Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nyla and Justin Bieber MTV!

Thanks Nura Manaf for this.
Way too too funny.
Cannot take it because cannot make it! LOL!

Monday, April 25, 2011

CCBook :)

Hey all!
I am at the library now doing as much work as possible before my parents pass back Nyla to me.
Nyla spent the night with them.
Last night, she just refused to go home with me and Mr E... (much to our delight! Nyeyeheheheheeheheh!)

Anyway, I have a meeting with the peeps from Jurong Bird Park tomorrow as we finalise the details of the book launch of Chickchickaboomz!
As much as we will be celebrating Nyla's 6th birthday on 21 May, we will also be celebrating the 'birth' of our 2nd book, Chickchickaboomz.
Very exciting, indeed.

Really heartwarming to also have the peeps from Julia Gabriel Centre for Learning on board on that special day.
Their extremely talented educators, Shane and Frances, will delight audiences with their special style of interactive storytelling using music, songs and drama.
They will also be 'training' Nyla because she is going to be included in the storytelling session.

I think I should also let you know more about Chickchickaboomz.

With The Big Good Wolf, Nyla would like to eliminate the negative attitudes towards wolves in general.
In The Three Little Pigs.. wolf 'ngap' the plump piggies.
In The Little Red Riding Hood...wolf' ngap' the grandma (Then spit her out. Boleh gitu?!)
In The Boy who cried Wolf.... wolf 'ngap' the sheep.

And then with Chickchickaboomz, Nyla specifically told me she wanted her next story to be about a family of animals.
Now, I could just leave it as that. A normal entertaining read.

However, as an educator who is obsessed with learning outcomes, I feel that I could 'add more stuff' to Chickchickaboomz.
Hence, I decided that Chickchickaboomz be an edu-taining read.

Nyla has done a fantastic job with the story part.
Mommy Nura will add fun facts about ostriches on every page.

Here is an example...



What I have shown you is just 1 fact.
There are going to be more fun Ostrich facts you never knew in the later pages!
Really interesting stuff.

When I read the book aloud to Nyla's classmates at Chiltern House, their eyes widened everytime I shared with them a fun fact about ostriches.

Peeps, here are the confirmed details of our book launch!

Venue: Song Bird Terrace, Flamingo View at Jurong Bird Park

Date: Saturday 21 May, 2011

Time: 2.30 P.M to 3.45 P.M

And, if you love animals and are passionate about wildlife conservation just like Nyla, do join her in her quest in conserving endangered native wildlife as well as taking care of the natural environment so that wildlife will have a habitat.
50 percent sales proceeds of Chickchickaboomz on 21 May at the Jurong Bird Park will be donated to the Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund! :)

Do join their Facebook Page here for updates about Jurong Bird Park...Singapore Zoo, Night Safari..

So when you head to Jurong Bird Park with your family this 21 May, there are just so many things to see and do! Gonna be a memorable experience for our kids, definitely.

Do start early ya!
Come I plan for you your itinerary....

10.30A.M.: Reach and buy admission tickets.
11.00A.M.: Birds and Buddies Show
11.30 A.M. - 1.30 P.M. : Walk around Pelican Cove....Parrot Paradise...Penguin Coast..Swan Lake...Dinosaur Descendants (Got Chickchickaboomz here! Heee!) etc...
1.30 P.M. - 2.30 P.M. : Lunch and recharge.
4.00 P.M.: Kings of the Skies Show (Newly launched!)

Your children will get to see their favourite feathered friends....learn more about them...have fun at bird shows....be entertained during the book launch with the interactive storytelling session...and also do their part in conserving endangered native wildlife as well as taking care of the natural environment, so that wildlife will have a habitat!

We cannot wait to see you and your kiddos on 21 May! :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I'm not referring to that entertainment programme on E Channel. (My favourite though! Hee!)

In a way , this one is also E Channel . In this case the 'E' stands for Education.

Now, Maths is a subject some may love and others ...hate.
Unfortunately most of the pupils and tutees I have taught before and still teaching do not really fancy Mathematics.
The tricky thing with Mathematics is even though you have grasped the basic Maths concepts, you cannot just sit down and do nothing about it.

You have to be exposed to as many Maths sums as possible.
The more you practice, the better you will be at Mathematics.

