Wednesday, October 10, 2012

TUITION 2013 (Primary 1/Primary 2)

I am currently in the midst of planning the tuition schedule for year 2013.
There are going to be slight changes.
A positive change, I assure you Mommies and Daddies.

I think it's high time I spread my wings and be a travelling tutor.
As in, go to my tutees' homes to teach.
One to one kinda tuition.

I realise your concerns fellow parents and it's high time I be alert to them.
Also, I feel like I have a responsibility to keep moving forward, do my best for your kids and help them reach their potential.

 As much as this piece of news is happy news to most, I would like to apologise to some who will be disappointed.
You see, this one to one travelling tutor thingy does not apply to the lower primary kids.

I strongly believe that the young ones need a fun environment and hence, 'the more the merrier' applies with regards to my teaching methods to these kids.
I cannot imagine one to one tuition with a P1 or P2 kid.
Come on, seriously?
Too young.

My tuition sessions with these babies are usually very happening (because these kids are already damn fun and funny to begin with!)
Nyla and her tuition kakis for instance look forward to tuition because of the stories they share (they have no idea we were practising Show and Tell here)...etc and simply because it's more like a playdate.
I'd prefer it to be labelled as an organised playdate.

Shapes lesson

 Cookery for Sequencing Writing Lesson

Multiplication/Division lesson with Soft Toys

And after the concepts have been digested that day, it's abang2/kakak2 time for them.
Test time! (Their serious faces cannot take it man)

So again, my apologies to P1/P2 parents who were looking forward to having me come to your place for one to one tuition with your child.

However, my door is open to those who don't mind coming to Pandan Gardens though.

Primary 2 2013 is full house because my current babies are all following up.

I have at the moment, 3 vacancies, for Primary 1 2013 intake.
If you're staying in the west and would like to send your next year P1 child to me, do give me a call at 9 724 8866. 
Tentatively the session will be every Saturday noon.

PS: Do continue to look out for updates k parents. 
Next tuition 2013 blog update will be applicable to the Upper Primary kids.

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