Thursday, November 21, 2013


School holidays are here and 2013 is coming to a close already.

And next year Nyla will be in Primary THREE! APA NI?????!

Last year, I blogged about the end of her Primary 1 journey.

Still remember her 1st day of Primary 1.
I wasn't around because I was attending my real estate course.
My brothers, mom and Bibik Juma handled it for me. (RAMAINYA KERABATZ!)

And Nyla....don't know why step macam baby on her first day of school.
She was wailing! Very apaaaaaaa je!

Still store this whatsapp convo with my bro.

Fast forward to a year later, man she has improved by leaps and bounds.

Sing on stage allllll....

She has done her school proud in the speech competitions she has competed in.

The first Qifa pupil to make it to the PESA finals.

This year has been a very busy year for Nyla so with regards to academic achievements, I don't push her.
School is meant to be enjoyable anyway.
The fact that she LOVES LOVES LOVES going to school, I really am very thankful.

However she did ask me whether it is compulsory to get number 1 in class this year.
My answer will be simple: Babe, as long as you have put in the effort, whatever position you will get, I will still get you a present.

Nyla: So if I last how?
Me: If you don't do your homeork or revision, then too bad, no present.
Nyla: Ok...If I study but still get last how?
Me: To Toys R Us we will go then.
Nyla: You say one ah?
Me: Yup.

Nyla and I  have a timetable actually.
Nyla cannot sit still for more than 30 mins.
Her attention span is short.
She gets bored very easily.
So every morning I will sit down with her and settle her English, Maths and Malay.
15-30 mins per subject with many breaks in between.
Her breaks will be dancing la....singing la....playing with Booo la...
With her, no such thing as doing assessment books with her for a few hours one. Impossible.
Will be torturous for her and me.

So how did she fare this year?
Nope, not number 1 in class like last year.

This year she is number 2.
I came late on her prize giving day. :(  Hence her sad face. Thank you Mdm Fadillah for snapping this.

Me: How? You ok?
Nyla: Ya. Makes sense what Mommy.
Me: What do you mean?
Nyla: Matching la. Primary 1=Number 1...Primary 2=Number 2....Primary 3= Number 3. Like that la.

I tell you already right. This girl is hilarious.

This year is also exceptionally sad because her form teacher of 2 years will no longer be teaching her.
Nyla loves to scribble and doodle.
I saw this on the last week of the school term.

She wanted to give a handwritten book to her beloved Mdm Goh as a farewell gift.

E and I stepped in to assist her in this. At least quality better la. Lol!

What's up with the 'e' you wonder?

Well Nyla was/is in Class 1E/2E mah....

The contents... Quite cute huh?

Next year onwards, Nyla will no longer be in the same class with her current classmates.
With her school, by the end of Primary 2, the pupils will be allocated to their classes in Primary 3 based on their abilities.
They are banded according to their overall English and Maths results.

It is going to be very competitive next year onwards for her in terms of academics because her class will consist of the top 40 of the cohort.
The more E and I won't care about which position she will be getting.

We are going to just maintain with whatever that has been working with Nyla.

That said, I know I should have done this earlier.
But it is better late than never.
Simply Islam OR Kids ALIVE?
Which one is more enjoyable?

Pls feel free to email me at for your honest feedback. Or if you have other better suggestions, let me know! Thanks korang!