Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom

the one who always has my best interests at heart
the one who still 'spanks' me when I do wrong (her silent treatment, fuhyoooo! Scary Mary)
the one who is sew terrific
the one who constantly seeks knowledge (she is currently studying for her diploma in Islamic Studies)
the one who is invaluable to me in helping me achieve my goals
the one who has absolute faith and trust in Allah (Apa yang berlaku, ada hikmahnye Kin...and she's always right!)
the one who makes me who I am today
the one who gives me the courage and 'pull me up' whenever I get 'knocked down'
the one who always comforts

the safe place for me to 'land'

She is none other than my mother.

Happy Birthday Mom.
I love you.

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