It is high time I reach out to more low ability children out there, other than my Bottoms Uppers.

Parents and Educators, do you agree that IT IS SO FREAKING DIFFICULT TO GET FOUNDATION MATHS (or even English/Science, for that matter) ASSESSMENT BOOKS!

I personally feel that the reason you don't find piles and piles of FOUNDATION assessment books is probably the publishing companies feel that it will not be commercially viable for them.

My readers, if you have friends...cousins...whoever...whose kids are taking PSLE this year, I beg you: Please share this entry with them.

What I am about to reveal is something that has been tried and tested with my former upper Primary pupils and The Bottoms Up Club tutees.

The only difference is I'm starting earlier this time.
I used to only 'unveil' THE DAILY TEN to my kids in June.

However this time, after discussing with my team members from The Bottoms Up Club, we have decided make The Daily TEN available to as many Primary 6 low ability pupils as possible!


THE DAILY TEN consists of 10 questions which review everything learned up to Primary 6. (Eg: Whole Numbers / Fractions/ Decimals/ Percentage/ Angles…)

With THE DAILY TEN, your son/daughter/cousin/niece/nephew/sister/brother/tutee will have to glue their butts to the chair and tackle the 10 questions independently every single day.

Parent: WHAT? But my child is already so occupied! I already put him to tuition. Every day he is having remedial lessons. Can he cope with THE DAILY TEN?

Don’t worry Sir/Ma’am. The 10 questions in each sheet of THE DAILY TEN are manageable. Your child can do this while having his Nasi Lemak breakfast… Your child can do THE DAILY TEN before he can get to play the computer or block catching with his friends…. Your child can do THE DAILY TEN in the car if he is stuck in a traffic jam on the way to JB….

Parent: Must I mark the paper? I very busy one you know. Somemore, my Maths is half past six.

Relax! An answer key will be provided. For questions that are deemed a little tough, a step by step method will be included in the answer key.

Parent: Any problem sums? My son ah very weak in problem sums one leh.

Yes of course. Must be ‘holistic’. Questions 1-8 short and sweet kind of questions. (MCQ/Short answer kind) Questions 9 & 10 will be problem sums which will require a little bit more of thinking. With regards to problem sums, I always tells the kids: “You need to think harder…work harder to earn your 4 / 5 marks, children.”

So, with THE DAILY TEN, our children will know that they are required to do a worksheet a day.

Now, imagine....

Today is 1st of May.

Your child will take the worksheet dated 1 May (That's 152 days to PSLE by the way! Yes, I included 'COUNTDOWN TO PSLE' thingy on every sheet of paper.)

He/She will take MAXIMUM 30 minutes to complete.

Then together, you look through and discuss the answers. Do refer to the answer key provided.

All done? Now, give each other a HIGH 5 and a BIG TIGHT HUG.

The next day, (and the next and the next and the next etc) repeat the steps above. :)

Cultivating a good habit of practising Maths every day? CHECKED!

Sense of responsibility? CHECKED!

Parent and Child Bonding? CHECKED!

With this routine, we are encouraging children to be disciplined and independent learners. PSLE is just 5 months away.

With our beloved children doing the May, June, July, August, September issues of THE DAILY TEN consistently,

they are tackling 10 questions a day.

That amounts to 300 questions a month.

By the time, they sit for PSLE, they would have had the experience of tackling ONE THOUSAND AND FIVE HUNDRED questions! Fuuuuh!

They say....'An apple a day keeps the doctor away."

In this case....


So parents/educators/aunties/uncles/brothers/sisters/ of Primary Sixers who are taking Foundation Mathematics and struggling in Standard Mathematics, THE DAILY TEN is highly recommended for them!

Our MAY issue of The Daily 10 is now available at my blogstand.

We will be mailing out our May Issue from 26th April onwards!

Each issue of THE DAILY TEN is just $9.90!

If you would like to subscribe to the MAY issue of The Daily TEN, please email me at nuraesman@gmail.com

PS: In July and September, our team from The Bottoms Up Club will be emailing our subscribers a MOCK PSLE MATHS EXAM.

Peeps, together, let's help eradicate the number of 'U' graders!

