Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My mother, my FIRST teacher in life

My younger brother, Jambi, was a very pampered child.
(He still is. Damn meluat okay.)

Jambi in red. From last time like to park that butt on my mom's lap. Maciam season parking.

When he was in kindergarten and primary school, to get him to do revision, my mother would sit him on her lap and help him with his work.
On his damn lazy days, my mother would even help him write okay!
So he said out his answers and my mother would write them down for him, 'forging' his handwriting!

He would enjoy these moments so much and would laugh during this study time with my mother.

I would roll my eyes every single time (Maybe jealous because he was having fun!) and told my mom to let him be independent. I was only about 12 then.  
Step kakak kakak ah sikit.

And everytime I tegur-ed my mom, same ol' same ol' reply.

"Biarlah Kin, Asalkan dia nak belajar."

Well, Mother knows best seh. 
His PSLE results were way better than mine in the end.
Looking back at the sacrifices my mom made for him, really, he gotta thank my mother for that amazing score seh.

Earlier today, I told Nyla to do a little bit of Malay revision.

"Alaaaaaaaaa. Why everyday must do one?" followed by loud sighs.

Instantly, I thought of my mom and Jambi's yesteryears.

"OK Nyla! How about this? I become your robot. You tell me the answers. I write them down for you!"

Nyla: Really? I don't need to write at all ah?!
Me: YES!
Nyla: ON Mommy. 

And with that, it was the most fun study time ever for not only Nyla, but me as well.
Thanks to the very FIRST AND BEST ever teacher in my life for this idea: My mother.

Friday, October 26, 2012

My first...

Just put Nyla to bed after watching Adam&Hawa Ep35 together.

I turned 30 on the 24th. Had a teeny weeny bit of 'turning 30 blues'.
I have another celebration tomorrow. 3 hari 3 malam, jangan marah ha.
Will blog about my birthday after tomorrow'scelebration k!

The day after my birthday was my first ever HDB first appointment.
Lovely start.
I was nervous prior to the 1st appointment.
Kept checking and rechecking the documents.
Coincidentally, E was scheduled to meet his student who is currently going through internship programme at Khoo Teck Phuat Hospital at 11 a.m. so he told me that he could drop me off first. Nice!

Nyla was most thrilled because no Mommy at home means she can do whatever she pleases.
Never mind, Mommy give you chance ah girl.

Jenna, my mentor, was present to guide me through my virgin experience. Thanks sis!
My clients, the sellers,  Suffian, Zuraidah and broke agent, Raymond and his client, buyer Eric, were all on time.

Sidetrack abit.
During 2007-2008, I was just like my clients. So yeah, I have been through the selling and buying before.

Sadly, the agents (husband and wife duo) who represented me and E (they also encouraged my parents to sell then) were only focused on selling our properties despite promising that they would help us (and my parents!) buy our next homes.
Once 2% commission received from us, no follow up, nothing.
E and I / my parents pretty much scrambled on our own to buy our current Pandan Gardens/ Yew Tee homes.

Poor thing man us. Sad story abis.

On the other hand, my co-broke agent, Raymond, has assisted Eric and his family with regards to both selling and buying. Follow through kind of agent.
No wonder he is successful and highly respected.
Must learn from him. So professional, committed and humble!

I intend to do the same with my current clients, In shaa Allah!

Ok back to all of us.
Just now at HDB Hub, it felt like a mini gathering.
From the very beginning, all of us were accommodating to one another and today, also same.
Really nice feeling la, I want to describe to you also difficult one.
Everyone is just easygoing la ah.
The collaborative energy earlier was just superb!
So today's 1st HDB appointment was a breezy one.
All praises to the One Above.

Now, not all my property stories the rosy kind.
Just last week, my Anchorvale Link's tenancy agreement was dissolved after only 4 months.
Fortunately for my client, the deposit was forfeited.
On top of that, the tenant had to also reimburse  the unexpired portion of the tenancy (part of commission) to my client.
Credit must be given to my co broke agent, Kavitha, for tackling these difficulties with dedication.

I foresee I will be busy with Anchorvale Link this coming weekend.
My clients will be away for a short holiday.
They have entrusted me with their keys and told me to go ahead with the viewings.
Not only that, they also gave me their beautiful vase.

