Friday, October 26, 2012

My first...

Just put Nyla to bed after watching Adam&Hawa Ep35 together.

I turned 30 on the 24th. Had a teeny weeny bit of 'turning 30 blues'.
I have another celebration tomorrow. 3 hari 3 malam, jangan marah ha.
Will blog about my birthday after tomorrow'scelebration k!

The day after my birthday was my first ever HDB first appointment.
Lovely start.
I was nervous prior to the 1st appointment.
Kept checking and rechecking the documents.
Coincidentally, E was scheduled to meet his student who is currently going through internship programme at Khoo Teck Phuat Hospital at 11 a.m. so he told me that he could drop me off first. Nice!

Nyla was most thrilled because no Mommy at home means she can do whatever she pleases.
Never mind, Mommy give you chance ah girl.

Jenna, my mentor, was present to guide me through my virgin experience. Thanks sis!
My clients, the sellers,  Suffian, Zuraidah and broke agent, Raymond and his client, buyer Eric, were all on time.

Sidetrack abit.
During 2007-2008, I was just like my clients. So yeah, I have been through the selling and buying before.

Sadly, the agents (husband and wife duo) who represented me and E (they also encouraged my parents to sell then) were only focused on selling our properties despite promising that they would help us (and my parents!) buy our next homes.
Once 2% commission received from us, no follow up, nothing.
E and I / my parents pretty much scrambled on our own to buy our current Pandan Gardens/ Yew Tee homes.

Poor thing man us. Sad story abis.

On the other hand, my co-broke agent, Raymond, has assisted Eric and his family with regards to both selling and buying. Follow through kind of agent.
No wonder he is successful and highly respected.
Must learn from him. So professional, committed and humble!

I intend to do the same with my current clients, In shaa Allah!

Ok back to all of us.
Just now at HDB Hub, it felt like a mini gathering.
From the very beginning, all of us were accommodating to one another and today, also same.
Really nice feeling la, I want to describe to you also difficult one.
Everyone is just easygoing la ah.
The collaborative energy earlier was just superb!
So today's 1st HDB appointment was a breezy one.
All praises to the One Above.

Now, not all my property stories the rosy kind.
Just last week, my Anchorvale Link's tenancy agreement was dissolved after only 4 months.
Fortunately for my client, the deposit was forfeited.
On top of that, the tenant had to also reimburse  the unexpired portion of the tenancy (part of commission) to my client.
Credit must be given to my co broke agent, Kavitha, for tackling these difficulties with dedication.

I foresee I will be busy with Anchorvale Link this coming weekend.
My clients will be away for a short holiday.
They have entrusted me with their keys and told me to go ahead with the viewings.
Not only that, they also gave me their beautiful vase.

E: Honey...You ah. Property agent or Karang Guni seh? You not pai seh ah?

People give mah. I take lor! But the vase is really pretty what.

Okay doks.
Back to real estate.
Here is my card.
 If you wanna sell/rent/buy, just callings.

The number was specially picked by the way.

9 7(lucky number 7) 24 (mine and Nyla's birthdate) 88 (lucky number also!) 66 (my birthdate 24 right?So, 2+4 = 6 mah..hehe!)

Ok time to sleep.
Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha you alls. Enjoy the long weekend. :)

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