And I'd like to end with this quote found inside Professor Amy Chua's book I read recently titled 'Battle Hymn Of the Tiger Mother' :
"Every day that you don't practice is a day that you're getting worse.

Kiddos, it's "PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT" TIME! Remember...Maths is a subject which requires consistent practice and attention. And THE DAILY TEN will assist you in building up your stamina.

I'm confident that THE DAILY TEN will help you ace your Mathematics...You (and your parents) will smile when you receive your PSLE results...just like my previous pupils and tutees!

Monday, April 18, 2011

WARNA 94.2FM "Tamu Warna Petang" Interview

Last Friday evening, Nyla and I were invited by the absolutely sweet duo, Nona Kirana and RZ to chit chat about "Parents' role in introducing New Media to their children".
I am very familiar with the 'New Media' topic... having shared about it before at seminars at libraries.

Thanks to The Right Spin peeps! :)


Not forgetting 938 Live's "The Living Room" segment with Pamela Ho.
You might want to check out her blog too.

as well as "Primetime Morning" on Channel News Asia.


My neighbour, MasterWann, is very kind to share this link with me! Thanks dear!
So for those of you who have missed that live interview, here it is!
Those of you who tuned in, thanks heaps.

Click here for Part 2!

Other than New Media, Nyla and I also managed to share with WARNA 94.2's avid listeners about the books we co-wrote together as well as the book launch which will be taking place at Jurong Bird Park on 21 May at 2.30 p.m.

Nyla is absolutely thrilled because we just received news that her music teacher from Julia Gabriel Centre for Learning will be present to conduct a storytelling session with her using music, songs and drama on that day!

So, mommies and daddies, d
o mark 21 May on your calendar and bring your kiddos to the Jurong Bird Park.

Just pay the entrance fee: Adults ($18) Child above 3 ($12) and you get to have fun, learn facts, meet feathery fri
ends as well as be entertained at CHICKCHICKABOOMZ book launch yo!

Once again, Thanks Nona and RZ for inviting us.
Such a wonderful duo. They made the both of us feel so comfortable. :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Momsy Day Treat by Harnies Beauty


1) People, do not email me your 'compo' okay! Instead, click on COMMENTS and type in the comment box! So if you have realised that your dedication is not published here, do copy paste what you have emailed me to the comment box.*

2) My family members who wanna try to be funny and enter this contest, I AM SORRY TO INFORM YOU THAT YOU ALL ARE AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED. So, my cousins and nieces, you know why your comments were not published. Panjang lebar lak tu! LOL! Paiseh ah. Harnie say cannot kelong. :p

I had been suffering from shoulder ache for quite sometime already and Harnie has been pestering me to come to her aesthetic hut for their Ginger Healing Massage treatment.
So last Monday, I decided not to do any work and head down to Harnies Beauty.
I'm glad I went.
If you ladies feel all achy, do consider the Ginger Healing Massage. Only $50.

After the massage session, while chit chatting about the coming Mother's Day, being an extremely kind person that she is, stunning Harnie brought up the idea of giving a treat to ONLY my blog readers.

So lovelies, listen up!

Mother's Day is approaching right in a few weeks' time.

You wanna give your special woman a treat? Be it Mother...Wifey...Grandmother....etc.

All you have to do is: Post a comment to this entry by using this starting liner:
"The woman who deserves to be pampered is my ________. She ______________________________________________."

Word limit: 100 words

If your comment is the most creative/touching, your special lady in your life stands a chance to win:
1st Prize: Whitening/Radiance Facial worth $120 OR De-stress Rejuvenating Massage worth $85

2nd Prize: Decleor Exfoliating Gel worth $67

3rd Prize: $20 Harnies Beauty Voucher

So whatcha waiting for peeps, let's pamper your special lady a little on her special day just as she pampers you all year round. Click on 'Comment' and unleash your creativity. :)

Closing date is 5pm on next Wednesday, 27 April!

Judge Harnie will choose her top 3 comments and then I shall reveal the winning entries on May 2!