E: Honey...You ah. Property agent or Karang Guni seh? You not pai seh ah?

People give mah. I take lor! But the vase is really pretty what.

Okay doks.
Back to real estate.
Here is my card.
 If you wanna sell/rent/buy, just callings.

The number was specially picked by the way.

9 7(lucky number 7) 24 (mine and Nyla's birthdate) 88 (lucky number also!) 66 (my birthdate 24 right?So, 2+4 = 6 mah..hehe!)

Ok time to sleep.
Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha you alls. Enjoy the long weekend. :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Feeling nostalgic

Just browsing the videos I uploaded at YouTube and came across this one.
Nyla, when she was in K1, promoting her first book,  The Big Good Wolf.

She is still as playful and as cheeky 2 years on.

This paper is not her school's one by the way. 

When she came across this question, she gasped.
I ignored her la cos sometimes this girl just carik chance to be distracted.

But, yeah, I LOL-ed big time when I checked her work.

Back to the topic of Nyla's yesteryears, there is something really wonderful I must share with you mommies who have babies and toddlers.

When Nyla was about a year and a half and I was still a civil servant, I actually embarked on a personalised Alphabet Book project.
Basically I just put together a picture book of objects that are familiar and interesting to Nyla.

So actually, The Big Good Wolf ain't our first book together.
Our first ever book was "Nyla's Alphabet Book." Hehehe.

I had a good time cutting out the pictures and Nyla was involved by pasting the pictures on the pages.
Sweet memories.
Come I show you.

It's actually very simple one.
Well sometimes the simplest things, especially ones that come from the heart, are the best and will always be cherished.
That being said, happy publishing your own personalised Alphabet book with your babies korangs! :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Help them BLOOM...not WILT

Dearest Primary 4 and 5 mommies and daddies,
Next year, your children will enter a very tough zone. (P5 and P6 respectively)
It's the exam period now and I wish your children the very best for their exams.

Sidetrack abit.

A week ago, Nyla brought home her mini test results.
Satisfactory. Not fantastic kind of results.
My mom was with me and she saw the paper.
Mom: Nyla...You're in Primary 1. You must get 95 above!

I flipped big time when I heard that because Nyla seemed to be pleased with her results when she showed us the paper.
Me: Mom, pls. She improved. Thats's a 4 marks improvement from her previous test tau Mom. Make a big deal of that instead pls.

That night, my mom was hurt because I snapped at her. (Oh Allah forgive me.)

Alhamdullilah, my mom and I are back to being 'members' liao. Phew.
Last night, I called her.

Me: Exam period. Quite stressed seh Mom. Hope Nyla does well.

My mother's reply touched me deep.
Mom: Budak tu baru Primary 1. Tak payah la kita stress. Whatever results she get, kita harus bersyukur. We value Nyla's effort, Kin. Academics not everything la. Janji budak tu happy.

This, coming from my mother. She used to put high expectations on me and siblings. (Only my elder brother exceeded her expectations then. Me and the younger one, hancur abis. lol. But we're redeeming ourselves to her now. At our own pace.)

Dearest mom,
Thank you for adapting to my style. For not resenting change.

Okay back to the purpose of the entry.

I may not be the best person to give advice. However, I need to let this out of my chest. If not, I'll feel guilty.
So here goes...

Should your child perform very poorly particularly for his/her Maths paper.
Please. I beg you on behalf of your innocent and clueless I'll-do-whatever-my-parents-instruct-me-to-do child.

Pls k. I'm not telling you this so that you can send your kids have tuition with me. Nope. Never send also never mind one.

Just do this favour for your child.
You know your child better. So even if his form teacher presses you to opt for 'Standard Maths', be firm.
The one sitting for exams is not you.
Not the form teacher.
It's your beloved child.

If he/she tells you that he/she cannot cope, please do not torture them further and say, "It's okay la! Kau jangan macam macam eh! Just buck up, pay attention to teacher from next year onwards! Boleh pass punya!"

Have you seen how difficult the Maths paper is now?
You don't even know how to solve, you expect your child can?
How do you expect your kids to do that when they are unable to grasp the basic mathematical concepts from previous years?
You expect your children to miraculously pass when they enter Upper Primary when they have been failing consistently for 4 years?

