Monday, January 19, 2015

Girl or Boy?

Nyla is assuming (and firmly believing) that she will be getting a brother.
In shaa Allah! Amin Amin Amin!
Honestly, girl or boy, as long as healthy.
Amin Amin Amin!

Back to Nyla...
To the point she has never addressed this baby as 'she' la...'her' la.... and obviously 'sister'.
From the very beginning.

Me: She's probably going to have curly hair like you last time, Nyla!

How adorable is this????!!!!!!!!! Ma shaa Allah!

Nyla: He, you mean.

Ok boys and curly hair don't really go (time kecik cute, but teenage wise, good luck with styling!)

E: Say, when your sister arrives, you have to be responsible and show good example, Nyla.

Nyla: Brother la daddy.

And whenever someone judges the gender by the shape of my tummy and tells me,"Another girl!"...Nyla will surely say to me, "Nope she's wrong."

So we finally sat her down and went "What's up babe?"

Nyla: I want to be the only granddaughter.
Me: But you're not. Daddy's side has both grandsons and granddaughters.
Nyla: Ya but I still have chance to be the only one on YOUR side. Tok daddy says that I am his favourite granddaughter.
E: He says that cos you're the only one what.

So we slow talked to her and prepared her but at the same time she also negotiated and told us to just assume we will be getting a boy until the detailed scan's revelation.
I kept my word as per seen in this message about 2 months ago.

Last part made me LOL at the hospital.
Nyla is just so hilarious I cannot take it sometimes.
Dia very adamant kan about the boy part. Persistent.

Baby ain't out yet, but already she is showing a lot of love and responsibility.
No no, she's not the mushy mushy kind, will rub my tummy and coo "Alaaaa cayang cayang" all.
She aint like that.

If she sees me carrying stuff, she will say, "Come pass me. I carry."
Never mind that her body will tilt sideways because the load can be heavy for her.
Then at night, she will remind me to take my vitamins and if I say I'm sleepy, like a nagging mother, she will say,"I don't know what to say la Mommy. Up to you la." 
Works everytime because I'll head to the kitchen immediately.

Speaking of kitchen, friends and families have been advising me to eat more.
And so I cultivated the habit of eating small meals constantly like every 2-3 hours kind to the point E is getting a lil correction...annoyed.

Me: Hungry ah.
E: But you baru makan tadi!!!!
Me: Ya but dah 2 jam pe.
Nyla: Ya daddy, mommy needs to eat. (Told you, she's good. My lawyer.)

Now that everything is back to routine for most people with families back from back to school, I've been occupied with real estate appointments, viewings and presentations. Nyla seldom follows me around because now that she's in P4, she comes home late weekdays and she really loves home sweet home.
More like she wanna do crafts whenever she's free.

I will be lying to you if I say I'm not tired.
I pant quite easily now.
Padahal tak naik tangga pon.
So every opportunity I get to sit, I sit.
Once am in the car, I will lie down....or take selfie. Bahahaha.

Really don't know whether it's pembawaan budak or maybe it has been 3 years I've been in real estate, but I feel like my patience is running thin with co broke agents who get to me.

Like yesterday, a co broke agent brought his buyers for viewing. He's a nice chap ok.
It's just me.

So I'm supposed to handle the viewing and show his buyers around the home I'm marketing.

Some agents, niat dorang baik, they will just take the lead and handle the viewing la.
But yesterday when he tried to do that, I flipped la.
Like, no way I'm gonna stand like some tongok and watch you present MY house.
Over protective kan.

"BRO, I HANDLE CAN? THANKS YA!" And I pulled his buyer's hand, "Come I show you..."
Dengan hidung kembang kuncup all. Lol.
Alina also gave me a "Whats up sister look?" but nope I was so so so into my role of a seller's agent no one can interfere.
Strange. Now, as I looked back, macam funny pulak.

Alright, got to stop now and answer this important enquiry.

Ok ok I know. Battery HP low. Tengah charging pe. Hehehehe.
Make your Monday rock korangs.
Any enquiry feel free to call or SMS or whatsapp 97248866.

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