When you click on comment right after this, remember to start with...
"The woman who deserves to be pampered is my __________. She ___________________________________________________"

Bear in mind the word limit of 100 words okay! :)


Panyee FC short film

Two Sundays ago, during our full house PSLE Oral workshop, Jenn and I showed this video to the parents and children. So here I am sharing this inspiring, feel-good video which gives goosebumps kind with my beloved readers. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My unborn child

Earlier, I was sitting alone when a makcik approached me.
She said,"Anak satu je Nura?" (Only one child Nura?)
I just nodded and smiled.
As she walked away, I suddenly felt sad.

Not many of you may know this but Mr E and I would have been parents to 2 kids.
I suffered a miscarriage in early 2006.

If that child were alive today, he/she 'd be 5 years old this year....
and would definitely be Nyla's 'bestest' friend ever.

The second pregnancy was exactly like my first. No puking whatsoever.
And just like when I was carrying Nyla, I craved for Nasi Lemak every day.

However, unlike the first pregnancy, I had spotting. When I went for check up, my gynae, Dr Han How Chuan (I love him!) found the heartbeat to be very strong and told me there was nothing to worry. Probably implantation bleeding....
Everyday there would be brownish discharge. But I had no cramps so I wasn't worried or panicky. Besides, with second pregnancy, my kancheongness level kind of dipped big time.

On that fateful day...
I was teaching my Primary 6F pupils, I felt the urge to go to the toilet so I excused myself. When I went to pee, I was shocked to see fresh red blood in the toilet bowl. Deep down, I knew my second child was gone. I searched for a colleague who ever miscarried and showed her my stain. Immediately, she told me that shed take over my class and told me to go to the hospital. I declined her kind offer since I only had 10 minutes left of teaching with my class before my free period. So as I continued teaching, I saw my principal and vice principal at my classroom door telling me they would take over and I pack up and go to KK. Yeah, my concerned colleague, Veron told them. I was blessed with caring colleagues and superb leaders then. Very touched.

Called Mr E and he met me at KK. Dr Han saw me and when I told him there was fresh blood, immediately he pulled me to lie on that bed. Yeap, no galloping heartbeat sound. Dr Han looked real worried and asked his nurse for his glasses. "Come on... give us that blinking dot," I said to myself.
After what seemed like an eternity, Dr Han said,
"I'm sorry. No heartbeat Nura. Your baby's heart stopped 6 days ago."
I wailed so bad. Mr E teared as well.
My mom cried when I told her that I lost my baby. My elder brother, Bah too.

It was so hard to see the tiny baby and knowing that it had died about a week earlier.

Whenever I have my miscarriage flashback, I'd feel down.
Sweet indeed to imagine myself to be a mother of 2.
The babe would probably be an exact replica of Nyla.. Same vivacious personality..
Or opposite... Serious no nonsense kind. Either way, still cute man.

I'm sorry for the rather sad entry. I am only human.
You mommies and (preggers) know that love begins before a baby is born.
To my precious baby who never made it to the world to join Mommy, Daddy and Big Sis Nyla, we do think of you and miss you more than you could ever know.
Mommy is sorry for not making my womb a safe place to you, our precious.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Excluzif Toga OneSkirt

When Nyla saw the new design of The Excluzif Togas, she immediately said this," This toga is the sister of the onesie, right Mommy?"

In case you don't know how The Excluzif Toga Onesies look like, here they are.

And on this 'sew' beautiful Sunday, I would like to present you my new Toga Baby:

e Excluzif Toga OneSkirt :)
Me in 'Crabmeat' Excluzif Toga OneSkirt!

Just like The Excluzif Toga Onesies, a piece of The Excluzif Toga OnesSkirt which fits Size S to L, costs just $80.

Available in many colours too!

Email me at nuraesman@gmail.com if you would like to order one, pretties.
Meanwhile, enjoy your Sunday babes!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What lies beneath

I am growing out my bangs.

As much as I am tempted to cut 'em, I decided against it because beneath those fringe....is a family of pimples.

And then I read somewhere that bangs can cause forehead acne leh!


O man. :((((

So, lately I've resorted to exposing my forehead.

Minimise hair contact on my forehead as much as I can to repair my skin since the natural oils in hair can make pimples more difficult to control.

Dont mind that eyebrow ah.

My younger bro, Jambi, hates to see me wear the headbands...As if I care lor.

"Wahlau Kin, your forehead is so wide. I'm so tempted to slap it."