Believe me.
Come P5/P6, these kids will be THRUSTED into an upward spiral and be taught even more complicated concepts.
Those kids who understand, will regurgitate during exams. They pass. Yeay for them!
Those who don't undertand will take in as many as they can even though they catch no balls.
During exams, they choke.
Choke= Die.
They fail.
They will lose interest and hate Maths. 

But you know what's the saddest part?
They give up and just switch off.

If they have reached this part, 2 things here, I have mentioned over at RIA 89.7fm interview with Hafeez Glamour 2 days ago.
Either we help them bloom ....or they will wilt.


So what?
Ain't that a better than the possibility of your child repeating their Primary 6?

And if they repeat their Primary 6 (touch wood), they will have to take foundation subjects on their second shot at PSLE.
So see, you should have opted for Foundation stream in the first place.
You could have saved 1 year for your children.
Time is precious k. Even for kids.

I'd like to share with you my former tutee's story.
You might know her.

Her mother has definitely made the right decision for her after her end of year Primary 4 exams.
Her mother opted Standard English, Standard Malay, Foundation Mathematics, Foundation Science for her in Primary 5 and 6.

Zayma thrived in Primary 5. I even asked if she'd like to switch to Standard Maths in Primary 6.


Her mother listened to her.

Zayma performed really well for her PSLE.
She was crying tears of joy.
To see a kid cry tears of joy, aiyoh so touching can?

Zayma made it to Normal Academic stream.(So the Foundation Maths= Normal Technical theory does not apply)
Because she is learning at a comfortable pace, she loves her lessons in school.
She made to to Secondary 3 Express.

Aced Elementary Maths and is taking Additional Maths now.

Really wow, this Zayma.
Foundation Maths in P5/P6.
A1 for E Maths consistently and now the school gave the option of taking A Maths!

Other than the fact that she is improving, you know what makes me truly happy?
The fact that this child has rediscovered the joy of learning with regards to Mathematics.

So let's take a step back and not be results oriented.
We send our kids not because we want them to score A* and As and make them make us feel good.

We send our kids to school to enjoy their learning process.

Anyway, while typing, E told me to share our conversation with Nyla.

Me: Nyla, try your best ok! No careless mistakes yaaaaa!!!
Nyla: Ok mommy.....Mommy, if I get like 50 out of 46 okay?
Me: What kind of marks is that seh Nyla?
Nyla: Oh sorry sorry. I mean 50 out of 48?

Faint-able moment I know..

Nyla, whatever your it 46/50 or 50/48, Daddy and I  will accept because I know you have tried your best.

To the current Primary 4 and 5 parents, I hope there is a takeaway from this entry.
Let us help our kids enjoy learning and become passionate learners.

And parents who have a phobia of Normal Technical stream (I really find there is nothing wrong with this!) and you think that if your child takes Foundation subjects, confirm plus chop he/she ends up in Normal Technical stream, you might wanna read this.

PS: If any of you who are reading this and have inspirational stories of your children who are doing well in Foundation stream, please do feel free to email me at k!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

P6 Foundation 2013

Good morning everyone.
Just a short announcement.

This is for those who are staying near Jurong and don't mind sending your children over to Pandan Gardens.
If your child is in Primary 6 next year, taking foundation subjects and he/she requires tuition.... I'm here to help!

I have 2 spaces.

Pls contact me at 9724 8866. If shy, drop me an sms! :) Hehehe.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Earlier, Hafeez Glamour invited me over to Mediacorp Radio for his "Inspirasi..Go Glam" segment over at RIA 897 fm.
I was a little late due to the heavy rain and traffic congestion.
Felt extremely nervous in the cab.

Nervous about being late.
-Bukan apa. Rewind to 2001. Then, Hafeez actually scheduled a tele- interview with me. But I overlooked the timing and went jogging instead. (Time tu, really all out nak slim k) How irresponsible of me right? Shakes head.
So with that history and me being late, aiyo, so bad reputation can?

