Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I have worked frigging hard to get to where I am today and I assure you all that I will continue to climb this neverending ladder.

During the journey, I have encountered many green eyed beings, most harmless and just recently, one who is absolutely threatening.
However, rest assured that I shall not be goaded into behaving in the exact hateful and hostile fashion.

It is only human to ctiticize, complain and condemn.
But when you do it with contempt, it only robs you of your character.

Man, I never knew how absolutely horrible envy can be.
How those who are envious go to great lengths to inflict the greatest harm to you.
The lies they come up with to manipulate others.
And when things don't go as planned for these green eyed ones, it is only natural that they drag you down as well.

Uh uh.
Cannot lose focus.
We must stay away from the negatives of life.
Instead of being pressured to fail, we gotta use that energy not to allow us all to fail.

After all, success is connected with action.
So, I shall just keep moving.
I shall continue to work hard.
And pray to Allah even harder.

I am feeling a lot of love from you people.
E and I wanna thank you for the support!

Well, everything happens for a reason.
In times of adversity like this, "There are friends. Then, there are true friends."
Extremely touched.


  1. Hi Nura!

    Hope u still remember yr 'avid reader'.... Its much more healthier to focus or motivate yrself with something 'real' (like yr real estate course thingy)than a plastic pple which totally ridiculous! :))) I envy yr will power and determination!! You go girl!!

    Till then, take care

  2. Subhanallah, I am right smack in the middle of this situation as well. Focus.. Stay Focus...