So rude one.

Anyway, I was very worried, called up my beauty sponsor, Harnie, and she summoned me to come to her aesthetic hut pronto.

Immediately, her therapists worked on my 'sick' face.

Massage...Next time, longer k! Steaming process. Bye Bye bad toxins...as well as making the extraction process easier.

Honestly, the extraction process was a little bit uncomfortable and painful. Now I know why they put cotton wool/tissue on my eyes....:to soak up my tears! Hahaha!

I was also worried that there would be redness on my skin after the facial, although I was reassured by Diana that mask would be applied right after and it would soothe the skin. She was right. The mask was so cooling on the face.

Post- treatment, I didn’t see any redness. Phew! My forehead area was also less bumpy and clearer. It has been about a week and I did not suffer from any breakout...although I was advised to come again for another follow up treatment next week. I sure come one Harnie!Knowing that I've been real busy with the upcoming book the past few weeks, Harnie was also sweet enough to let me try the "Intensive Eye Care treatment". Macam tau je I've been having little sleep lately. Thanks Harnie!

And ladies, the kind Harnie has come up with 'Intensive Eye Care PLUS Hydrating Facial" Promotion this month for my lovely readers. Only $75!

Go for it, I say!

Those of you in need of pampering do call 6 392 0623 to book an appointment (slots available on a first- come-first -serve basis) and make your way to Harnie’s Beauty located at 6A Jalan Pisang. (After that, go ZamZam eat martabak. Hehehe!)

Have a relaxing time there, dearies because ya'all deserve it! :)

Monday, April 4, 2011


I have ONE piece of evening wear kind of toga. (Super Excluzif one)

I also have another kind of toga design...

But I think it's best I reveal The Excluzif *Printed* Mini Togas first la ah!

I have 4 different designs.

Yup Yup! All LYCRA material and they are si bei comfortable!

Credits to my neighbour, MasterWann (photography) and Nyla (for coming up with the names! Got theme somemore!)

"Finding Nemo"

"The Lion King" (???!!!)





PRICE: $65

You know what to do, my ladies....

Quickly email me at nuraesman@gmail.com to chope!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Chirpy Birthday Party!

I have an awesome piece of news to share today!
(No hor, This one is NOT an April Fool's joke!)

Hokay, here goes!


Nyla's book title is 'Chickchickaboomz' right?

Chickchickaboomz is an ostrich......

Chickchickaboomz has many feathered friends like the eagle.."Tweety Bird" etc....

So basically, Chickchickaboomz is a 'birdy' book....






JURONG BIRD PARK has generously agreed to sponsor Nyla's upcoming 6th BIRTHDAY PARTY cum BOOK LAUNCH!

Nyla is super duper thrilled she is going to have a CHIRPY BIRTHDAY PARTY!

Mommies and Daddies, you should check out the awesome party package! It's a really ALL IN ONE package which includes party host, special gifts for all invited children, buffet meal and much more.

When we visited the party venue, we were in awe of the place and the view of the pretty pink flamingoes.

Nyla is especially looking forward to having a special bird singing bithday song to her during the show time!

Yes, the package also includes RESERVE SHOW SEATS for all guests! Like VIP like that!

My baby girl, you have worked hard for this and you truly, truly deserve it.

Congratulations Nyla! We are very proud of you!

All praises to the One Above.

6 year old local author, Nyla with 'Chickchickaboomz' on her head. Heee!

Mark this date on your calendars people: 21 MAY

The launch of 'Chickchickaboomz' will be held at Song Bird Terrace at 2.30PM on 21 May 2011!

A super duper family fun day is taking place on that day!

Yes, you might want to come earlier and bring your children visit the Bird Park's interesting highlights such as the African Waterfall Aviary, Pelican Cove, Penguin Coast etc and then join us for the book launch.

The book launch will be from 2.30PM t0 3.45PM. (I'll fill you peeps in with more details once they have been firmed up!)

If you think the party is over at 3.45PM, you're WRONG!


The admission rates are as follows: Adult ($18) / Child 3-12years ($12)

Let's all enjoy a great afternoon of family plus edu-taining fun at the Jurong Bird Park on Saturday, 21 May 2011.

It's gonna be one helluva CHIRPY day!