Hafeez, thank you for not staying angwwwy at me and thank you even more for the awesome time just now. :)

I was also jittery about my rather poor command of 'professional' spoken Malay.
Melayu pasar ala Metropolitan no problem beb.
But Melayu powderful...GULPS.
Really in awe of our local Malay deejays man.

Anyway, Hafeez sensed my worry and was kind to say,"Just be yourself, Nura."

So yeah, be myself I did.
And the listeners were very kind and encouraging over at RIA 897 Facebook page.

Also being surrounded by my 2 'dolphins' helped. Tina and Lin.

Really, I cannot stress enough the importance of being surrounded with positive people who bring joy to you and embrace your imperfections. They can certainly enhance your life with the happiness and valuable friendship they give you.

Back to the interview, yes, it's true that I seem to be juggling quite a couple of things but everyday I thank Allah for all these opportunities.
Selagi saya bertenaga, selagi itu saya akan terus mencuba... (Saaapppppp tak bahasa Melayu I? :p)

Some of you have emailed me asking where to read the article I mentioned on air earlier regarding sharks, dolphins and tuna...Sharing is caring. Click here.

Hafeez, once again thank you for having me in your thoughts for this segment! :)

I also bought his book titled "Demi Adriana" for my mom. (Thanks for the autograph! Hehe!)

Mom: Eh Hafeez sign? Macam mana dia tahu nama Mak?

Sometimes the questions she asks ah very cannot make it leh.
Of course I told him your name la mudddderrrrrrrrrrr.

Okay, it has been a fantastic day. Time to watch Adam&Hawa with Nyla. I'm so hooked on it. Everytime I go," Awwww! Adam so romantic one.....", E sure jeling. You better step up hunneh! Hehehheh!

PS: There were a few emails regarding tuition as well. An update.
Primary 1 and Primary 2 classes are totally full. Mommas, I will get in touch with you in November.
My next focus will be on Primary 5 and Primary 6 kids. Those taking foundation subjects. I'm here to help you.
So I will blog for the upper primary mommas and daddies soon.

Friday, October 12, 2012

JewelFest 2012

Wahyu and I were at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza yesterday evening for the Singapore JewelFest 2012.
Bling event mah so I wore blingzblingz. :p

Tina: I'm gonna do red lips on you.
She knows that I have a phobia of red lips. I don't know why but I just don't feel that I can carry red look.
But yeah, listen only la.

So that red shoes' purpose was to match the lips lor. Lol. If black shoes, boring mah.

Thank you Tina!

So many gems and jewels last night. Truly a paradise for those into jewelry. And jaw dropping for me.
Really in awe of the participating jewelers from all over the world.
And then, we came across the Style of Jolie (Yes as in Angelina Jolie!) collection. Fuhyoo.
I tried very hard not to swoooooonnnnnn. Hehe.

Wahyu and I also had a pleasant chat with one participating jeweler from Japan, Jurio.
Wahyu was attracted to his 'faces' ring. This woman has a unique fashion taste so she's attracted to his unusual and rare piece of jewelry.

Highlight of the event?
Meeting international success and world famous fashion designer, Ashley Isham.

His success story is truly a case of "the harder you work, the luckier you get."
No shortcuts to success kind.
Inspiring abis.

Wahyu, thanks for the awesome time hunneh! :)

E and Nyla waited for me at Paragon after the event.

I saw her carrying a Toys R Us plastic bag, beaming.

E: You see la. She ketok me.

Hahaha! Ever since Legoland, this girl is very into legos.
And of course, she got mad at me when I said,"You can only fix the lego after you have finished the homework."
Nyla: ALAAAAAA! But today I got so much homework leh. Next time, please tell me to buy lego on days I have no homework!!!!!!!

Apa je.

And everytime if she's upset, she'll try to create a bit of drama.

"I wanna eat while I do my homework..."

Me: Sure!

(Mommy's not saying anything, how can she not be angry?!)

"Where is my hat?"

So I passed her the hat.

(Mommy is still not angry?! How can?) - Mommy tahan jeeeee.

"Ok I'm gonna open the lego box and just put them on the floor"

Me: Sure and then once you're done with homework, you get to play! Great idea!


That's my jewel!

