Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Earlier, Hafeez Glamour invited me over to Mediacorp Radio for his "Inspirasi..Go Glam" segment over at RIA 897 fm.
I was a little late due to the heavy rain and traffic congestion.
Felt extremely nervous in the cab.

Nervous about being late.
-Bukan apa. Rewind to 2001. Then, Hafeez actually scheduled a tele- interview with me. But I overlooked the timing and went jogging instead. (Time tu, really all out nak slim k) How irresponsible of me right? Shakes head.
So with that history and me being late, aiyo, so bad reputation can?

Hafeez, thank you for not staying angwwwy at me and thank you even more for the awesome time just now. :)

I was also jittery about my rather poor command of 'professional' spoken Malay.
Melayu pasar ala Metropolitan no problem beb.
But Melayu powderful...GULPS.
Really in awe of our local Malay deejays man.

Anyway, Hafeez sensed my worry and was kind to say,"Just be yourself, Nura."

So yeah, be myself I did.
And the listeners were very kind and encouraging over at RIA 897 Facebook page.

Also being surrounded by my 2 'dolphins' helped. Tina and Lin.

Really, I cannot stress enough the importance of being surrounded with positive people who bring joy to you and embrace your imperfections. They can certainly enhance your life with the happiness and valuable friendship they give you.

Back to the interview, yes, it's true that I seem to be juggling quite a couple of things but everyday I thank Allah for all these opportunities.
Selagi saya bertenaga, selagi itu saya akan terus mencuba... (Saaapppppp tak bahasa Melayu I? :p)

Some of you have emailed me asking where to read the article I mentioned on air earlier regarding sharks, dolphins and tuna...Sharing is caring. Click here.

Hafeez, once again thank you for having me in your thoughts for this segment! :)

I also bought his book titled "Demi Adriana" for my mom. (Thanks for the autograph! Hehe!)

Mom: Eh Hafeez sign? Macam mana dia tahu nama Mak?

Sometimes the questions she asks ah very cannot make it leh.
Of course I told him your name la mudddderrrrrrrrrrr.

Okay, it has been a fantastic day. Time to watch Adam&Hawa with Nyla. I'm so hooked on it. Everytime I go," Awwww! Adam so romantic one.....", E sure jeling. You better step up hunneh! Hehehheh!

PS: There were a few emails regarding tuition as well. An update.
Primary 1 and Primary 2 classes are totally full. Mommas, I will get in touch with you in November.
My next focus will be on Primary 5 and Primary 6 kids. Those taking foundation subjects. I'm here to help you.
So I will blog for the upper primary mommas and daddies soon.

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  1. Enjoyed listening to the interview. Smart choice by Hafeez to select you as an inspiring person for us to emulate!!! :)