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There will be a HEEYUGGGEE party on Sunday 1st April 2012 oi! (No this is not an advanced April Fool's prank hor.)

The event planner of this 100 % MAHRAM-FREE party is a very dear friend of mine. We started way back in 1999 when we both were involved in the production of Soldadu 2. I was a female recruit and she, was my sergeant. Heh...

Welcome back to Singapore, dearest Ruby Mohd!

Over to you now babester...

How many times have we seen dull looking housewives donning the "tudung" who looks only duller at home? Have you put on make up for your "Husband" lately? Don't know how to put make up or wear tudung properly? When was the last party you attended? Missed dancing to the groove but can't now because you're a hejabi? Fret Not!
We are organising an informal Excluziv Party
event "Who says I can't let my hair down?" especially for you damsels & domestic divas in distress. You can now parade your beauty amongst other beautiful, glamorous and very productive muslimahs! Leave your Abayas at the door, check in your camera-phones and walk in with your hair down - yes it's 100% mahram free!
There will be talks, workshops, fashion sho
w and God-willing a surprise performance! After the sessions, we'll play up some groovy music for you to shake all that stress, and tension away. The Dance floor is all yours! Let us all let our hair down on 1st April 2012!


Event Line up :

2.45 pm Registration

3.00 pm Welcome Speech by Ruby Mohd & Motivational Talk "Positive Thinking"

3.30 pm Make up Demo/Hijab Styling by Nora Zee/Trasformazione

4.15 pm Break time - Buffet High Tea ....Looking forward to the kueh-muehz Glamz Gallery!

4.45 pm A Woman's Secret : ALCHEMY (Let's be padded safely women- mommas and daughters)

Alchemy boss, Elisabeth has promised that her sharing session will be humorous and informative!

5.15 pm Fashion Show:

Abayas by Aswad Sisters

Excluzif Maxi Togas

Thanks bro Aza for the pics.

5.45 pm Free & Easy on the Dance Floor.

This event is going to be a very interactive one as well. We already plan to sabo our guests. All in the name of fun.
no need shy la.
Lagipon, all the guests women mah. *Winks*

WHEN: 1st APRIL 2012
WHAT TIME: 3 p.m.- 6 p.m.
HOW MUCHIE: $25 only

Money well spent I assure you for after the party,

Your tummies will be filled.....
Your knowledge will be expanded through sharing sessions that will empower us women...Ruby will help us be more confident....Norazee and Trasformazione will help us hone our make up skills. (Balik rumah bolehla berdandan untuk sang suami ye)...Elisabeth will touch on possibly the most embarrassing topic: Vaginal Hygiene/Health but who cares? No men around so all of us will be comfortable!
Aswad sisters and myself will showcase our collections that will make you feel like a million bucks!

I've already reserved 3 tickets for my favourite ladies.
Drag your grandmas, moms, aunties, cousins all okay!

Email/Call Ruby over at ladies OR dial 8135 7490.
See you real soon this Sunday at 3 p.m. yo!

PS: Home based business owners out there! You are also welcome to join the party by booking a (very affordable) table to display your products which are Muslimah Hejabs, Muslimah clothes, earrings/pins/clips etc. Only 1 type of business each allowed to give a chance for your 'babies' to shine. :)

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