TGIF peeps.
Have a great weekend with your loves.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

TUITION 2013 (Primary 1/Primary 2)

I am currently in the midst of planning the tuition schedule for year 2013.
There are going to be slight changes.
A positive change, I assure you Mommies and Daddies.

I think it's high time I spread my wings and be a travelling tutor.
As in, go to my tutees' homes to teach.
One to one kinda tuition.

I realise your concerns fellow parents and it's high time I be alert to them.
Also, I feel like I have a responsibility to keep moving forward, do my best for your kids and help them reach their potential.

 As much as this piece of news is happy news to most, I would like to apologise to some who will be disappointed.
You see, this one to one travelling tutor thingy does not apply to the lower primary kids.

I strongly believe that the young ones need a fun environment and hence, 'the more the merrier' applies with regards to my teaching methods to these kids.
I cannot imagine one to one tuition with a P1 or P2 kid.
Come on, seriously?
Too young.

My tuition sessions with these babies are usually very happening (because these kids are already damn fun and funny to begin with!)
Nyla and her tuition kakis for instance look forward to tuition because of the stories they share (they have no idea we were practising Show and Tell here)...etc and simply because it's more like a playdate.
I'd prefer it to be labelled as an organised playdate.

Shapes lesson

 Cookery for Sequencing Writing Lesson

Multiplication/Division lesson with Soft Toys

And after the concepts have been digested that day, it's abang2/kakak2 time for them.
Test time! (Their serious faces cannot take it man)

So again, my apologies to P1/P2 parents who were looking forward to having me come to your place for one to one tuition with your child.

However, my door is open to those who don't mind coming to Pandan Gardens though.

Primary 2 2013 is full house because my current babies are all following up.

I have at the moment, 3 vacancies, for Primary 1 2013 intake.
If you're staying in the west and would like to send your next year P1 child to me, do give me a call at 9 724 8866. 
Tentatively the session will be every Saturday noon.

PS: Do continue to look out for updates k parents. 
Next tuition 2013 blog update will be applicable to the Upper Primary kids.

MOMENTO by Nippon Paint

Firstly, if you're on Facebook, you gotta click 'Like' on Nippon Paint Singapore.
Especially if you are moving house OR you feel like you wanna revamp your home.

Those of you who answered,"Nah, my home is ok as it is...", you all don't speak too soon ok....
You see the myriad of colours and beautiful pictures Nippon Paint Singapore constantly update over at their Facebook Page, you sure feel like changing the look of your current home.
Confirm plus chop.

Have you seen their latest MOMENTO Special Effects Paint or not?
If you're clueless, I show you a few.

So wow right?
Innovative and enchanting. Don't you all think this Momento has evoked the essence of Italian renaissance? Its thick formation spreads across any surface to create an exquisite texture.
With odourless and water-based features, it transforms any interior environment into a rustic masterpiece.

More information regarding the Momento HERE.

When the Nippon Paint peeps were here, they asked if I'd like to do a makeover magic and have one feature Momento wall.
I didn't know how the Momento works so I requested that they show me the Colour Book.
Go and download Momento Colour Book k!

I was so sold when I flipped through it.

 Inside, I was screaming like a desperado ok.  
But I maintained my cool by replying, "Can la. That'd be nice." 

I chose 'Sparkle Silver.'

Nice right?! Very stylo mylo or what?!
This wall used to be all white. (yawns)

Don't mind these 2 k. They were zumba-ing.
Pay attention to the boring white wall behind them and how it has been transformed to...

So lovely right?

You can do it DIY style you know. It's really easy.
Click HERE for the video.
If you're confident, whatcha waiting for? Click here and go get your Momento paint and glam up your walls  right away!

Anyway, great news for those of you who intend to transform your homes!
Do call 63197222 for a quote k.

Also, get a copy of this month's Home&Decor because there is a write up on Momento and a feature on my wall!
Indeed, Momento is an innovative paint that has added INSTANT style and elegance to my home.

Happy transforming your home with NIPPON PAINT'S Momento Special Effects Paint yo! :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Boo ya Amy Cheong!

UPROAR UPROAR everywhere regarding this Amy Cheong.
 I also must join. Hehe.

E and I were talking about this and as usual, Nyla eavesdropped and interrupted.

