Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I'm back!

Omg. The feeling of sitting in front of this ancient Fujitsu laptop is so so so so so best.
I really miss typing stuff on this blog and I am sorry if I haven't been blogging enough.
I must apologise if you keep visiting this blog only no find no updates. :(

Well here I am!
Last lap of Ramadan now huh.
Quite tired...Mana harus puasa...kejar ibadah...and cari rezeki.
The lack of rest is showing on my face definitely.

With Alina who is one of the top 20 TNP New Face Finalists!

Alhamdullilah, my new domestic helper is here.
If you think "Ya eleh, baru anak satu nak kena amik maid. Apa je!", korang shuddup k.
Because 1, aku yang bayar.
And 2, I am, unfortunately, not like those superwomen out there who can juggle work, children, household etc.
With my new helper, Yuanita (nama glam seh), it feels great to return to a spick and span home, no more Mount Kaninabu and I can just chillax with my daughter and husband after a long day at work and just catch up with them.
Jap...E called.
Ok dah.
Ler macam macam order la pulak.

E: Mi, I got 2 bubur masjids.
Me: Ah ok.
E: Cili padi later you potong...goreng ikan sikit la...
Me: But I'm cooking butter rice and chicken curry seh later.
E: Ya. Go ahead. The buburs are side dishes.

Ok E is hungryyyyy.

As much as I am busy, si Nyla pon step busy jugak with school events.
Alhamdullilah, she made it to the PESA finals which will be after Raya.

Anyway kesian she...During the PESA Semi Finals, there was a mini buffet spread and she was fasting so only her eyes feasted on the food.
What was so funny was when the whole thing was over she said," Mommy, later buka I want noodles and egg sandwiches k."
Yeap, the buffet food. Lol. Kesian.

I didn't bring my mother (Nyla's strongest supporter) along.
I brought her once and man she was so distracting.
When Nyla was on stage, my mother wasn't even looking at Nyla who was speaking on stage la guys.
Her head hung low, she was mumbling.
Me: Mak, you doing what?
Mom: Mak cannot see la. Mak nervous. Nanti boleh nangis. Mak tgh doakan cucu Mak ni. Dengan kali, Mak jangan ikut la Kin. Stress la.

Ok that's it Mother. You're so not coming along anymore.

Since we are talking about my mom, this year, she is my Hari Raya fashion stylist and seamstress. Nyla's too.
I haven't seen what she has sewn but I trust her totally. (tengah sedapkan hati ni. Hehehhe!)
Mom, really praying hard that it will turn out nice! Lol! In shaa Allah!
And I know deep down she is happy  I've been busy with my real estate work so this Ramadan she has no tailoring orders and can focus on her ibadah. Nice.

Back to Nyla.
Next week, there is some talent competition and she will be singing Adele's Someone Like You.
This girl...it seems that she is very much inclined to the performing arts.
She hates her current CCA, Volleyball.

Me: But Volleyball is your school's NICHE seh Nyla!
Nyla: I don't even know whats niche and you don't have to explain to me. Pls Mommy. I do not like volleyball!!!!
E: Listen to her Mi. Ok la Nyla. Next week onwards no more volleyball for you. We will write a letter to your teacher.

Bagus. Yang tulis surat Maknya by the way.

Moving on to property now.

This month, it was mainly follow up work with the current load that I have.
As in settle the buying for my sellers who have sold their homes.
Alhamdullilah 2 clients managed to secure their dream home.

If one client took about 2-3 weekends to finally find their dream home, the other couple fell INSTANTLY in love with this home on their FIRST viewing.

The first one:.....They actually liked one home but it was asking for a ridiculously high COV so that's why I told them to wait it out and 'window shop' somemore. Finally we secured more or less a similar unit with a reasonable COV! Lovely!

The other clients.. (Yup the LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT ONE)

Husband: Ok Nura, this one I like. Offer ok.
Me: Sure or not bro? Baru one house. We still have more homes to view ni later.
Him: Ok we will see other homes but this one I like.

So after viewing 4 homes that day, the husband still could not stop thinking about the first home they viewed.
The wife, who is really a careful kind of person was hesitant because to her, MAK AI, baru 1 hari tengoktengok rumah dah nak beli. So she is concerned.
I understand her concern however I also understand the husband's urgency because the location is good..high floor...price is good...spacious layout (the duludulu kind of layout)

And to see them discuss was like watching a comedy ok.

Husband: Yang, you selalu gini. Nak wait... This house is good la yang. Nanti when you finally make the decision to buy next week, orang lain dah amik!
Wife: Ok I balik dulu la nak solat.

2 hours later the wifey called.

Wife: Nura pls call the agent and load our offer.

Loaded their offer I did. And Alhamdullilah, offer accepted.

Real happy for them.

I also have another baby still with me. 325C Sengkang East Way.
Located on 3rd floor, this 5room intermediate corner unit is seriously looking for new owners of any race/citizen.
Very well maintained. Renovated. If you're a first time buyer, not only will you have to part with LOW COV, my sellers will leave behind their refrigerator... Dining table... Couch...etc. That and no absolute need to install air con because theirs still look new and are working very well!

In short, home and furniture in excellent condition.
Keen to view, call me at 97248866 k!

Anyway, I went to the office earlier and got a little bit emotional. (I posted the exact pic on FB/Instagram/Twitter)
This is level 7 at Hersing Hub.
About 1.5 years ago, I registered myself as a real estate salesperson here and observed the experienced agents doing their thing.
Like a pro seh satu satu.
In my heart I was wondering if I could make it in this industry...So scary because I came from such a safe profession: teaching.

So many of them here...Will I be able to shine?

And fast forward to now, I'm just like them doing my stuff in the office. Alhamdullilah.
Really in this life, eradicate envy because truly this universe is huge enough for everyone to grow and shine.
If we work hard, do our best and have faith in the Almighty, all will be just fine.
Those of you starting new in whatever journey you're about to embark on, just have faith in yourself and HIM because Allah is our source of  wealth and abundance.
Don't be afraid of naysayers or even competitors for that matter.
Just focus on what you're good at! :)

Ok I have to stop now because Hafiz, a contractor, is coming to take the measurements of my wall.
What am I talking about?
Remember yesterday I posted this on FB/Twitter/Instagram.
Yeap, Hafiz responded swiftly, gave me a fair quotation.
So we are going ahead.
I hope it can be ready before Hari Raya.
Sharing is caring and I will definitely share with you guys on the outcome ok!

I hope to blog again real soon. Thanks for reading you alls.
Selamat Berbuka!