised myself that I would be featured in their exclusive fashion spread in The New Paper so in 2002, I tried again, this time, SUCCESSFUL
I still keep the newspaper articles in a file. :)

Man, the 2-3 months of being in the 'academy' was a total blast! We girls were fortunate to have attended 'workshops' by the first ever New Face winner, Angelique Nicolette Teo. I remembered her sharing with us hopefuls,"There won't be a question and answer segment during the contest so the personality has to shine through body language." We also learnt runway/ catwalk skills by the absolutely stunning Charmaine Harn and and and how can I forget Mr Daniel Boey, Singapore's top show producer. I have the most utmost respect for him.

And girls, if you get into the top 20, rest assured your stomach muscles will tend to overwork thanks to the hilarious Yeoh Wee Teck!

Miss Singapore Universe 2007 Jessica Tan was my batchgal. She won 'Best Smile' awarded by M1. If there was a runner up position for Best Smile, I'd probably win that since I was also chosen to model for M1 alongside Jessica. :p Yah I know, not shy hor me. Dunch care! Anyway, that was my first biggest paycheck(4 figure sum) ever for just a few hours of work.

Excited already?
Now, the New Paper peeps will be going on a 'New Face' hunt this Saturday, 1pm at Orchard Central so gals, here is my advice:
Minimal make up. Dress up nicely. Smile and you'll get spotted surely! Confirm. Double confirm!Good luck girlies. See you on The New Paper ya. ;)

Lots of love
Nura J EsmanThe New Paper New Face Alumni Year 2002 :)
PS: You can also nominate your friend/cousin...etc. Click here to find out more.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So you think I CAN'T cook?

It is absolutely funny how most people look at me and instantly assume I cannot cook.
Any of you can tell me how a person who can cook look like? You all damn bad leh.

Here are some of the insults I have faced.

"Sure or not this one you cook? Or you tapao from West Coast and pretend you cooked?"

"You can cook meh?"

"WOAAAATTT. You cooked this?!"

"So which instant packet paste you use?" -(Wahlao. I pound here, pound there, you all think I use the instant one!")

"No wonder!"
-when my dishes didn't turn out to be delicious. :S

Yes, I can cook okay!The most domesticated woman in the world I may not be but oi I am able to whip up dishes that are more complicated than instant noodles hor. And and and I can bake as well hokay. *kening naik naik*

To believe me, I guess you need me to show you pictures right! Here they are. Mom and Mr E if you're reading this, now you know why everytime I snap pictures after I cook! Heeee!

My online momma friends specifically Kin, Wana, Yati and Vi, thank you for sharing the recipes with me. I am what I am today as a better cook because of you all! :)

Mommy, if you're reading this, you proud?

Mr E, just pick a dish from the pictures below and I'll whip it for dinner later.

My bro Jambi and you all who think I cannot cook, SUCK IT! Muahahahah!

Enjoy the mouth watering pictures peeps!

Beef soup with rice.

Indonesian Fried Rice





Ok la ok la! The 2 dishes above are not my 'creations' la! I just miss Jakarta and I'm kinda hungry now and really feel like eating those 2 dishes..

Let's get serious now! From now onwards, whatever you see is I COOK ONE hor!

Gonna start with Nyla's food. Nyla used to be a really fussy eater when she was young. However, overtime, I'm so glad that she is not difficult anymore! Thank God! And I'm very happy that she eats vegetables.

When she doesn't have the mood to finish her food or eat her greens, I'd always tell her," But they want to join their family in your tummy, Nyla. They do not want to end up in the garbage can."

Works everytime.

Lady's Finger Fishy Rice.

Lady's Finger + Brocolli+ Fishball Rice

Tuna + Brocolli + Carrot Rice

Salmon + Carrot Rice

And let's now move on to Mr E's dishes.

Seafood Aglio Olio

Maggi Mee Goreng

Chicken curry + Butter Rice

Fishball + Beancurd + Brocolli + Carrot Soup (Favourite dish on rainy days!)

Ikan Lemak Cili Padi

Prawn Aglio Olio

Chicken Soup

Sambal Sardines

Sabsuka ( My ultimate favourite!)

Ayam Masak Kicap

That's all folks! And, I am very open to new *easy* recipes so if you have, please do email me k!

Sharing is caring whaaaattttt.

It's lunchtime already! Enjoy your lunch. :)