Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Out of my comfort zone

The family insisted....
I resisted.....

Everytime over dinner, either Papa J or my elder bro, Bah, would suggest,"Enter this industry Kin. And apply whatever you are doing currently to it."

"Ish, don't want la. Wait people come up with nicknames for me..." was my reply.

In fact a friend already came up with one: 'Nula Balagussss'
Tennnnnsssss (Barberella style) Di.

And the elder brother who is very very very garang (but kindest heart ever) would raise his voice at me,"Look at the bigger picture please. You are a service oriented person. Explore this, Kin."

Eventutally, I gave in.
Explored I finally did after much resistance.
I contacted Jenna, a former teacher as well (my ex colleague!), who is thriving in this industry and within a day, she brought me to her office and guided me through the whole registration process. Thanks babe!

'School' started all over again for me.
I opted for the daily morning session slot.
Intensive one month of classes.

My first day back at school also happened to be Nyla's first day of primary school.
"Aiya! I can't be there for Nyla's first day of school!!! I wanna send her to school...." I whined to my family.
Bah: "Come on la. Cut the drama. You can pop by during her recess what. We will take over."

So for that month of January-February, my mother shuttled every day to my place to look after Nyla in the morning.
She even prepared a timetable and pasted it on the wall for her granddaughter to follow.
Up till today, Nyla will always refer to this timetable. Haha.

For Nyla's first 3 days of school, both my brothers (Jambi is now working with Bah) took time off and sent Nyla to school.
At 9.30am, Papa J would be at the carpark waiting for me.
Mr E sponsored my school fees.

Seeing how seriously serious they are about this, I know I too have to be serious.
After the course ended, I also went for the 2 days of 'Intensive Revision for RES exam.'
Glad I did.

Like Nyla, I too had a timetable for that one month.

Noon- Lunch (While eating, would revise notes that were discussed on that day.)
Afternoon- Lesson planning for tuition (That's the reaso
n why this year, I am not taking as many tutees as previously) / Blogging / Business with mom etc.
Evening-Family time.

There were 2 exam papers I must sit for with regards to this.
If previously, one can just enter the industry easily..... now no such thing.
I think this is absolutely great to maintain industry professionalism.

Anyway, sidetrack abit. Must share with you this picture I kapoh-ed from my lecturer's FB! Cute and inspiring at the same time.

David, you are a wonderful teacher, always instilling in us to be ethical salespersons and deriving pleasure from assisting others. Rest assured, I promise to treat every single one of my clients as I would want to be treated, Sir. :)

All Praises to the One above.
The harder you work, the luckier you get!

I have gotten out of my comfort zone, peeps.
As a service oriented person, I guess it is a natural progression for me to enter the world of Real Estate.
I don't know how far I'll go but one thing's for sure, I promise to give my very best.
Just like the way I run my Bottoms Up club and the business with mom/Nyla.

So now, which estate agency will I go to?



Watch this space!

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