Monday, October 1, 2012


Brand new month.
Special month for me too because in shaa Allah, I'll be turning 30.

E: YOU'RE GOING TO BE 30 Miiiiii! That's really ollldddddd already. *GUFFAWS*

Very rude this man hor? (Like as if he's young)

It's stay home monday for me today because I don't feel too good.
Mom is on the way here because her exams are over so she wanna hurray hurray.

Ok a lil update on the The Excluzif Plaid Jacket-Capes.
To those who have missed out, fret not, my mom is bringing along with her later a few pieces.
3 Navy Blues and 2 Blacks. (Red bo liao already)
So faster faster email me!

And, let's welcome The Excluzif TICTACTOE shawls!

When my mom saw this fabric, she aksyen man.
Mom: Kan Mak dah cakap. Plaids lawa!
Me: This one squares la Mom.
Mom: Pada mak, sama macam plaids.

Ok whatever, Mom!

They come in 3 colours:
chocolate brown, black and navy blue.
Approximate measurement: 200cm by 64cm
Material: Lightweight Cotton.
$30 a piece! :)

Ladies, if you like what you see, pls email me fast to avoid disappointment k.
See you at !

Have a wonderful week ahead you allz. :)

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