Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My mother, my FIRST teacher in life

My younger brother, Jambi, was a very pampered child.
(He still is. Damn meluat okay.)

Jambi in red. From last time like to park that butt on my mom's lap. Maciam season parking.

When he was in kindergarten and primary school, to get him to do revision, my mother would sit him on her lap and help him with his work.
On his damn lazy days, my mother would even help him write okay!
So he said out his answers and my mother would write them down for him, 'forging' his handwriting!

He would enjoy these moments so much and would laugh during this study time with my mother.

I would roll my eyes every single time (Maybe jealous because he was having fun!) and told my mom to let him be independent. I was only about 12 then.  
Step kakak kakak ah sikit.

And everytime I tegur-ed my mom, same ol' same ol' reply.

"Biarlah Kin, Asalkan dia nak belajar."

Well, Mother knows best seh. 
His PSLE results were way better than mine in the end.
Looking back at the sacrifices my mom made for him, really, he gotta thank my mother for that amazing score seh.

Earlier today, I told Nyla to do a little bit of Malay revision.

"Alaaaaaaaaa. Why everyday must do one?" followed by loud sighs.

Instantly, I thought of my mom and Jambi's yesteryears.

"OK Nyla! How about this? I become your robot. You tell me the answers. I write them down for you!"

Nyla: Really? I don't need to write at all ah?!
Me: YES!
Nyla: ON Mommy. 

And with that, it was the most fun study time ever for not only Nyla, but me as well.
Thanks to the very FIRST AND BEST ever teacher in my life for this idea: My mother.

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