Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday Bah

Many say that Bah looks alot like my mom.
They also have very similar characters.

My Bah and I are 6 years apart in age.
Come I show you few pics.....

Shorts takde pendek lagi ke bang? Tak sejuk ke? Huahuahuahua!

Man, I totally digged that hello kitty belt then sia.
Everywhere must wear that belt.

According to my mom, he was (still is) a very responsible brother.
He was entering Primary 1 when I entered his world.
He would layan me while my mom got ready for work...read to me while my mom was busy in the kitchen....
I couldn't remember all those times la. Too young mah.

But I still remember this incident very clearly.
I was about 4 years old and we were playing pillow fight in the master bedroom.
We were staying at Pandan Gardens then.
I was laughing non-stop because fun mah.
Then this brother of mine did a powderful throw on me and the zip at the end of the pillow scratched my forehead. There was blood.
I didn't want my parents to scold me so I WAILED damn loud (exaggerate abis punya) and kept rolling on the floor. (Konon sakit giler)
Can win Oscar one.

Bah panicked and started crying too because he felt scared looking at my bloody forehead and my parents scolded him real bad.
My parents rushed me to Alexandra hospital (My acting damn good one I tell you...They thought I got brain injury out of that pillow fight. Muahahahaha!) and my brother was carrying me throughout.
I remember resting my head on his shoulder and he just kept saying 'Sorry' to me.

Yeay! Sister 1: Bah Nil. :p

Then another memorable incident in 1996 when my mom was on haj pilgrimage.

Boo! Sister Nil : Bah 1.

I tell you, we both have fought so muchhhhhhh when we were young then but now, my Bah is the person I run to when it comes to decision making.
E also has much respect for him.
My Bah adores Mr E as well so yeah, mutual feelings there.

Everytime I ask E,"How D? You think I should?'
He'll give me his opinion and then will say,"You check with your Bah also."

E and Rooqy!

Happy Belated Birthday my dearest Brother.

Sometimes your criticisms hurt BUT I know you always have my best interests at heart.
Thank you for giving me the kick in the pants and the discipline whenever I need them, Bah!

Bah and his family are leaving for States tonight because the sister in law, Net, has a conference to speak at.
Good luck Net!
Bah is especially looking forward to feeling feeling house husband and bond with Rooqs there.
Have a safe trip you guys!

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