Nyla: What did AMY (like her friend like that) mean by that?! $50 is FIFTY DOLLARS! That is so expensive.... Pause....Right?

(Please excuse Nyla k. Child's perspective of $50 is like $100 000)

With that, both E and my nostrils stopped flaring.
Children say the darndest things and can automatically turn serious stuff to funny stuff eh.

Anyway, this Amy ah really spoiler I tell ya.
I want to condemn but all the words that I wanna blast have been blasted everywhere.

People let's remain calm and don't let one insulting remark by a Chinese stranger allow us to generalise that  Chinese peeps here are racists because really, they are not.
Am sure you have close Cina friends whom you lurveeee.

So, move aside Amy because people like you actually don't deserve publicity one.

I'd like to dedicate this entry to lovely Chinese peeps who have warmed my heart.
Now, now, some of the photos were taken in the past. Must prepare you all mah before you all start bombarding me. My sincerest apologies if you're offended. Please do not focus on me. Focus on the peeps standing beside me for this entry is dedicated to them. 

1)Yeoh Wee Teck, The New Paper 

The New Paper New Face 20th Anniversary event last Thursday was super memorable can?
Wee Teck, once again, you damn power la.
For embracing diversity and respecting my religion, I salute you.


Sweet stuff right? So touching.

2)Jennifer Ong.

She's like my sister, this cheena woman.
We intend to have a P1 Preparatory Workshop in December so those of you whose children are entering P1 in 2013, standby k.
This time round more compact as I share my Nyla's P1 journey.

3. Lustmonday Boss, A. 
Babe, I know you're very shy but yeah just to let you know hunneh....

4. Nyla's Chiltern House Mommies.
They are all very 'atas' yet so down to earth.
Such a humble and lovely bunch.
Hearts deep.

5. Nyla's Form Teacher, Mdm Patricia Goh.
Whoever makes my daughter happy makes the mommy happier.

Me: Do you like Mdm Goh?
Nyla: No mommy. I don't like her.......I LOVE her.

6. Jody 

This babe has both inner and outer beauty. Enough said.

7. Jacintha

Same as point number 5.
In this case, whoever makes my blood happy, the sister here will be happier.

8. Nancy Natalia

Sigh, missing Jakarta and of course you, woman.

9. David Cheong

I checked. He is not related to Amy Cheong. Hahaha!
An excellent and nurturing teacher, thanks to him, I am a licensed and certified real estate salesperson.

10.Nippon Paint Peeps 

 Thanks to them, I feel like I have moved into a brand new home.
By the way, I must let you know of their Momento paint!
You might wanna do this for Hari Raya Haji!

Amy Cheong, you were probably PMS-ing when you did that status update.
Probably the guy you are after is not into you... (Im judging based on the 'It's complicated' relationship status)
As if that isn't complicated enough for you, you go and insult my community and complicate matters.
Simply said, you're just really pen tan leh.

Sigh...Anyway, let's not let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch k.
To our lovely Chinese friends, thank you for loving us Mats and Minahs! 

Monday, October 1, 2012


Brand new month.
Special month for me too because in shaa Allah, I'll be turning 30.

E: YOU'RE GOING TO BE 30 Miiiiii! That's really ollldddddd already. *GUFFAWS*

Very rude this man hor? (Like as if he's young)

It's stay home monday for me today because I don't feel too good.
Mom is on the way here because her exams are over so she wanna hurray hurray.

Ok a lil update on the The Excluzif Plaid Jacket-Capes.
To those who have missed out, fret not, my mom is bringing along with her later a few pieces.
3 Navy Blues and 2 Blacks. (Red bo liao already)
So faster faster email me!

And, let's welcome The Excluzif TICTACTOE shawls!

When my mom saw this fabric, she aksyen man.
Mom: Kan Mak dah cakap. Plaids lawa!
Me: This one squares la Mom.
Mom: Pada mak, sama macam plaids.

Ok whatever, Mom!

They come in 3 colours:
chocolate brown, black and navy blue.
Approximate measurement: 200cm by 64cm
Material: Lightweight Cotton.
$30 a piece! :)

Ladies, if you like what you see, pls email me fast to avoid disappointment k.
See you at !

Have a wonderful week ahead you allz. :)